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Term 4 Week 3

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Continuing our Australian theme, this week in Literacy we have been looking at Stories From the Billabong.  We have read The Rainbow Serpent and the Story of Creation, How the Kanagaroo got her Pouch and also Why Frogs can only Croak.  We have been using story maps to helps us retell a dreamtime story and we looked at ways in which we can make our writing interesting by adding adjectives and detailed description.  On Tuesday we thought about how we could use description, action or speech as an opening for the our story so we could grab the reader's attention and make them want to read more!
In Numeracy we have been investigating number sequences and working out the intervals between numbers to create a rule.  We were also able to use our knowledge to choose our own starting number and create a number sequence by either adding or subtracting large numbers.

Here is one for you to try....
Start from 40 and add 40.  Write 8 numbers in the sequence.
If you kept going would 920 be in the sequence?