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Term 4

Week Four

In Year Four this week we have been busy being scientists. Making predictions, undertaking experiment, asking questions and evaluating. 

"We worked in pairs and had an ice cube in a cup. We then chose a place around the school we thought the ice cube would melt quickest. We made predictions about how long it would take. Next we went to our chosen spot, after 27 minutes the majority of peoples ice cubes had not melted. In our evaluations we thought about ways we could speed up the melting process.' 





In maths this week we have enjoyed converting measurements from centimeters to meters. On Friday we measured our friends body parts in centimeters using a tape measure before converting these to meters.

"You have to divide the measurement in CM by 100 to turn it to M."



Week Three

This week we have been investigating liquids, solids and gasses. Discussing their properties and getting hands on with some of these things, shaving foam was one of our favourites that we investigated. We even got the chance to see how long we could hold a chocolate button in our mouth before it melted. 




Week Two

This week we had some heavy snowfall and we hope you all had fun playing in the snow. In year four when it started to snow we thought this was the perfect opportunity to be scientists. We wanted to find out the temperature of the snow, so we did as scientists do and made our predictions and discussed how we could do this. Some suggestion were to look online, to bring some snow inside and us our thermometers. We decided the way to get the best reading was to brave the cold and use our thermometers to find out the temperature. The snow came out at minus two degrees celsius, below freezing as we had expected.




Welcome back to Term Four!

We have had a busy week getting stuck in to our new topic 'What is a scientist?'. On Wednesday, we came to school dressed as scientists and had a day full of experiments; observing and questioning 'what if?'.


'I loved making ice cream from milkshake, ice and salt. We had to put the milkshake in a small bag and we put the salt and ice in a bigger bag, then we put the small bag inside the big bag and shook it until we made ice cream.'


'On Wednesday, I dressed up as a mad scientist!!'