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  • Week 6 


    We've had an amazing sports week including an archery taster session, two exciting talks from a weightlifter and two gymnasts, a walking football session, an amazing day of beach activities and our sports day! 





    Some of us had the opportunity to visit the helicopter museum - we had a tour of the museum and we built a 17 metre replica of the Severn Bridge 



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    Week 5 


    This week, some of us went to Kilve whilst the rest of us had an enrichment week back at school. At Kilve, we had an incredible time including a trip to the beach, a walk in the Quantocks with shelter building, mountain biking, grass sledging, low ropes, orienteering, a disco and much, much more! The rest of us designed and made their own smoothies and advertised them, played lots of sport and played, designed and made their own board games! 

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    Week 4


    This week, we had a visit from a water technician from Corvus: we tested the PH levels of our water and found out it was safe to drink. As part of our forces enquiry, we made parachutes using a range of materials. Then, we planned and carried out a fair test to investigate which parachute was the best! The greater the surface area of the parachute, the slower it fell! 

    On Thursday, we had an incredible day at the Tropicana for the Art Extravaganza with the other MAT schools - we dressed up as secret agents, discovered that our headteachers had been kidnapped and cracked the code to save them! A great day!


    We're really looking forward to Kilve Court next week and those of us who are staying have got a fun packed schedule of activities lined up! 


    Week 3


    In English this week, we've been looking at a new book called 'The Promise', which depicts the tale of a young thief, who steals from an old lady! We have continued the story - what did the thief find in the lady's bag? Will it change her life forever?

    In maths, we've been consolidating and revising a range concepts including negative numbers, fractions and a range of word problems using the skills we have previously learned. 

    For our challenge, in enquiry, we composed a melody and an oral re-telling of our book, The Varmints. 


    We also has an informative talk from the RNLI and we learned all about how to stay safe on the beach and in the sun! Some of us were lucky enough to wear some of the safety equipment and engage in some role play!

    We have started a new enquiry on forces and this week we explored gravity and newton meters - we weighed a range of classroom objects and learned that Isaac Newton made some interesting discoveries, which came from an apple falling on his head!



    Week 2 


    We've had another exciting week. In English, we've been looking at bees and have written a persuasive text about saving the bees! We're really passionate about keeping the bees safe since they're an endangered insect and are really important for our eco-system. We've researched and presented the life cycle of a bee and created 'save the bee' posters. We 'beelieve' we can make a difference!


    On Tuesday, we had a visit from some Sidcott school students. We watched a play called 'The Grimble Witch' which was fantastic. After that, we had an exciting workshop and we did some drama - a great morning!


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    TERM 6

    WOW! Term 6 already! What a fantastic term this will be as we have a lot going on. We have our wonderful 3 day trip to Kilve, a beach trip during Sports Week and of course our Art Extravaganza at the Tropicana. Look out for all the photos to come!


    This week we played the wonderful games we made during an RE lesson at the end of last term. They were games that we made up to do with what the Hindu people believe about good and bad Karma.




    We have planted seeds under different conditions to see whether they will grow or not. This is a part of our new Power of Reading Enquiry inspired by the Varmints! The seeds have been planted in and we have made some excellent predictions!




    Maths has been exciting! We have been learning to measure and draw angles using a protractor and calculating percentages of amounts!


    In English we have been looking at our new book called The Varmints, which is all about 'the others' building on the green belt land. We've written a balanced argument about whether the Varmints should try and intervene or whether they should accept the changes! What do you think they should do? 







Week 1

For our enquiry this term we are doing Extreme Earth! This is all about volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes.


WOW! What a fantastic start to term 5! We had a day out on Wednesday to the Into University that is based at Hans Price. It was our year 5 focus day and the theme was Pirate Maths. We used co-ordinates to find the treasure on our treasure map, know our prime numbers to get across the river with out being eaten by sharks, use our knowledge of place value to by pieces of our pirate ship and use frequency to count all our jewels.






For our wow this term we have been making volcanoes. This is them in progress:




In English we have started a new book: Kensuke's Kingdom by Micheal Morpurgo. A boy called Micheal gets washed up on a desert island with only his dog for company and has no food or water. How will he survive?


In maths this week we are learning how to multiply fractions. 

Week 6

We have come to the end of the term and what a fantastic term we have had with our Enquiry about SPACE!


On Tuesday, we did a power point in groups about our chosen Planet. Each group had one of each of the Planets in our solar system. Last week in our groups we found out all the information we needed and this week we put that information into a power point and displayed them to the rest of the class. It was very informative and we learnt a lot.





We were lucky enough to be invited to the into-university which is connected to Hans Price. We really enjoyed our time there and found out a lot about different types of university courses, (there are over 50000), where abouts they are in the country, types of accommodation and the different types of extra curricular activities.








We have been looking at word problems in maths this week all to do with fractions again. They were quite difficult at times and really got us thinking! Next term we will be multiplying fractions.


 We finished the 'King of Space' this week, we have written dialogues, a letter of apology and a book review all to do with it. It was a great book with lots of funny pictures and Rex was a truly  great king for a short while! 




This week we have finished making our space pictures in art. 




Maths has been fun again this week. We have been adding and subtracting fractions including word problems.


