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Term 4

1st April

​This week we have enjoyed the spring weather and explored the outdoor environment and the children have started thinking about what activities and resources they would like to have outside for their continuous provision and what they would like to achieve. There were lots of busy children all over the outside area exploring construction, small world and physical activities and lots of fantastic discussion taking place and social skills. We also had a brilliant time playing football in two teams on the school field. 














​Thank you to all the people who came and supported the children at their class assembly on Tuesday. They were really proud of themselves and the fact that they presented their own learning through song, picture, storytelling and displays. We are looking forward to sharing our learning next term with you all too. 





24th March

It has been a very busy week this week with lots of Easter preparations. The week started by with an exciting PE session that gave the children the opportunity to use all their skills learnt so far, and their choice of equipment, to create their own obstacle courses and then they worked in teams to complete it. The courses were designed through team work and negotiation and there was of edited discussion about how the course should be put together and what equipment should be used, before testing it!




​The children created their own Easter cards, using a variety of methods: from throwing a sponge ball covered in paint to create the body of the chick, to carefully drawing their own legs for each chick and decorating them. The next task to complete the cards was to write their own inserts, which they all did with careful pencil control, which was great to see.



For numeracy we put eggs into the correct sequence, helping number recognition for the 'teen and twenty numbers'. We also used coloured eggs in their boxes to explore different ways 6 and 10 are made (number bonds). The children used two colours of eggs to look at the different ways two groups of numbers could fill the boxes. Then the next challenge was to try to write down their groups and the total amount of eggs in the box. There was a lot of mathematical discussion and sharing of ideas.





The children have been checking up on the progress of the growing plants...


Reggie noticed the start of some changes with the onions that were planted.



                     The beans are growing green and thickly up towards the castles in the clouds...



                                   The sunflowers are growing upwards quickly too.



                                                      We can clearly see the roots and shoots now.


The 'experimenting beans' are now showing differences, which the children have spotted and is prompting lots of discussion and some good attempts at explanations.

The bean kept in the dark cupboard without light.


                                          The bean growing without being watered.


                                                          The bean growing in sand.


​                                                                      The bean with light, water and soil.


We made our own decorated Easter eggs, using tissue paper and carefully thing to draw repeated patterns on some.




​The children enjoyed making Easter nests as our

class contribution to sell at the School Easter Fair.



We have explored the Easter story and the ways this is celebrated in many ways.

We went on an egg hunt...



We also had a go at Egg and Spoon races...



We also enjoyed making our own Chocolate nests, looking at how the chocolate changed as it got warm and then set hard, as they were shaped as nests and then put in the eggs.

We hope you all enjoy eating them. Happy Easter from Reception Class.





18th March

This week was a very exciting week as it was our first trip out of school together, travelling on a coach to Uphill to visit a Giant's castle. The children were amazed at the sight of the huge building with a tower, huge rooms, a big winding staircase and fantastic gardens to explore - The Giant was on holiday while we had a look around.








After our visit, the children used their experiences to write about what they had seen and their favourite parts of the trip, using photos graphs to help create sentences and captions. They also wrote fantastic thank you notes to say thank you to Tina for showing us around.


​During the rest of the week the children have been exploring number activities to help number recognition and problem solving. We have also enjoyed the better weather, allowing us to start to develop the outdoor learning area and it has been very busy, with children sharing their ideas about what they would like to explore outside. 


A garden centre is developing, along with a messy mud kitchen. All these opportunities and experiences are also helping to develop positive relationships between children too. We have been enjoying lots of construction and problem solving opportunities together in the sand area, setting up a reading mat, dressing up in 'bug' costumes as well as creating lots of drawing and objects from the craft box too...





On Friday morning we all headed up to the school field to support Sport Relief. We were the first group to run round the field as many times as possible. The number of laps completed ranged from one to three and everyone took part. It was fantastic to see the children running round with big smiles and laughing, whilst also being able to help others.





11th March

We have had a very busy week continuing our exploration of growth and traditional stories. We started learning the story of the 'Enormous turnip' and used our story sack to help retell the story by using puppets and masks, as well as different versions of the storybook and our own story map. We even found our own enormous turnip that had grown in the vegetable patch in our outside area!


We all helped to help pull out the turnip, we pulled...


          and we pulled...


                         and we pulled...


                                       and we pulled...


                                                    and we pulled...


