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Term 5

Term 5

27th May

We have completed our termly topic this week by celebrating and thanking all those who help us in our community and have taken the time to come and share their career; what they do and how they help us. 



The children have written thank you notes and made cards to send to our visitors and also though about what they would like to do as a career when they are older as well as how they could help others. 



We have also enjoyed learning to play skittles and add up totals of the number of skittles knocked over. There has also been opportunities to play quoits and dominos; all helping with Personal, Social and Emotional development as well as various Maths skills - adding up to find a total amount, writing number sentences and forming numbers clearly, finding out which turn knocked down more or less skittles etc. 



The children worked well together to complete a team challenge to 'Rescue the Teddy Bear' that was in the middle of the sand pit. They had to find out a way to cross the sand without touching it, to reach the bear and bring him back. There were some great problem solving and team work displayed.



We enjoyed exploring how to use electronic programmable equipment - Beebots, and remote controlled cars to make their way around road maps that were on mats as well as those that had been drawn by the children to create their own town. 



Some of the children noticed that there were many cobwebs on the shelter, so they decided to wash it down. They independently got prepared in waterproofs and did a great job washing down the shelter using big arm movements and problem solving how to move water about and reach higher than they could just on tip toes. 




Our highlight of the week came on Friday when we all enjoyed opening our doors of the classroom to our families. The children were very excited to show their learning enivorment inside and outside, they helped to plan which activities they would like set out for the morning to play with their visitors and showed fantastic behaviour. It was brilliant to see so many people able to come and to see the children confidently showing their individual Learning Journies and talk about their learning and favourite activities.

​Here are just a few photos of the morning...













20th May

This week we have continued our exploration about the people who help us in the community. We have been fortunate enough to have had the loan of an 'ELFS box' (Early Learning Fire Service) that contained five fire fighter outfits and helmets, a game, fire engines, fire safety information and many other fire related resources. We had great fun following the children's interests with the vehicles by drawing a map of roads and drawing a town around this (including a numbered car park) and then driving the vehicles around on the designed roads. 




We had some more visitors to the class this week - Paramedics from the local ambulance station, along with their kits and ambulance. They told us about how they look after and help people and what sort of kits they use...











We have been busy writing thank you notes to say thank you to the visitors that have shown us how they help us in our community and our favourite things we've learnt from the experiences. The role play area has provided opportunities to look after each other and write telephone messages, doctors notes and incident reports. 



In maths, we have been looking closely at weighting and our challenge this week was to investigate what objects around the classroom weighed heavier than, lighter than, or weighed the same as an orange and then the children had to record their findings.



We have had lots of opportunity to explore outside and enjoy the fine weather that we've been having lately. Here are a few of the activities the children have been enjoying that have been supporting their personal, social, emotional and physical development...







13th May 

This week we have been continuing our investigation into the story of the 'What the Ladybird Heard' and looking at the characters of Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len who tried to steal the fine prize cow but fell into a duck pond and were found by the police. The children wrote posters describing the two characters so they could be caught. We also drew maps of the farm yard and where the animals lived on the farm and added labels to the maps to help see where things were. There were some very imaginative maps and some fantastic use of phonics to help independently label the maps. 



​To extend the book we have also begun to look at the emergency services that are around us to help in our community. The first visit we had was from our local PCSO who came to tell us all about how they help i our community - and we found our that 'taking naughty people away' was only a very small part of their job. The children listened really well and enjoyed finding our more about the police emergency service and they enjoyed the opportunity to dress up...







As a result in the children's interests in the people who help us, we have started to turn the conservatory area into a hospital and emergency services role play. There has been a lot of interest in looking after each other (with various medical needs) and message taking, prescription writing as well as growing independence skills, by getting changed into the costumes provided to stimulate imaginative play...







​Our second visitor to Reception the week was Sergeant Collins of the RAF Regiment. We learnt about how he helps others and the jobs that are within the RAF and other services. We could also see his uniform and how smart he looked. We became a squad to learn how to line up quietly and straight, had a go at marching, coming to a halt together and turning right an left together. It was a good afternoon when the children learnt lots and enjoyed some practical activities too. 



There has been a lot of exploration of number this week - the children have been using dominoes and dice to help them make number sentences and they have also been busy using numicon to find different ways to make the number out of two, three and four smaller pieces. They have also been busy making number lines using number recognition and also making number lines with their own combinations of numerals, amounts, items and numicon. 





