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Welcome to Reception

Welcome to Reception!
 Why choose Oldmixon Primary school?
The Early Years are the most important years of a child's life. Parents are the first educators of the child and at Oldmixon we aim to work closely with you the family to give your child the best start in life. We strive to develop a family ethos in our school and to encourage a love of learning for life.
Over the past three years we have invested heavily in developing a rich stimulating environment for the children, one which fosters the Characteristics of Effective Learning and leads to the children growing into independent problem solvers, with strong communication skills and a zest for life and learning.

How do we achieve this?
Team :
We aim to work closely with the parents of the children. The Teacher is available mornings for quick reference or advice and at other arranged times for a longer consultation with parents. We have a whiteboard of information which goes out mornings to inform parents about what the children are learning, and evenings. Messages and notices are also written on the board. We also display leaflets and advice on many aspects of child care and learning. If you are concerned and unable to come to school, please phone and a member of staff will contact you immediately. We hold parents’ nights twice a year and diary mornings each Friday. Any time you wish to talk about your child’s progress or any issues, we are available. Justine also holds meetings to explain about Reading, Phonics, the EYFS and the Early Learning Goals.
We often invite parents in for special celebrations and events, to share what we have been learning.
We have experienced ,committed and enthusiastic staff. Justine Greenwood leads the team. She is an experienced teacher in Primary years and has taught extensively at key stage 1. She has been a Communication and Language Lead Teacher for North Somerset and is a qualified Reading Recovery teacher. Kirsty Hitchins (TA), is an experienced EYFS practitioner, qualified in Makaton. Jackie Robinson is an experienced LSA and Cheryl Parker(TA), is a qualified sports coach and forest schools tutor.
Cathy Wilson is an experienced Language Support Assistant. She works closely with children and parents in Reception class and other years, developing Speech and Language.
All staff in the EYFS have access to a staff library, where they can research how children develop and learn. We have weekly meetings to plan, assess and develop our own learning. All staff attend relevant courses and cascade new ideas to all staff at meetings.


The children learn through themes planned by themselves. The environment is dressed to capture the children's imaginations and changed to facilitate the learning. Children learn best through play and it is through experiences they become engrossed in learning and exploring. We provide a variety of trips and visits to school, such as the space dome and Guy Fawkes. During term 6 we have started a mini-enterprise scheme with Westhaven school in Uphill. Here the children will plant, grow and sell their wares. They will then decide what to invest their funds in. (Please see gallery archive).

Early Years Foundation Stage:
The EYFS has 3 prime and 4 specific areas of learning.
prime: Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal Social and Emotional Development.
Specific: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.
We have large booklets of documentation for perusal, which demonstrate the learning in each area.
All the areas are immersed in the environment, through practical activities and exploration.
The characteristics of Effective Learning underpin all the learning in the EYFS. (Please see relevant section).
Each of the 7 areas has Early Learning Goals, which it is hoped the children achieve by the end of Reception year.
The children have individual learning diaries,(Please see section on diaries ) to which staff in school, including breakfast club and after school club, parents and children contribute. They are reflective of the child's learning and informative of future steps. They are sent home at the end of the year, with an assessment sheet informing parents of progress against the Early Learning Goals and the Characteristics of Effective Learning. ( A meeting explaining the Early Learning Goals is held within school).
One of the main aims in our Reception class is to make your child believe in themselves and we achieve this through treating each and every one of them as the wonderful, unique people they are. Individual needs,(whatever they are) are our priority. A happy child will learn.

The children receive a phonics lesson each day. These sessions are interactive and fun. Phonics will help the children to become confident readers and writers.
Please see the following section on phonics.
If you have any further questions please read the EYFS policy or speak to a member of staff.

Learning diaries:
You are very welcome to look at your child's diary at any time. Each Friday morning at 8.45 am parents are welcome to come into class and share diaries with their children or speak to the teacher. Please ask a member of staff or the children to show you where they are. Please also feel free to add to the diaries at any time. You may want to share how well your child plays at home, helps siblings, or about his/her interests. The diaries are there for us to share.
If your child achieves something, please fill in a wow label or tell a member of staff so that we can add it to the diary.

If you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, please see a member of staff.

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites! 

Busy Bees is a great site to explore.
Phonics play is a good site for sounds as is Teach my monster to read.

Things to remember: 
Oldmixon children's Centre is there to help with all sorts of advice on many matters. Please call in any time.

Thursday is PE day.
Spare inhalers if your child is asthmatic.
Book bags daily please.
Library day is Thursday - if you would like the books changed more frequently please let us know.

Many thanks Justine, Cheryl, Kirsty and Jackie 

Internet safety advice for parents: