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Term 6

Term 6, week 6 


This week has been a very busy Sports week, giving children lots of different opportunities to have a go at different sport skills in our teams. 


On Monday we had a complete practise for Sports day and every child took part in every race. They were very good at listening and following instructions and really looked forward to showing you all their races. 


On Tuesday the children had the opportunity to take part with lots of multi skills on the field. The children joined together with the Reception class and Year 2 and had a rotation of activities including: balancing in a range of ways, sharks and dolphins, volcanos and craters, beanbag target relays, stilt relays and t tennis. Some fantastic sportsmanship was seen by many children and it was fantastic to see them helping each other the achieve. 


On Wednesday the children all took part in our tennis celebrations for 'Wacky Wimbledon'. There were another set of skills to practice with teams or a partner all linked to balls. There was: Ball boy/girl training where they had to roll a tennis ball along the straight line to a partner, hand ball, bats and balls bouncing, lawn tennis, bat and ball balancing relay and team roll the ball through the guttering in a relay. The children all focused really carefully upon the skills they were learning and practising.


On Thursday we had planned to show all our sports day skills, but the wet weather prevented us, but they still enjoyed a PE session with the coaches and worked hard demonstring their balls skills and ended with a session of dodgeball. 

Term 6 Week 5


This week in English we have been working on our descriptive writing. We had two pictures one of Cinderella in messy house and Robin Hood in the wood. Then we wrote description about what we could see happening in the picture. We also wrote about what we could see from the window of the train from our train ride poem.




On Thursday everyone in school got together to share their performance poems with each other. We performed our poem the train ride which we have all enjoyed learning and showing to the rest of the school.


In Maths the children have been recapping how to partition numbers in 10’s and 1’s using a bar model. Some of us moved on to partition 100’s 10’s and 1’s. We have also worked on problem-solving activities using partitioning.


We continued with our work on Healthy Eating by playing the healthy living board game. If we landed on a picture we had to answer different questions.

Can you think of 5 things you can do to exercise?

Can you name 5 different vegetables?

How many portions of fruit and vegetables should we aim to eat in a day?

Can we eat unhealthy food?

Can you name 5 different fruits?

What is the muscle called which pumps blood around our body?



Term 6 Week 4


This week has been a very busy and a very hot week! We've been writing a piece of work to show all the learning and practise that we've done this year for our sentence structure, correct use of full stops and capital letters, finger spaces and very importantly our handwriting using correct letter formation, position and consistent size. The children wrote a diary entry about an inventor and the robot that they'd built. Everyone really tried their best and there was some fantastic writing produced

- Well done Year 1.



In Maths the children have been revisiting the use of their numbers and number facts. They have been solving lots of number problems and how to record their thinking as well as discussing the way they have solved them. 


The science session was very popular this week - everyone took a turn in small groups to make and bake cheese puffs. They used all their knowledge about healthy eating, to work out what ingredients helped to do for for our bodies: vitamins, carbodydrates, fluids, protiens, calcium etc and then they were all combined together, cooked and taken home to share. They smelt delicious in the classroom and the children and tasted delicious too.







Term 6 Week 3


This week has been another busy week. For our English work this week we listened to a piece of music from Peter and  the Wolf. Then we wrote all about wolves we include what they look like and how they move.




In Maths this week we have been looking at adding and taking away different numbers. We have used number lines, bead strings and 100 squares to help us.




In art on Friday, we sculpted some of the animals we had learned about during science. We chose our favourite animal and used salt dough to make it. We used cocktail sticks to add patterns and details. We wrote beautiful descriptions of our animal on Tuesday using all the describing words we had practiced using on Monday.






On Tuesday afternoon in science, we investigated what we need to be healthy. We remembered what plants need to grow and we discussed how cars need fuel to move. Then we looked at what people need to grow. We investigated how different foods help us to grow and be healthy. We designed our own healthy dinner by choosing different foods from 3 of the main food groups: vegetables and fruit,  protein and carbohydrates.




On Thursday we had our outside learning day and we took all our learning activities outside for the day. We all enjoyed this very much.





Term 6 Week 2


This week we have been very busy in our learning and have combined our literacy lessons with our science lessons to research, record and share our learning about Tigers. We have found out fascinating facts and written our own trump cards to share our learning.


We have looked at a range of animals to also sort them into groups about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. What they eat, and justifying what group of animals they originate from.


In Maths we have all been learning to tell the time using clocks and recognising ‘o’clock and half past as well as quarter to and quarter past.


On Thursday the whole school took part in Ramadan celebrations and we all took part in groups with children from across the school. There was a wide range of activities including learning about customs, making sweets as presents, making decorations using the sun and the moon, book marks and jewellery. All the children had a good morning and lots of learning took place about Ramadan.



Term 6 Week 1


In English this week we have started to look at our new book The Tiger Who Came To Tea. We acted out the story using different movements, wrote a story path with labels and have then written a book review and what we think will happen to the tiger next in the story.


For our Maths work this week we have been work with money and looking at the different coins and amounts we can make with them.




As part of our exploration of the new story we have all made our own tiger masks. We followed a list of instructions to make individual masks by covering a plate with orange tissue paper before drawing of a face, cutting out black triangles for stripes before finally making the eye holes. We are really pleased with the masks and have a pride of tigers in our classroom now.