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Year 6

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Life Skills

Monday 22nd January 2018

Children will need a packed lunch and a waterproof coat. 

Term  3


Week 1


This week we have been revisting shape. The children have been identifying and clarifying quadrilaterals, making posters and investigating the properties and angles. 

Do you know your Rombus from your Trapezium? 

Well if you are not sure, your child will be able to help!

In addition to this the children reviewed triangles, looking at the properties, grouping them and then used them to create a piece of art. 





We have also been using the Notebooks to research Endangered Species, finding out why some animals are endangered and what the impact of this is. The children then produced a piece of writing which explains their findings. We focussed on technical language and the key features of an explanation text. 



Children took part in a variety of activities today to develop their Social and Emothional skills. Over the coming year, the children will be developing their self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and also become responsible decision makers.