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Year 4

Term Five

Week Two 

We have had a great week this week in Year Four. The sunshine has finally arrived and we have loved being able to get out and enjoy the weather in our PE sessions this week. 

'We played a game of jail brake and we had to collect all of the rugby balls and take them to our own zone without being tagged or we were sent to jail. We then did a fitness test where we had six minutes to see how many laps we could do of the muga, that was hard work!!'




We have been working some more on our topic this week and thinking all about Roman roads. How they were made? Where was the first Roman road? Why did they build new roads? How did they travel? Are just some of the questions we have been asking. On Monday Mrs Leggett brought out lots of biscuits and we though it was time for a feast! Little did we know we were going to be using these biscuits to make our very own roman roads. We learnt about all the different layers that went into the roads and the tools they used to make the roads. 




In Science this week we have been continuing to think about sound and how it travels through different objects.

'We used paper cups and string to see if we could hear each other talking. One person held the cup to their mouth and spoke into it while the other person put it against their ear to see if they could hear anything.'





Week One

We have had a super busy week this week. In science we have started to talk about sound. We used lots of different tools and instruments to make a lot of noise before discussing how we could hear the sounds and what else we noticed. Many of us noticed and felt the vibrations from the objects we used. 




We enjoyed our first PE lesson back this week. 'We did a group warm up, played a dodgeball game and took a fitness test with the coaches from Bristol Rugby! It was super fun but also hard!'




Welcome back to Term Five! Our topic for this term is 'Where did the Romans roam?' below is our topic web so you can see what we will be getting up to.