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Term 5

 Year 3

Welcome to Year 3. Here you will see all our fun learning for this year! This term our topic is the Ancient Egyptians


Our homework and reading homework is given out on a Thursday. We will need our P.E. kits on a Monday and Tuesday


Week 1

This week we have been welcomed back to a book about a famous Egyptian landmark, the Sphinx! Our new book is called Marcy and the Riddle of Sphinx and it is getting more exciting by the day. We have been practicing our subordinating conjunctions and also remembering how to correctly punctuate our speech.

We have also created some riddles this week. Can you guess them?

Cassie: I have four legs, but when you sit on me I have six. What am I?

Ryker: I live on the streets but I'm not homeless. What am I?


This week in maths we have been learning how to find a fraction of an amount. We have had to make sure we are careful with our multiplication and division calculations to ensure we get to the right answer. We started this by using cubes to show us the process we needed to learn. 


We started our enquiry this term by mummifying tomatoes! We looked at how the Egyptians used different techniques to preserve bodies of Pharaohs. We also designed the sarcophagus and decorated it in heiroglyphics. 



Week 2

This week in English we have continued with our story. We have been learning that no matter how big our fears are, we can always overcome them. We have written letters to our future self in order to remember how amazing we all are. 

In maths, we have been continuing with our fractions work. We started the week with some equivalent fractions! Owen noticed that equivalent fractions are almost like homophones, but in maths. 


In Enquiry this week, we have made some top trumps on the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt. We played eachother and decided who's fact was most interesting. 



We have also been practising our presenting skills. We each got given a Pharaoh to research and then we had to present what we had learnt to the class. Everyone in Year 3 learnt some very interesting facts. 



Lastly this week, we have been continuing to develop our Tutankhamun masks. This week, we painted them gold and then added the blue stripes using blue paper. We had to ensure that we used two coats of paint to make sure that we couldn't see any of the newspaper. 



Week 3

This week we have started a new book in English called Casting the Gods Adrift. We have been enjoying reading about all Thutmose's adventures. We have been writing chants and spells to keep the crocodiles away from the boat in the River Nile. 

Here is one our examples. 

Ellie: Crocodiles, crocodiles go away, 

Before you eat us for your prey.

Crocodiles, crocodiles run away,

Before you take our heart away.

Crocodiles, crocodiles do not dare, 

You might get stolen by a big bad bear. 

This week in maths we have been learning how to tell the time. We have been using clocks to help us remember what the different markings mean and we have also been exploring the days in different months.


We have also had a science day this week. We explored the effects of food colouring on a stem of celery and also planned our own experiment on how to test magnet strength. The children were challenged to draw a diagram of their findings and what they found in their experiment. 



This week in enquiry we have learnt all about heiroglyphics and how Egyptians used to write. We wrote our own name in heiroglyphics and learnt lots of interesting facts.

"There are over 700 heiroglyphics" - Dimitar 

"The only people who could read them were called scribes" - Josh 

We have also finished our Tutankhamun masks this week by adding the finishing touches. 



Week 4

This week we have been carrying on with Thutmose's adventures. He has been banished to the depths of the Egyptian desert and is praying to Aten to save him! We turned his prayers into a poem and used our own ideas of how to stay safe in the desert.

Here is Cassie's poem: 

O'Aten, why are you boiling?

O'Aten, guide me to the nearest sea,

O'Aten, you're as yellow as a bee,

Please set me free!

O'Aten, provide me with water,

O'Aten, I'll be your private sorter,

O' Aten, I'm getting hotter because I'm taller!

Will you let me go if I call you sir?


In maths we have been learning how to tell the time. We have looked at both 24 hour and 12 clocks using both analogue and digital. We made a human clock to help us understand the 24 hour clock. 


We also enjoyed another session with our Sports Champion Mr Molland. We have been developing our throwing and catching skills. 



In Enquiry, we have learning about Howard Carter. We time travelled all the way back to 1922 and presented news reports as if it had just happened! We even had live interviews with Howard himself.


Week 5

Already this week we have seen some fantastic projects appearing! 

Here is Cassie with her pyramid made from cake!