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Term 5


Welcome back to Term Five! Our topic for this term is 'Where did the Romans roam?' below is our topic web so you can see what we will be getting up to.



Week Seven

We have been super busy in our last week of Term six. On Monday we had our Parents workshop for our topic The Romans, we had a great time organising and planning all of our own activities for our parents/careers to do. We had some great feedback from some of the adults that came, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We have also completed our own topic reviews and its safe to say we have all loved this topic and can't wait to find out our topic for next term!


We hope you all have a wonderful half term and can't wait to see you back for term six! 












Week Six

Over the last few weeks we have been working on designing our own Roman mosaics. We have had to think about the colours we will use to make ours stand out and what image or object we were going to try and create in the middle of our mosaic. This week we got to make our mosaics, using paint and wooden squarer sticks to ensure we got all the squares the same size. We just need to add our borders and they will be complete! 





 On Friday in English we were talking about the Royal Wedding that is happening tomorrow. We watched some Videos of William and Kate's wedding in 2011. We couldn't believe the amount of people on the streets to watch the newly weds drive past. We wrote as if we were some one who had camped out on the streets for days to see Harry and Meghan. We discussed how you would be feeling after spending all that time there. Was it worth it? Did you get any good pictures? What was Meghans dress like? We had to think abouy, setting the scene, using speech, thinking about the action and the reaction and getting across the thoughts and feelings. 




In maths this week we have been looking at place value and dividing by 10 and 100, thinking about decimal places. On Friday morning, we made our value own human place value grid to divide by 10 or 100. We've become pretty good at it now!!





Week Five

After our colour run last week we had someone from the charity NSPCC come to school to collect all of our sponsorship forms and money. We found out as a school so far we have raised £1484.94 and in year four we were the class who brought back the most sponsorship forms!! Thankyou to all of our family and friends who sponsored us and donated to this amazing charity. 



This week we have been finding out all about Roman baths, how they were built and how they kept all the heat in the building.

 'They made tepidariums which is a mildly heated room where the Romans would relax. They also had large under ground cellars where slaves would heat the floor using large furnaces.' 

In English we then made leaflets advertising our own Roman baths, using our persuasive writing and description. 


We have also had the chance to learn about and see a real piece of Roman money, we then thought about who the coin might have belonged to and where it was found. We used our drama skills hot seating the person we think found the coin and used these ideas to help us write our very own stories about the finding of the Roman coin. 





In math's this week we have been learning more about time, how to turn digital to analogue and telling the difference between a twelve hour and a twenty four hour clock. 


Week Four

On Friday the 27th April, Year 4 along with the rest of KS2 went along to a science fair called The Big Bang at the Tropicana. We all thoroughly enjoyed the morning, getting hands on with some of the experiments and learning about all the different jobs we could in the future.

'I had a great day at The Big Bang festival because we got to see loads of different science displays, we also got to try them out for ourselves. My favourite part of the day was going into the explorer dome where we learnt all about water on our planet and in the solar system.' 




This week after having such a great time at Big Bang we as a class each wrote letters to the organisers thanking them for such a fantastic day out. 


Last week a lady from the NSPCC came to our school to talk about the charity and what they do to help children. On Friday the whole school took part in a colour run to raise money for NSPCC. We all took part in running four laps of our school field in lots of different coloured clothing and we each have a sponsor form to collect some money for our run.






Week Three 

This week in our English we have been looking at the story of Boudicca the Roman Celt queen. We worked in groups to produce and present a news report with an interview from Boudicca and one of the Roman soldiers. 


'We spoke to both Boudicca and a Roman soldier so that we had two sides to the story. We each had a part to play and had to think about who would be the presenter, reporter and camera person. We even made up our own theme tunes for our news shows. We had to think about what questions we would ask them and how we would open and close the news report. I really enjoyed making our own scripts with ideas from Newsround.' 



We have also been thinking more about our topic and looking at Roman artwork, we even got to make our own Roman mosaics. 




Some children in our class have started to bring in their homework projects we have had two amazing shields this week!!




Week Two 

We have had a great week this week in Year Four. The sunshine has finally arrived and we have loved being able to get out and enjoy the weather in our PE sessions this week. 

'We played a game of jail brake and we had to collect all of the rugby balls and take them to our own zone without being tagged or we were sent to jail. We then did a fitness test where we had six minutes to see how many laps we could do of the muga, that was hard work!!'




We have been working some more on our topic this week and thinking all about Roman roads. How they were made? Where was the first Roman road? Why did they build new roads? How did they travel? Are just some of the questions we have been asking. On Monday Mrs Leggett brought out lots of biscuits and we though it was time for a feast! Little did we know we were going to be using these biscuits to make our very own roman roads. We learnt about all the different layers that went into the roads and the tools they used to make the roads. 




In Science this week we have been continuing to think about sound and how it travels through different objects.

'We used paper cups and string to see if we could hear each other talking. One person held the cup to their mouth and spoke into it while the other person put it against their ear to see if they could hear anything.'





Week One

We have had a super busy week this week. In science we have started to talk about sound. We used lots of different tools and instruments to make a lot of noise before discussing how we could hear the sounds and what else we noticed. Many of us noticed and felt the vibrations from the objects we used. 




We enjoyed our first PE lesson back this week.

'We did a group warm up, played a dodgeball game and took a fitness test with the coaches from Bristol Rugby! It was super fun but also hard!'