Oldmixon Primary School is now closed. We remain open between 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday, for children who are identified as vulnerable and children whose parents are critical to the COVID-19 response, as defined in government documentation.

Following a rise in COVID-19 cases in Weston-super-Mare and the precautionary closure of local A&E provision, Trustees have decided to delay the wider reopening of ELAN schools to children in Preschool, YR, Y1 and Y6 by one week.

This will be reviewed by trustees on 4th June. Confirmation of specific year group opening dates, times and procedures will be conveyed to parents and carers following this review.

For more information, please follow the link: here

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Year 6

Home Learning for Term 6

The links to this week's home learning for the BBC and Oak National Academy can be found below.

If you would like to do something different or want to lean more about a certain subject, then do not forget to have a look at out subject specific pages. These are regularly updated.

We love to see the things you have been doing at home so please keep on emailing your photographs to us.

 BBC Home Learning 1st June 

The BBC is continuing to provide daily lessons for you in English, maths and other areas of the curriculum too.

In English this week you can practice describing settings and characters as you lead up to writing your own story.

Maths lessons have a focus on fractions, decimals and percentages. Can you remember how to convert between them? Take part in the lessons and see how much you recall.

Friday’s design lesson will give you some hints and tips for drawing your designs as well as some inspiration for inventing a new gadget.


Picture 1

 Oak National Academy 1st June

There are more fantastic lessons to support your learning at home. This is week six on the Oak National Academy website but you can still access and take part in lessons from previous weeks.

In maths, the lessons this week focus on fractions. You will have the opportunity to multiply and divide with fractions as well as to solve problems with them.  A great way to practice and refresh what you have already learnt.

In English, you will learn how to write a formal letter of complaint. Find out the language you will need and the features that these letters contain and then have a go at writing your own. Make sure you do not miss the reading comprehension lessons which are based on 'The Racehorse who would not Gallop' by Claire Balding.

Science is the last lesson on the theme of evolution. Find out the ways in which humans affect the evolution of other species and make your own book.

Do you know how World War Two ended and why the cold war began? Find out in this week’s history lessons.

In music you can learn about emotion in music and sing along to a George Ezra song.

Look at what we have been doing at home.


Great poem written by Ollie 

A wonderful poem written by Ollie. yes


It’s claustrophobic,

I fear we may be stuck here,

It’s been a long time,

Corona Virus,

Feasting on all who go out,

Terror shown through the news,

We must all stay put,

Help stop this year long nightmare,

Whatever it takes,

People’s lives at stake,

Hope thrown out of the window,

What are we to do



By Oliver Lumley




Nathan's DIY parachute from BBC Bitesize.





James' skatepark and water conservation poster. 




Fantastic update from Scarlett on her Giant's Necklace work and some great news about her getting a puppy which they have named Dash. 


James has been doing a bit of home baking. They look delicious!



                    Nathan has been busy making a Rain Stick and a Fortune Teller. 






                                       A wonderful piece of work written by Scarlett.yessmiley