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Term 6 2014 - 2015

Welcome to Term 6 our topic this term is Under the Sea. 


Literacy – Write about our Aquarium trip

Non-fiction book based on sea creatures

Creating their own stories

Writing a diary from under the sea – based on Deep-Sea Diary by Simon Bartram

Poetry - Understanding rhyme 


Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Author of the Term: Anna Milbourne

  • Under the Sea
  • How Deep is the Sea?
  • On the Seashore


Numeracy – Add and subtract – count on and back

Explore everyday objects – use mathematical language to describe them.

Recognising 1 to 20 placing them in order

Use everyday language to talk about size and weight – comparing sea animals.

Problem Solving.

Use shells and pebbles to make groups. 


Physical Development – Sports Day preparation – handling tools and equipment effectively.

Know the importance for good health of physical exercise and a healthy diet

Safety at the beach – Keeping ourselves safe.

Think about how sea creatures move and explore these ideas 


Understanding the World – Compare environments – under the sea and farm, jungle.

Learn about a new animal each day – fish, mammals and learn about their life cycle and changes.

Find out about plant life under the sea.

Look at shipwrecks

Find out about submarines.

Using ICT to create Sea pictures

Look at the Globe to see all the different oceans 


Communication and Language – Has anyone been in the sea? What did you see?

Follow instructions involving several ideas or actions – to create or make something.

Develop their own narratives

I will bring in a fascinating object – the children use language to describe it, what is it? What is it used for? 


Expressive Arts and Design – Fish made from CDs

Designing Jellyfish and Octopus – Creating sea creatures

Story Squares – using narrative in their play

Aqua Sand – Mould sand sculptures under water  

Learn the song ‘Under the Sea’

Painting pebbles

Explore the sounds pebbles and shells make

Role play being fisherman, mermaids or sea creatures.


Personal Social and Emotional Development - Say why they like activities more than others.

Talk about their ideas and have confidence.

Work as part of a group - teamwork.

How could we help look after the sea?


Other Activities Aquarium trip with Year One

Whole school trip to the countryside 

Sports Day

Summer Fair 



Week One


We have been exploring what lives under the sea by playing with the sea creatures and creating sea pictures using colours, paints, junk modelling and the computer. 




Many children explored with the building blocks and created a church under the sea. They loved using the animals to create shows and story lines. 





Each day we will be learning about different sea creatures. This week we learnt about dolphins and whales. One of the facts we learnt was that Blue whales can be just over 30 metres long. The children wanted to see how long this was so we went into the playground and using rulers and string to measure out 30 metres. It was fantastic to have a visual aid for the children to learn from. 




We have been practising for sports day by using the equipment outside in our play and learning new skills. 




Reception really enjoyed their Aquarium trip and enjoyed seeing lots of different sea creatures. They follow their maps and used this to sport fish. The children got to feed some of the fish and the turtles, every child threw some food into the tank. The children went on a Sea Safari with a member of staff from the Aquarium, this allowed them to learn new facts and explore the tanks. 







Week Two


This week we have been focusing on looking at sea creatures and grouping them. We have looked at size, length, weight, different types and categories we could put them under. The children have been sorting them out with sorting hoops and explaining why they have categorised them that way using mathematical language. 


The children then completed this activity again with more independence categorising shells and pebbles. 



The Reception children have been cleaning the outdoor space and looking after our environment. They enjoyed making their playground somewhere safe that they could play. We then explored our outdoor learning further by drawing pictures with chalk on the playground of our plants and making observations from the environment. 




Our R.E topic this term is focused on special places. We are going to be looking at churches, mosques and special places to different religions. We have begun by looking at special things that happen in a church. Some children chose to create a special ceremony of a wedding outside using the dressing up clothes. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at this in more detail and exploring our own special places. 



We have had French students working with us this week and the children have been showing them around. They got to ask them questions about their school in France. They worked with the children and observed their outdoor learning, the children had the confidence to welcome them into our classroom. They will be continuing  to work with us for a few lessons next week. 