                                                                                         Eventually, after all the groups helped together,              

                                                                the enormous turnip popped out of the ground!                                                                                                                                                  










The beans and sunflowers have started to grow and we have also planted a range of vegetable seeds this week. The children have helped to care for the growing plants by watering them when needed and this has helped us to understand at how we can care for other living plants and animals. There have been a lot of long, wiggly worms that have been popping up to see us through the soil!





The children have enjoyed making their own books and writing in them and creating illustrations for the giant's library in the castle in the clouds at the top of the beanstalk. They have been using their chosen tools and methods to join the pages together and they have used their phonic knowledge and careful handwriting skills to fill their pages with stories and pictures to keep the giant happy. There have been some fantastic stories created in a variety of ways and also some rhyming books too.





For our number activities we have explored ways to combine two single digit numbers together and start to record this through a tally or number sentence to find the total amount. We have also been looking at one more and less than a given number of items and using ice cube trays, we have looked at ten's frames and how two numbers can help create ten in a variety of ways and then checking it by using Numicon pieces too.



We have all enjoyed the sunshine this week and been outside on the grass and in the playground, enjoying social and physical activities with our friends and we are looking forward to much, much more of this. We have also started thinking about what resources and learning activities we would like to do outside and what equipment and resources we would need.









4th March

This week we have continued our growing theme by planting sunflower seeds, observing any changes in our growing beans and cutting the cress and mustard that has grown, before tasting it in a sandwich.




Reggie's bean was the first to show its shoot!


Jack started to use the magnifying glass to look at the changes in the beans.


The mustard and cress seeds had grown over the weekend...



We watched the plants grow and saw that the seeds planted in the soil and cotton wool grew the most. By the end of the week it was ready to cut and taste in a sandwich. We measured the cress using a ruler and found that the ones grown in soil grew to 8 cm, the paper towel onews grew to 4 cm and the cotton wool ones grew to 12 cm!



We all then tried tasting the cress in a sandwich.




We have explored the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. There has been lots of retelling, sequencing and acting out of the story, using props, pictures and puppets working together with our friends.





In Numeracy we have been using the adding machine to combine two groups to create a total amount. The children have enjoyed inputting the correct amount of pompoms into each tube and then finding the total amount of pompoms that have gathered at the bottom. We have also started investigated ways to record number sentences and tallying amounts.

Owen decided to make his own puppets to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. He drew, cut out and stuck together his own characters: the Giant and Jack.


There has been a great interest in the Castle, as a result, the children decided to create their  own castles using the wooden blocks and natural resources around them.



As part of our World Book Day celebration, we watched Michael Rosen, the author of the Bear Hunt, retell his own story. From that, we went on our own bear hunt and acted out all the events in the story. 



​We went through the river, splish splosh


​                        Through the thick oozy mud, squelch squerch


                                         ​Through the forest, stumble trip, stumble trip


                                                                 Through the snow storm, whoo woooo



We were also very lucky to be visited by some Year six children who kindly came to talk to the Reception Class about their favourite books and read some rhymes and stories to them.






26th February 2016


We have started off our new term with a focus upon traditional tales based around growing. Our first story to learn and explore has been 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We have made a story map and added actions to help us retell the story and there was a special delivery at the beginning of the week of five magic beans.

The children helped to plant them in a big pot and we went home that night wondering what would happen...




... a big beanstalk had grown in our classroom, right up to the clouds!



We have also continued our growing theme by finding our what plants need to grow. We have planted some beans - one is staying in the dark, one is not having any water, one is planted in sand and one is in soil and getting water and light. We have also all planted our own bean in a cup and we are going to watch their growth and measure this. We have coloured in our own castles and stuck them on a stick for the bean plants to grow up to. The children are looking forward to taking these home later on in the term to see how tall they could grow.



The children have also planted mustard and cress this week. We decided to explore what would be the best base for the small plants to grow on. Each group chose which base to plant their tiny seeds - Soil, sand, paper towel, cotton wool and plastic. 



We are looking forward to seeing how the seeds change over the next couple of weeks and eating them in a sandwich when ready to be picked. 


The children have all enjoyed the warmer weather and there has been lots of outdoor learning opportunities with our friends. The children have been showing their developing social skills and negotiating and supporting each other successfully through their play.

Here are a few photos showing lots of the outdoor independent activities the children have enjoyed this week -













We are looking forward to planting more seeds, beans and bulbs next week and learn how

to care for the plants we grow.  We will be exploring how to use our developing skills in

literacy and mathematics to help reflect all our observations and learning.