The children have also enjoyed painting their own animal characters form the story, thinking and sharing ideas about what makes a good friend, learning new skills in PE, writing sight words onto their own brick 'word walls' and a favourite was making their own cereal farms.








6th May

Our learning in Reception Class this week has centred around another farmyard story 'What the ladybird heard'. We have started to learn the story and using the rhyming words at the end of each line to help our recall. The story is all about farm animals who work together to trick the thieves trying to steal the fine prize cow. We have been developing our own farm yard to reflect the story and use the knowledge they learnt from our farm trip last week. 

The farm was created in a tough tray we they used different cereals to create the fields and fences. 


In maths, we have been exploring how numbers have numbers within them and spotting a doubled number. We used ladybirds to hep create doubles on each wing and how to record these. We also started creating number bonds, where a number can be broken down into two groups and then put back together to create a 'whole'. This brought about lots of discussion and investigation to see how numbers could be created from two groups. 



For literacy we have been working really hard to correctly form all the letters in our writing, through making lists of rhyming words of farm animals (e.g. Pig, wig, jig. Cow, bow, now...) We also wrote sentences about what we could see in the farmyard, remembering finger spaces, fullstops and capital letters in the correct places as well as making sure the sentence 'made sense'. 



The children have enjoyed using our puppet theatre and finger puppets to retell some of the traditional stories that we've been learning as well as making up their own. 



We have made full advantage of the lovely weather and our outdoor environment this week. The children have been watering our growing plants, planting flower seeds for 'Oldmixon in Bloom' and looking for the changes that the growing plants bring. We have also enjoyed the water wall, scooters, climbing frame, sandpit, making shapes using a long piece of elastic and the mud kitchen (making ice creams for everyone) and even made a bug hotel as there were some insects that the children though needed a new home and food supply for on an old tree stump.







Next week we are looking forward to continuing our adventures with the story of 'What the ladybird heard' as well as developing our knowledge about the services in our community who help us, stating with the police, who helped stop 'Hefty Huge and Lanky Len' taking the Fine Prize Cow in our own story. 




29th April

This week we have been lucky enough to have been out on our first all day school trip. There were some very excited children who got ready to go on the bus to visit Farmer Nick who had kindly helped us hatch some of his chicks in December. We got to see Mary the hen and our chicks that we headed to hatch as well as the herd of cows down on the farm and some horses.








We got to see Mary the hen and some of the chicks that had hatched out in our class. We also found some fresh eggs that the hens had laid that morning.



We also went pond dipping to see what we could find and identify. There were lots of tadpoles, damsel fly larvae, fresh water snails amongst other creatures and the children really enjoyed taking turns to dip with a net. 



We had lunch on the trailer before going on a tractor ride through the fields to see the cows...







            ...and then we went for a trip around the local village.



Before we went home we got a chance to run and explore the woods on the farm.



The children were extremely well behaved and Farmer Nick praised them all for their fantastic behaviour and enthusiasm for the day. There were many questions asked and ideas shared. The children listened to each other and were a credit to the school.


There has also been lots of other aspects of our learning this week in class too. in literacy the children have been writing about the 'Super Vegetables', making them from play dough, drawing them with pastels to create veg cartoon characters and writing speech bubbles about how they save the other vegetables. 


In maths we have started investigating money and different coins; how they can be exchanged for another coin and paying for items in our farm shop (and giving change back too). 









22nd April


We have had an excellent start to term five. The class have been exploring our new topic, starting with 'On the farm' and helping to develop our role play area as a farm shop. We have enjoyed the fine weather by developing our outdoor learning opportunities too.





We have also created our own water wall...



We have had a big focus on vegetables; linking forward from last term's growing topic. The children have used their senses to discover different vegetables, drawn them using pastels and watercolour paints...



...The children also learnt to use small tools safely and control their movements to help them peel and chop carrots, parsnip, cabbage, potato, swede and leek ...





...and then we all tried tasting it...



​...before writing up instructions how to make the soup.


Peel and chop -

       Cook - 

                                                                     Taste - 


Next week we are really looking forward to our School trip to the farm. More adventures to follow...


*Please remember

Your children are now ready to join in with the School's Friday Banquet and is linked to the Cooperative Trust values. The criteria has been discussed over this week in class and a copy of this is in your letter home today. 


1) To remember your book bag every day.

2) To have a PE kit in school and worn for PE sessions.

3) To wear the correct school uniform every day.

4) To be punctual.

5) To be kind to others.


If you have any questions or concerns, please see a member of the staff team who will be happy to help you.