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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! 

In Year 3 we have Miss Pring and Mrs Parker. On this page you will see all our fantastic learning throughout the year!

Term 5!

Welcome back to Year 3, we hope you had an amazing Easter holidays! This term we will be learning all about the Stone Age! 

Week 1



This week we have been developing our fractions knowledge! We started the week by learning how to find a fraction of a set of objects. The children had great fun choosing either the mild or hot challenge! We have also been learning how to find a fraction of a number by using bar models to help us! We have having great fun becoming fraction fanatics!! 







This week we have been reading Stone Age Boy! The children have enjoyed getting to know the two characters Om and Stone Age Boy. We have written diary entries from Stone Age Boy's perspective, we have written dialogue between Om and Stone Age Boy to practice our inverted commas and even written our own version of the story! 



A Stone Age Museum!

On our first day back we got the chance to look at lots of different artefacts, clothing and books from and about the Stone Age. This was to start off our topic 'Is it all set in stone?'.

The children really enjoyed discussing and investigating the items. 

"I found the clothes interesting because I can see what people wore in the Stone Age" - Gia

"I found it interesting that a mammoths could be 3 metres tall, however their tusks can be 4 metres. - Connor




Week 2



In maths this week we have been calculating fractions of an amount! We learnt that we need to Divide our whole number by our Denominator and then multiply with our numerator! The children really enjoyed calculating stone age fractions too!

Later this week we have been exploring equivalent fractions using strips of paper folded into parts! 




In English this week we have been reading Dave's Cave! We have written book reviews, redesigned Dave's cave and also written our own story using the same style of writing! 
Here is Kieron's:



During our enquiry this week we have learnt where it all started with the Stone Age! We have used atlases to find out where the countries are and what kinds of people came first! We then wrote a piece of writing about what we had found and some key information about the countries! 

This is what Agnes wrote!




Week 3



In English this week we have been reading Cave Baby! The children have enjoyed being Cave Baby and laughing along to the story, especially when he decides to paint the cave!!



We have been continuing our fractions work this week which has included ordering and comparing fractions!

We have been asking a lot of questions about fractions this week. Including: Why is 1/4 bigger than 1/8?         


Big Bang!

The children really enjoyed our trip to the Big Bang science fair on Friday! We learnt about weather, the army, how planes fly and also how to use microscopes! We also enjoyed watching balloons explode using different gases which caused them to create different coloured flames.