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Term 5

We would like to welcome you back to Term 5!!

We have been busy from the start, exploring inside and outside.

The children have enjoyed doing lots of messy and fun activities, exploring different media and materials, noticing that you can make marks.




We have been outside having lots of fun with the parachute. This activity helps us with our listening skills.




We have been developing our physical skills by climbing in and out of tyres which are different heights. Take a look at some of the photos.



We froze a few of the children's toys/objects in water so they could explore and investigate it. The children were intrigued and frustrated that they could not free the objects.They kept returning to check and eventually they were able to do so!! This was a very proud and excited moment!! 



Even on a very windy day the children are outside exploring and learning!! Here we are enjoying the blustery wind with all our windy day ribbons. We also learnt not to let go as some blew away!!!!




We have introduced the children to an activity called 'Tap, tap box.'

The children tap their knees to a steady beat whilst saying a rhyme.

When we call a child's name, they are able to go and open the box and take out an item that is inside. So far inside the box we have had colours, farm animals, everyday objects and musical instruments.

The children love this activity and have already remembered parts of what we need to do and say!!

This activity helps the child's listening/communication skills and gain knowledge.