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Year 1

Romy's home learning

Here you can see all the lovely things Romy and her family have been doing. She has been writing, making cakes and also some yoga! We hope you all had fun together.

Amber's maths learning

Amber has been practicing her maths at home.  It is lovely to see you practising your maths with a smile on your face!

Presley's maths learning.

Presley is a real mathematician. He has completed 18 pieces of work! Presley, you will be a real maths whizz when you get back to school. Well done Presley, keep it up!

Scarlett and the Bubble Challenge

Here is Scarlett completing the Bubble Challenge for this week! It looks like you are having so much fun! Well done.

Mina has been busy working at home!

Model Making!


Why not collect up all your recycling, (as long as it is clean and safe) and use it to create a model.  You could make a plan for your model before you make it.  Think about what you need:


yoghurt pots

milk bottle lids

cereal boxes


What could you make?  

Send your photos to


Have fun!

Mind Up activities to try today!


Try one of these activities to clear your mind, slow down and focus your attention.


Cloud Watching:

Look out of your window or sit outside if you can.  Watch the clouds drift by.  What kind of clouds are they?  What shapes can you see in the clouds?  How quickly do the clouds change and disappear?


First Signs of Spring:

Look out of your window or go outside if you can.  Can you see the first signs of Spring?  What could they be?  Draw a picture or make a list of every first sign of Spring that you can see.

Mrs Clements and Henry made lots of little rainbows.