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Term 1


Week 7


Bonfire Talk

On Monday our local community PCSO came into the school and spoke to the children about bonfire night and how to stay safe. They explained the law and rules to the children so they are aware how to stay safe on bonfire night. 


Restart a Heart Day!

On Tuesday the children took part in restart a heart day, where they learnt how to perform CPR. This improved their confidence if ever they needed to help someone in need. They were also taught who to phone and what to say. 


Sponsored run

The children completed their sponsored run on Wednesday. They were amazing and completed 20 laps during their normal P.E session. Well done Year 6!


This week in English the children have been writing some outstanding speeches about Women's rights and the Suffragettes. The children also read their speeches to the class. They have blown the Year 6 team away with how incredible they were.



In science the children have been learning about and investigating circuits. They looked at how they could make their light brighter and dimmer and what they would need to change in their circuit to make this happen. They then wrote about their findings. 


Week 6


The Year 6 team have been working extremely hard on their attendance and making sure they are in school on time. We are so happy to announce that Year 6 have achieved 100% attendance for the second week running!



This week in English our inspirational person has been Martin Luther King. The children have been learning all about Martin Luther King and his speech. The children then went on to create, write and edit their own speeches, which were fantastic.



This week in French the children recapped colours and their pronunciation, they then went on to make dominoes with the French and English spellings of the colours to take home and challenge their parents/carers. They then went on to learn new greetings in French and we had lots of fun trying to pronounce all the different greetings.


Physical Education

This week in P.E with Bex the children have been playing a game called Jail break, where they have to work in teams to gather the balls. Bex was extremely happy with Year 6 and their enthusiasm.

Year 6 also won the TREDS award for the second week running! 



The children have had a great trumpet lesson this week, and they are sounding amazing. This week the children learnt the note D and are really trying hard to perfect this. So far the children have learnt the notes C, E and D. 


Week 5


This week the children have been very busy in English, they have been creating their own poems inspired by Shakespeare's sonnet. They have also been learning a Shakespeare play in Drama and have performed this to the class.



In Science the children have taken part in an experiment about creating shadows. They then recorded their result and their experiment, and created a graph using the results they had found.


This week in Art the children looked at the inspirational artist, Picasso. They looked at cubism and found out important facts about him. They then created their own drawings inspired by Picasso's art.


Week 4


This week the children took part in a MoneySense workshop, which is linked to Natwest Bank. During the morning the children took part in various activities, learning about money management, money safety and money in the world. The children thoroughly enjoyed planning a party, budgeting and getting value for money. 




The children learnt about inspirational artist, Kandinsky. They then produced their own art work in the style of Kandinsky. 




In English this week the children have learnt about Louis Braille, who published the first braille book. Learning about his life and why he invented braille. 


Week 3


This week we have been learning about the famous, inspirational author Roald Dahl. The children have been finding out about his school days and his career as a fighter pilot in the RAF.

They have written a letter from Roald to his wife, thinking about the what he might of said and felt.  In addition to this, they have written a school report on Roald Dahl, linking what they know about him and his experiences. 

The children had an interesting french lesson this week, where they recapped colours, working on pronunciation. 




Week 2




This week the children had their first trumpet lesson! During the lesson the children warmed up by tapping, stamping and patting beats on their body. They learnt about the names of musical notes, one beat- Crotchet, two beats- Minim and half beats are called a Quaver. They then went on and talked about their breathing and how to make a sound with the mouth piece (Make a 't' sound and buzzing sound) Once the children had attempted a sound with the mouth piece it was time to learn about the trumpet, how to hold it and the parts of the instruments. The children then blew through their trumpets and most made a sound. 

What a lot of learning in one lesson!









This week the children have been looking at the book 'Windows', written by Jeannie Baker. They have been focusing on the images of the characters. What might be being said, thought or observed? While doing this the children also thought about feelings and observations. The children worked in groups to compare and contrast the first and last images of the book, highlighting different viewpoints. 




During P.E today the children were introduced to the game 'Hand Ball', during the session the children worked in teams, focusing on the types of throw they might use to knock the balls off the cones. They talked about using underarm passes, overarm passes, chest passes and overhead passes, thinking about the benefits of each pass.  






Week 1


We have had a fantastic, first week in year 6, the children have been thinking about their aspirations, they have written about them and shared them.  

We have been getting to know each other as a team, the new routines and expectations ready for our amazing year ahead.