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Term 3

Our topic term 3 is

Once Upon a Time



Term 3 Week 6


At the beginning of this week we celebrated Chinese New Year.  There were lots of activities to try out including making shadow puppets and tasting Chinese food.  In our class we learnt the story behind the different animals that Chinese years are named after.  We found out that we were either born in the year of the pig or the rat.


In the hall a visitor told us all about Buddhism.  One of the games we had to play was about optical illusions, for example - how many legs could we see on the elephant?  - did we see two faces or a vase? Everybody could see something different.  We were given the opportunity to try some of artefacts she had brought in with her.  At the end we were able to dance round the room with the dragon.  Ethan was the head of the dragon and he lead the way.


We finished writing up our stories this week too.  We hope you will enjoy reading our versions of Goldilocks, The Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel when you look in our scrapbooks.







Term 3 Week 5


This week we have been cooking.  First we wrote out the recipe which we will put in our scrapbooks so we can try it out at home.  Then we went in small groups down to the kitchen and made our Gingerbread men.  When they were cold we decorated them with smarties and icing.  They were delicious!  Here are some pictures of the different stages.






The Man whose Mother was a Pirate


Mrs Pettifor read us the story of The Man whose Mother was a Pirate.  After that we had to work in groups to act out the story.  Lucy thought about including a song about the sea that she made up.  Erin, who was a farmer,  had to sit on the floor and ask the little man (Lucy) where he was going! Theo, who was a nurse, and Lilly-Peaches, the pirate,  also had to act out the story in this group. 


After we had decided how we were going to act out the story, we then wrote our ideas down on some paper.









Term 3 Week 4


On Thursday the whole school had a Storytelling assembly.  Our class performed "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!"  In our English lesson we thought about the different actions we could use and how the story should be read.  We discussed how we could improve our performance by using different actions, soft and deep voices, loud and quiet voices.  We also thought about our facial expressions and the speed at which the story would be read.  A Group of children performed the story at the Assembly.  




Term 3 Week 3

In English this week we read the fairy story Hansel and Gretel.  We then had to write a descriptive paragraph about the forest, what we could see, hear and smell. We then used our editing skills to up level our work.


In Maths we were adding up pairs of 2 digit numbers using a 100 square and a "spider and a fly".  The spider could only jump in 10's and the fly could only jump in 1's.  It was lots of fun! Then we used our skills we then moved on to counting with money. 


Last Friday, M&M Productions visited school and performed The Hunchback of Notre Dam.  Alisha said her favourite bit was when Esmerelda sang a beautiful song.  Madison liked when Esmerelda gave the Hunchback some money to buy some flowers.  Theo said William wanted to marry Esmerelda and when he looked in the mirror he did some funny faces and he thought that was really funny.

Here are some pictures of the performance:




Term 3 Week 2


In Maths this week we have been rounding three digit numbers to the nearest 10 or 100. We also looked at symmetry. In pairs one of us had to create a shape and our partner had to copy.  Here are some photos of the shapes we made.



After this we looked at capital letters and sorted them into a Venn Diagram to show whether they had vertical or horizontal lines or both.


Term 3 Week 1


Happy New Year from Year 3!


This week we have been working very hard on our handwriting skills, practising letter formation and joining up.   We have been making sure that we do our best joined up handwriting in all our work.


Our Maths lessons have been about partitioning three digit numbers and recognising the value of each digit.  In English we have been writing letters and you will be able to see the results of these next week!


On Thursday morning, we took part in a drumming lesson and in the afternoon we had PE and Spanish.


Here are some photos of the Drumming Workshop.