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Nursery: sessions as normal through the nursery gate

Reception: 8:45 - 3:15 through the nursery gate

Year 1: 8:45 - 3:15 through the back gate

Year 2: 8:45 - 3:15 through the front gate

Year 3: 8:30 - 3:00 through the front gate

Year 4: 8:30 - 3:00 through the back gate

Year 5: 8:30 - 3:00 through the front gate

Year 6: 8:30 - 3:00 through the back gate

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Year 4

Look at what your friends have been learning. 

Tell us about what you have been doing too.

Learning New Crafts

Cassie is patiently cross stitching.
What great results!

An Appreciation Rainbow

What a huge rainbow!

Easter Activities

A very cosy reading den.
What a great reading den!
Maya's rhyming Easter poem.

Appreciation from Archie's Family for our Key Workers

More Home Leanring

Archie is enjoying his art.
Maya is too.
Maya is practising her multiplication facts.
Dimitar has tried out Oddizzi.
He has learnt a lot about the continent of Africa.
Some great division calculations too.
Let's fill our page with all of your Easter challenges.

Drum Challenge

Is this an X-Factor star?
Brilliant idea Dimitar!
Another great idea for drums.

Shape Challenge

Patiently joining spaghetti.
Can you name Dimitar's 3D shape?
Maya's 3D spaghetti shape.
Dimitar's 2D shape.
Who else made a shape today? We would love to see them.

Small Acts of Kindness Challenges Completed

Dimitar helped with the dish washing.
Fantastic job!
He also made a card for his mum...
showing his appreciation for her.
Maya helped by cleaning her dolls' house.

I have enjoyed hearing about all of the things you have been doing and wanted to share what I have been doing too. Now that we have more time to spare, I have taken up crochet again. I am making a colourful blanket. My daughter (who is a grown-up) wanted to have a go too. It has been tricky trying to teach her over the telephone and her first tries were a little odd looking. However, like all good learners, she kept on trying and today sent me a photograph of her crochet square.

I wonder if you have tried something new this week? Please share your photographs with us.

Mrs Leggett

My blanket.
One of my daughter's first attempts.
Look at it now!

Archie's Home Learning

Archie took part in the bubble challenge.
What a lot of bubbles from his first mixture!
The second mixture was not as good.
Sketching an animal from our class story.
I wonder how your cooking turned out?
Time for some yoga too.

Dimitar's Home Learning

Dimitar has been busy with his maths.
How lovely to be able to learn in the sunshine!

Throwing and Catching Challenge

Throwing though the light shade.
I wonder how the turtle got down?

More super home learning photos from today.

Lily-Rose is working hard on her learning...
including her maths skills.
Super shading on Maya's sketch of her cat, Ricky.
A beautiful NHS, rainbow egg.

Cassie's Bubble Challenge

Maya's Bubble Challenge

A giant bubble.
A bubble within a bubble.
A flower shaped bubble.

Maya's recipe was washing up liquid, water, sugar and shower gel.

What fantastic bubbles!

Mrs Leggett's Bubbles

All ready to go.
A practice one.
More washing up liquid and off it went.
Stanley has been working hard on his Year 4 words.
Word search, rainbow art and NHS messages in one!
Tyler's thank you to all the people saving lives.
He made a rainbow egg too.
A home made word search. What a great idea!
#weappreciateyou challenge completed.