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World Cup Fever

World Cup Fever has arrived in Year 4.  This week we have been writing football poems and looking at league tables in Maths.  We used our addition and subtraction skills to work out goal differences and league points.

In Science we made bangers out of different types of paper.  The loudest ones were made out of sugar paper.  We also learnt that the bigger the banger, the louder the noise because it pushes out more air.

Continuing our topic work, we looked at the 12 different stadiums where the World Cup games will be played.  Everyone made an information leaflet explaining how to get to the stadium, its capacity and other interesting features.  We also suggested other places near the stadium that tourists might want to visit.

Everyone in the class, including the teachers, picked a country out of a lucky dip.  We made flags and put them on our world map, some teams have to travel a long way to take part in the competition.   To show where the stadiums are around Brazil we put orange flags on the map.  Everyone is excited about following their team's progress.