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Welcome to Reception Class




This week we went on a shape hunt for our Shape, Space and Measure morning. We went around the school looking for lots of different shapes that we could find in every day things. We looked at windows, doors and tables. We were able to find squares, rectangles and circles. We had to look hard for a triangle but finally found one on the top of our PE shed.


In Reception this week have been working really hard to order our numbers to 10. We worked in teams to get the numbered plates in order. It was quite tricky at first but when we started working together we were able to complete the task.

This week we participated in forest school. We read the book 'Stickman.' We then decided to go on the hunt for some sticks and tried to create our own Stickman. We had lots of fun creating the character and decorating them in different ways. We also enjoyed learning the story and repeating different parts of the story.
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Week 1
In our Maths this week, we have been looking at ordering numbers to 10. We have done this as a whole class but also had a go in groups. We have been trying really hard to know which number goes first.

Some children said, 
'Number 1 goes first'

'I can find all my numbers'

'The number five is in the middle.'


Welcome back. We hope you had a lovely half term. This term we will be looking at traditional stories. 

This week we took part in the school fundraiser to raise money for more gymnastics equipment. We did lots of running around the school Muga. We ran around ten times! It was so much fun and we really enjoyed raising money for our school. Please remember to send in all donations to the class teacher..
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We have been perfecting our name writing by writing our name in Mrs Wishy Washys tub. We have been trying extra hard at getting our letter formation correct.
In maths we estimated how many bites it would take us to eat a biscuit. We then counted and marked on paper every time we had a bite. Some of us then had a go at writing the numeral.
We have started to look different texts/prints and realising that writing has a meaning. This week we looked at a salt dough recipe, followed the instructions and made some dough that we then enjoyed squishing and moulding.

We continue to learn the story Mrs Wishy Washy.


The children have been very creative and used their painting skills to design their own farm animals from the story.

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The children have been perfecting their counting skills and use of 1:1 correspondance by sorting and counting objects. We furthered this by using marks to represent the total, some children even wrote the numeral.
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We have made good use of the beautiful weather and used our outdoor environment to sort Mrs Wishy Washy's washing.
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We continue to do daily phonics and practise our letter formation.

We have been learning the story of 'Mrs Wishy Washy'.


The children used lots of language to retell the story.

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We looked at instructions together and used some of our phonic knowledge to point out any sounds we know.
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We continue to practice our counting skills and learn strategies to help us. This week we used balls to throw into a basket and count how many we got in.
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Encourage your child to practise writing their name.
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What a fantastic first week we have had in Reception!


The children have all settled well. 


We have already begun to learn some of our sounds, ask your child if they remember any of them.


We have played lots of listening games and have been learning each others names.


We have been practising our counting skills to 10 by counting chocolate buttons and then trying to recognise the numeral. We have extended this by discussing 1 more and 1 less.


The playdough has been a huge hit and we have been rolling a squashing the dough, this helps our fine motor skills ready for our writing.


We have also explored the outside area, the children have loved using the climbing equipment and slide.


What a busy 1st week! 

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