This week in Literacy we have been looking at rhyme. We have each created a group poem which you are welcome to come into our classroom on the Friday morning slideshow to see. We are creating an Octopus for our classroom ceiling and we are going to hang rhyming words from the legs. We have created the head with paper mache this week and used paper chains to create the legs. We are very excited to put it all together next week. 

Week Three

We have been learning about capacity this week and using the vocabulary of half, empty and full. We have done this by exploring in the water tray and using different containers, jugs and tubes to explore how to transfer water and fill up containers.


We also found other ways to transport materials such as sand. 



We have been looking at shipwrecks this week and exploring under the sea. The children decided to build a boat with crates and a sail. They enjoyed creating role play with characters and they all worked together as a team. 





We are learning all about living things and exploring the sea environment, we have compared this to our Farm and Jungle topics. Ivan has brought in his experiment of a caterpillar and creating an environment it can survive in. The children really enjoyed observing the caterpillar and how it moves. If children do experiments or writing about an experiment please feel free to send them in so we can share the learning at school. 



We have been exploring with shells and pebbles this week, children created their own homes and decorated it with the shells. 


We have been practising for Sports Day every day this week. We hope you can come and see us completing the events on Monday 22nd June. The children are in teams to complete a variety of events and enjoy outdoor sports. 


Week Four 

This week we have enjoyed making shell gardens and creating with new materials. The children placed the objects in the sand and used their language to explain why they put it in that particular place. Children were using positional vocabulary to explore their own shell garden. We then looked at what sea creatures could live in our new habitat under the sea. 




We then looked in detail at our shells by drawing them. We explore the lines and patterns on the shell and focused on the texture. 



We have been exploring with clay this week and we have created our own sea creatures. We enjoyed deciding what to make and then naming them and making them unique. We looked at the key characteristics of the creatures to allow us to create them. 




We now have our Octopus up in the classroom which helps us to remember words that rhyme. These rhyming words can be used in our poetry and the children are enjoying creating some of their own poems. 




Children have been exploring with distance and measure outside. We set up a bike shop where the children had to use money to pay for the bikes, they could park their bike in the numbered bays or go t the petrol station. The children enjoyed adding a narrative into their play as they worked at the shop or played on the bikes. 





This week we focused on using physical equipment and using our skills to prepare for Sports Day. We got to have a play on the big playground and see what it was like. The children enjoyed playing in a new place to introduce them to Year One procedures. 




Some children enjoyed playing football and working as a team. They then used the goal to play games and focused on controlling where they were shooting and aiming for a target. 


Week Five


We really enjoyed our Sports Day on Monday 29th June. Thank you for everyone that came to help us celebrate it and we hope you enjoyed it. The children all took part in bean bag balancing, running races, hurdles, obstacle race and hopping and skipping. They had a fantastic time and all received a medal for their hard work. 





This week the children have been building dens so they can stay protected whilst they are playing in the sun. They have really enjoyed exploring materials and how to build their own space. 




This week we have had an ice-cream shop. The children enjoyed this role play and using the money. They took it in turns to prepare the ice cream and serve it or be the customer. They loved building on this theme and creating their own new designs for flavours. 



The children loved playing with the water this week, we got out sponges, rollers and paint brushes. The children have now begun to use a narrative or storyline in their own play. The children had car washes going and were cleaning the toys. Some children were painting the train so it looked new, they loved using their imagination and exploring with the tools. 





Week Six


This week we have been looking at shapes and identifying them. We created shape pictures and started to identify the shapes characteristics and properties to understand how we can identify a shape. 





The children have enjoyed doing art and crafts outside. They have been making kites and enjoyed seeing how they could fly in the wind. 



We have working outside this week and looking at creating different objects to use in our play. Such as bridges or machines that we can then use to build a narrative and add characters to our play. The children have focused on how we handle the equipment and keep safe. 



On Wednesday the whole school visited North Somerset Show Ground for our Countryside Day Trip. The children got to learn a variety of things. There was cows being milked, fence building, dry walling, butter making, a sheep show, lots of farm animals to see and craft activities. The children really enjoyed themselves and had a great day learning lots of new things. In Reception we wrote about our trip and enjoyed looking at the photos.