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Term 1

Week Three

This week in Year four, we took part in an African experience workshop. We started the workshop by learning some African songs and chants. We then put these to a beat using our body's to make the music. After this we were shown how to play these beats out onto the drums and shakers. All of the instruments were made from natural materials and some of them were even made from vegetables. We had a great time playing along to the songs and chants as a class.





Week Two 

This week, we were lucky enough to have Warburtons bakers come to school to see us. The session started with a video about how the bread is made, sliced and packaged in the factory. It was then down to the children to ask some questions; "How many factories do you have across the country?" We found that there are 12 bakeries and 14 depots. We then got the chance to make our own bread rolls which we took home at the end of the day which were delicious! We starting by adding the ingredients into a bowl and took turns to mix these together, it was then time to add some water and start to need the bread into a dough. Once we had finished this we each had a piece of dough and made it into our very own bread roll shapes. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit!



Week One

This week the whole school have been reading the book Only One You, written by Linda Kranz. The book is all about individuality and being unique. There is a video available on YouTube of the story if you would like to look over this with your child. On Tuesday we were thinking about what makes us individual and what makes us a good friend. The children worked in pairs using freeze frames to show to the class there ideas of what makes a good friend.  





Welcome to year four, this term our topic is 'Who are our European neighbours?' this topic map should give you and idea of the work we will be doing over the term, we're very excited to get started!!