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World Book Day

World Book Day


Our school celebrated World Book Day on Thursday. In each class we chose our favourite book and showcased it in assembly.


Reception - The children in reception sang and danced to the Animal Boogie.

Year 1 - Year 1 children reviewed their book,The Scarecrows Wedding.

William said "I liked the cows because they had bells"

Regan said "I like think is story because it is funny"

Will said " My favourite character is Harry because he is kind"

Kieran said "I like this book because all the animals on the farm help Harry and Betty"


Year 2 - The Year 2 children used an acrostic poem to highlight the best parts of their book Mr Seahorse.


Year 3 - Year 3 performed a poem about the book, The Snail and the Whale.


Year 4 - Year 4 used puppets to retell the story of Pirate Curse.


Year 5 - Year 5 wrote the Queens speach and performed it, this was linked to the book Gangster Granny.


Year 6 - Year 6 read the Jabberwocky poem and used drama to capture the audiences imagination.