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Term 6

Welcome back to term 6..... our final term of the school year!!

Wow we have been so busy!!

We have had an exciting new delivery of our reading pod this week!! The children have enjoyed lots of quiet time in there looking at books, singing and puppets.



This week the children found a spider!!!!!!!

We put it in a pot for a short period of time to take a look at it.


The children had the playdough out, so they decided to make a spider from it. We gave the children some pipe cleaners and eyes to see what they would do with them.

Take a look at their amazing spiders.




Over the next few weeks that are remaining of this term we will be introducing settling in sessions to some of the children that will be moving up to the 3year olds room. These are very exciting times!! If you have any questions about this then please come and speak a member of the Nursery team who will be happy to help.frown


This week the children have shown a lot of interest in the Jake and the Netherland pirate figures, so we decided to base our planning around pirates. The children enjoyed a variety of activities like constructing ships from large wooden brick, pirate flags, dancing to pirate music and pirate stories plus many more.

Here are a few pictures of their learning/exploring.






We have been concentrating on the children becoming independent when getting their wetsuits on. We assist them at first to get their feet in the right places, then the children have been trying to do the rest......................... and what a fantastic job they are doing!! We are so proud of them all. no




We pour our own milk at snack time!! Look at what a great job we do!! This is helping our physical development and hand and eye co-ordination.




We all enjoyed our new goal posts this week, practising our ball skills by kicking, rolling, bouncing, throwing and catching. We had so much fun.




There has been some lovely sharing going on in Nursery, friends playing and interacting with each other. A great time has been had by all!! frown




We would like to thank all our families for coming in for our sing and story session. It was a great success!! If you were unable to attend don't panic as we will be planning something else for September. smiley 


In our room we now have a display that will show all the amazing things that your children do /learn at home with you. We would love for you to celebrate and share their amazing home learning with us. All you need to do is pop in and grab a silver star and write what your child has done or achieved. You can write as many as you like! no


We would like to wish you all great and safe holiday and we look forward to seeing you all in September.