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Term 3 Week 6

In Numeracy this week the children have been using Place Value grids to multiply and divide by 10 and 100.

In Literacy the children have been using interesting adverbs to write poems about animals.  

Hungrily the fierce tiger lazily wanders up the cobalt Pride rock,
Hungrily the speedy cheetah practises speeding day by day,
Hungrily the ugly vulture rotates to get a bite for his tight stomach,
Hungrily the zebra eating lion bellows tiredly at the whole savannah,
Hungry is the frightening wolf hunting its prey for hours
but hungriest of all is the honey eating brown bear hibernating 
in its pitch black cave.        
                                                        by Maison

In our work on World War 1, we looked at what property a soldier would need to protect in the trenches.  Using their scientific knowledge the children designed and made an electrical alarm to protect their chosen item.

On Thursday the children continued to enjoy their swimming at Sidcot School.

Charleigh said "When I first started swimming I couldn't blow bubbles out of my nose, now I can.  I feel really proud".