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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Week 6 


We've had an amazing sports week including an archery taster session, two exciting talks from a weightlifter and two gymnasts, a walking football session, an amazing day of beach activities and our sports day! 





Some of us had the opportunity to visit the helicopter museum - we had a tour of the museum and we built a 17 metre replica of the Severn Bridge 



Week 5 


This week, some of us went to Kilve whilst the rest of us had an enrichment week back at school. At Kilve, we had an incredible time including a trip to the beach, a walk in the Quantocks with shelter building, mountain biking, grass sledging, low ropes, orienteering, a disco and much, much more! The rest of us designed and made their own smoothies and advertised them, played lots of sport and played, designed and made their own board games! 




Week 4


This week, we had a visit from a water technician from Corvus: we tested the PH levels of our water and found out it was safe to drink. As part of our forces enquiry, we made parachutes using a range of materials. Then, we planned and carried out a fair test to investigate which parachute was the best! The greater the surface area of the parachute, the slower it fell! 

On Thursday, we had an incredible day at the Tropicana for the Art Extravaganza with the other MAT schools - we dressed up as secret agents, discovered that our headteachers had been kidnapped and cracked the code to save them! A great day!


We're really looking forward to Kilve Court next week and those of us who are staying have got a fun packed schedule of activities lined up! 


Week 3


In English this week, we've been looking at a new book called 'The Promise', which depicts the tale of a young thief, who steals from an old lady! We have continued the story - what did the thief find in the lady's bag? Will it change her life forever?

In maths, we've been consolidating and revising a range concepts including negative numbers, fractions and a range of word problems using the skills we have previously learned. 

For our challenge, in enquiry, we composed a melody and an oral re-telling of our book, The Varmints. 


We also has an informative talk from the RNLI and we learned all about how to stay safe on the beach and in the sun! Some of us were lucky enough to wear some of the safety equipment and engage in some role play!

We have started a new enquiry on forces and this week we explored gravity and newton meters - we weighed a range of classroom objects and learned that Isaac Newton made some interesting discoveries, which came from an apple falling on his head!



Week 2 


We've had another exciting week. In English, we've been looking at bees and have written a persuasive text about saving the bees! We're really passionate about keeping the bees safe since they're an endangered insect and are really important for our eco-system. We've researched and presented the life cycle of a bee and created 'save the bee' posters. We 'beelieve' we can make a difference!


On Tuesday, we had a visit from some Sidcott school students. We watched a play called 'The Grimble Witch' which was fantastic. After that, we had an exciting workshop and we did some drama - a great morning!



WOW! Term 6 already! What a fantastic term this will be as we have a lot going on. We have our wonderful 3 day trip to Kilve, a beach trip during Sports Week and of course our Art Extravaganza at the Tropicana. Look out for all the photos to come!


This week we played the wonderful games we made during an RE lesson at the end of last term. They were games that we made up to do with what the Hindu people believe about good and bad Karma.




We have planted seeds under different conditions to see whether they will grow or not. This is a part of our new Power of Reading Enquiry inspired by the Varmints! The seeds have been planted in and we have made some excellent predictions!




Maths has been exciting! We have been learning to measure and draw angles using a protractor and calculating percentages of amounts!


In English we have been looking at our new book called The Varmints, which is all about 'the others' building on the green belt land. We've written a balanced argument about whether the Varmints should try and intervene or whether they should accept the changes! What do you think they should do?