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Year 2


Mr Thomas, Mrs Palfrey and Mrs Torrington are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

Term 1

Week 7

Year 2 have said they can deliver our brain breaks in class as well as the grown ups. Well, we have to agree! 

In RE this week we have looked at the stories " The good Samaritan and when Jesus healed the sick" The children wrote a class kindness charter that we worked on together. 

We had two very friendly PCSO's come to talk to us about staying safe on Halloween and Bonfire night. We talked about taking care, staying safe and having fun.

Term 1

Week 6

And here he is.... Our very first Handwriting King. Take a bow King Jai

Rosie A is our very first Handwriting Queen of the day. She will wear our very special class tiara all day. Well done Rosie. Beautiful handwriting. We are looking out for our first Handwriting King.

This week we are looking at the different features of Non fiction. The children were given a selection of books and shared their ideas with their teams. 

Hugo is in the building! Year 2 have had fun looking after Hugo and taking him out at break times. Lillie-Mai is an expert at carefully holding and playing with Hugo 

Picture 1

The children at lunchtime made an obstacle course for Hugo. He had so much fun going through the blocks. We timed him to see how fast (or slowfrown) he went.

Term 1

Week 5

Just look at the amazing quality of our homework that is being returned. More photos to follow.

We are really enjoying our brain breaks in Year 2

We are recapping our number bonds to 10 and 20. 

We are learning what features you need to write a letter. We have practiced writing letters to the sky asking it to rain to help the villagers in Lila and the secret of rain.

In Science this week we investigated different things and decided if they were alive, not living or never lived. We thought really hard about the items that once lived but are no longer living now.

Term 1 

Week 4

Today Year 2 had fun hot seating. Each child who was in the hot seat had to choose a character from Lila and the secret of rain. The audience had to ask them questions. 

We were amazed at the quality of the questioning from all groups. 

Term 1

Week 3

We feel so calm and relaxed in Year 2 today. Mrs Torrington took a fantastic Yoga session. Joshua said " it calms you down" Eva said "you have to get into a comfortable position for mindfulness. 

We have become artists in Year 2. We are creating a sunset background for our African pictures.

In PE, we are using different skills to play corner ball. 

We used defending, throwing, catching and teamwork skills.

We have really enjoyed sharing the story " Lila and the secret of rain". We sequenced the story and today in our writing we worked to improve the beginning of the story by including adjectives.


We have used different resources to partition 2 digit numbers. Some children like using the bead strings and others like to use the dienes. Mrs Palfrey's table enjoyed the numicon.

Term 1

Week 2

Today is Roald Dahl day.We have chosen George's Marvelous medicine as our class book.Mr Thomas set us a challenge to make our own marvellous medicine. We had to think of a name, choose exciting ingredients and explain how to make it. There were some amazing ideas and the class really used their imaginations. Who would of thought that rainbows, mud,chocolate,love and magic would be used cheeky

Term 1

Week 1

Today we worked in teams to invent and create an object that can float using a variety of materials. What fun we had!

Today we used the dienes in our Maths lesson to help us with our partitioning. 

We have been scratching our heads this morning trying to work out a challenge set by Mr Thomas. We had questions on cards and had to order the juice cups in the correct order. Mrs Palfrey found this really tricky which made us chuckle. Luckily, Mr Thomas helped her to work it out. smiley

We are so excited in year Two as we have received an official letter from the Queen to thank us all for her lovely birthday messages that we sent.

We had so much fun playing snakes and ladders with a partner. 

The children were refreshing their clever brains finding numbers 1-100 after our long summer rest.

Our lovely new Year 2 class had lots of fun this morning finding out what their friends had been up to over the summer holidays. 

Jayden tried different foods, Lilly- Mai went to a party, Ellie went on a trampoline, Megan went on a plane, Mr Thomas rode on a bike, Mrs Torrington went on a long walk and Mrs Palfrey slept in a tent.

What a busy summer holidays!

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