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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


On Tuesday mornings we have the Health Squad in from Forever Sport. This week we spoke about alcohol and cigarettes and the impact that both have on our health and mental well being. We found this very interesting as we didn't know how alcohol effects our liver and we got see what a liver looked like when someone had drunk alcohol a lot through their life. 


In English we are looking at the book Rose Blanche, which is about a girl who befriends children in a concentration camp, in particular a boy called Herman. We hot seated and all had a chance to be Herman and we asked 'Herman' what it was like living in a concentration camp. It was really good fun!




We have been designing our trenches this week for our big design technology lesson where we will be making them out of wood and other material, using saws and glue guns. Pictures to follow when they are made.


On Thursday some the children did a fantastic French poster and presented it to the class.



We had an amazing maths lesson on Tuesday looking at shape,space and measure. We used different mediums to either produce different shapes or to see how many shapes we could find.





We also did a science experiment to see what would be best to put on the floor of a trench. Keeping with our theme of World War 2. We tried out metal, wooden planks, sawdust and gravel.




This afternoon (Friday) we are making Christmas jumpers to hang in our conservatory to display.


Thursday was very exciting for us as we had a Tetrahedron workshop with a lovely lady from Willmott Dixon. We had 6 canes in a pack that we had to make into a tetrahedron and join them  together to make bigger and bigger tetrahedrons.







We were also very lucky to be invited to Broadoak school to see their production of Back to the 80's on Friday. It was amazing and full of fantastic 80's music. The children performing were fantastic and we had an amazing time.

In PE we are now do gymnastics which we really enjoy. We get to try out all sorts of different moves. 


To celebrate Remembrance Day on Sunday we made poppies out of tissue paper and wrote a poem inspired by the Flanders field Poem. 






It is anti-bullying week this week and we have made anti-bullying posters.



In keeping with our World War 2 theme we have made a silhouette of London's sky line during the Blitz. We coloured in the back like flames and cut out black paper for the sky line and layed it over the top.





WOW! What a great start to our new term! Our topic this term is World War 2 and we had our WOW day on Tuesday where we dressed up as WW2 evacuees and made gas mask boxes, honey biscuits and discovered who were our allies and who were the enemy. There was also a map exercise so we new where all the countries we are learning about are. An air raid siren was put on through out the day and we all had to hide under our tables with our gas mask boxes. It was extremely good fun!







On Tuesday we were in groups writing and performing a news report on the Battle of Hastings and how William the Conqueror became King! We had a really exciting time pretending to be news reporters.



Wednesday morning we had an amazing time performing our performance poetry in the hall for our harvest festival celebration and the we had our parents come into class to do some amazing activities.





Today we are looking forward to our trip where we will be ice skating. We are so excited!


We have been making contraction caterpillars in English to help us with our contraction words.



In different groups for our enquiry, we have been finding out different information about King Alfred and presenting these to the class.





For science this week we are investigating birds and their feathers and doing the life cycle of a swan. We are finding out that in Anglo Saxon times, swans represented beauty and power.


What an exciting science lesson we had on Tuesday! We watched a documentary with David Attenborough talking about different animals, then we researched in groups separate animals. Some did an elephants, lions, aardvarks and many others. We made information posters to teach other children in our class about a particular animal.

Maths has been interesting, we have been doing negative numbers. Ordering them and finding the difference between them. In English we have written about the vikings from our class book and adding direct speech and debating about wether warriors should face aggressive monsters.




In English this week, we have enjoyed writing a thank you speech to Beowulf , from the people of Heorot, for getting rid of the horrid Grendel and writing a diary from Loki's point of view, carrying on with our Viking theme. In maths we have been comparing, sequencing and rounding numbers up to a million.    




Some lovely pictures of us enjoying forest school. We did whittling and made wands and bark rubbings.


Another brilliant week in year 5! On Monday, we  had representatives from Nat West bank in to do Money Sense. We had to plan a party and budget for it, including venue, food, entertainment and other things we would need. Tuesday we went to the beach for the morning,and working in our teams, we sculpted Anglo Saxon designs in the sand.  We have also written and presented news paper articles about the slaying of Grendel from our book Beowulf.




What a fantastic week we have had! We did our WOW this week for our topic and cooked up a medieval feast. We made vegetable soup and honey and oat cakes, they were delicious! It was fun in English writing an advert for a warrior to defeat the monster Grendel from our class book Beowulf. Carrying on from last week, we continued with place value in maths.








This week in maths we have been adding 1,10,100 and 1000 to three and four digit numbers. We have also been adding and subtracting using a number line. In English we have written a diary entry to do with our book Window that we our looking at in class and also a set of instructions on how to make a fort. It was Roald Dahl day yesterday (Thursday) and the children celebrated by doing a variety of different activities like painting the BFG, performance poetry and making a giant peach.








What a fantastic start to our new school year! We have made a class charter and discussed our goals for year 5. We have written acrostic poems, done maths games and team games in P.E. We have also started our mile a day walk.