We did a science experiment this week. We had sand in containers, a measuring stick and marbles and we were dropping the marbles from different heights to recreate craters on the moon where asteroids bang into it. We then measured the craters.





In English we were writing a descriptive sentence about 'The Warbot' from our book, The King of Space, and about Rex's coronation and making invites for people to come and celebrate with him. 


Maths this week has been about  ordering fractions. We have had to convert a mixture of improper and mixed number fractions and putting them into ascending order.



We have been looking at our new class book, The King of Space, and we have been writing a 'master plan' for how Rex will become the king of space.



In PE we are still focusing on football skills and have really enjoyed our lesson this week.


In our enquiry this week we looked at the phases of the moon and did a line graph to show the difference between the amount of daylight in the UK and Norway.



As space is our Enquiry this term, we have been looking at the sun and the moon and what people of ancient times right up to the present day thought about  whether the Earth was round or flat. On Tuesday we discussed as a class why we have day and night and then we made sun dials.



In math's we have continued to look at fractions and specifically mixed number fractions and improper fractions. 

Mental math's has been about interpreting two-way tables,unit of measure revision, I'm thinking of a number challenge (please ask us about this as it is really good fun) and our twice weekly times table practice.


In our spelling, punctuation and grammar part of our English lesson, we have been doing our Rainbow Reading, where we get into small groups and we look at and analyse different genres of books. We have also been looking at different prefixes and what they mean and working on our handwriting.

On Monday we did a debate about whether we should send people into space or not.  What do you think about it?



We have started to do fractions in Math's this week. We discussed what fractions are talking about the denominator and the numerator, and used the Cuisenaire rods to explain what fractions look like. We have also been looking at equivalent fractions and how to solve them.


Carrying on with our book ,Hidden Figures, in English we have been writing a non-fiction text about the success of NASA over a period of time. We have also written a news paper report of the Apollo 11 landing, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong.


The people from the Art Project came back in this week. We had to remember our secret identities, practice our signatures for our special cards that showed are fake identity and then we did some finger printing on to paper to see what type of finger prints we have.



Did you know that finger prints are formed when the amniotic fluid swirls around us as we are growing in the womb? That is why we all have different finger prints, including identical twins!



We have started using short division in math's this week. We used the place value counters to help us put the numbers into groups so we could visually see how the number is split.




This term our enquiry is about SPACE and we used fruit and other things to represent the planets in order from the sun. We also made up a mnemonic to help us remember the order of the planets.




We have started our new book in English, Hidden Figures, and we have written a persuasive letter to the head of a school asking him to allow in Mary Jackson, the main character, into his school. She wants to be an engineer but it was difficult in the 1960's  for women to do this in America.


PE this term is all about football and football skills. 







What a week we have had! We enjoyed our last lesson of badminton in PE and while some of us went swimming yesterday, the rest of us played a game of football with Miss Miller. 


We also made French posters with different words and the French flag on, as we practice our French every Thursday. Bojour! Merci!


We have had a lot of assessments this week in English and math's but we have managed to write a story in English about our own animal character who had a dilema and we had to come up with a way to help our character out of the dilema. It was very exciting to come up with our own characters and what they had to go through.


The people that came before and had us pretending to be police men came again this week. We had to pretend to be spies and come up with our own code name from a list and make up our ages and where we live and our jobs. It was very funny when members of the class were called up to the front pretending to be their new persona. 


In math's this week we have started on multiplication. We started by using partitioning and then learnt short multiplication. We then moved on to multiplying two digits by two digits. Next, we moved onto the grid method which we did on sugar paper first using different coloured counters and lastly we moved on to long multiplication. It has been quite a week and really good fun.


We have looked a lot at parenthesis this week in our grammar, how to use brackets, commas and dashes with in a sentence.


There is a new book this week for us to use in English, called The Dancing Turtle. It's about a turtle who plays the flute and is captured by a tribes man. After that the tribes children are tricked into letting him out of his cage and then the children paint a rock to make it look as though the turtle is still in the cage. This has been our inspiration for our English lessons this week. We have made diary entries,a dialogue between the children and the turtle and have been making a plan to write our own story with our own animal. We have really enjoyed listening to and being inspired by this wonderful book.




A wonderful picture of a few of our class playing in the snow last week.





This week in math's we have moved on to estimating area and starting our formal method of multiplication.


We have moved on to a new book in class, a non fiction one, called The Kapok Tree. This is about the Amazon Rainforest and our writing this week will be based on this.


We had a group of people in yesterday as part of an art project that is taking place across the ELAN. We were  pretending to be South African police officers that were thieves in their spare time.  We had to stand to attention, march and pretend to rob a bank. We dressed up and had code names. 




Today we did experiments to demonstrate precipitation, evaporation and condensation.




This week we looked at the climate in different parts of South America. We worked as a group and found the information out using the chrome books and then each group showed them to the class. 





Math's was fun as we were learning about area of composite shapes so we were having to put the shape into two and work out each area and the find the total.


For English we had to write about Maia's trip into Manus with Miss. Minton, how Maia then made the trip into Manus herself after being left in the house alone and a dialogue between Mrs.Carter and Maia about how and why Maia took the trip alone. All to do with our class book. 

In SPAG we have been concentrating a lot on homophones.


For art we created our pictures for our tile printing. Pictures to follow.


This week in PE we continued to do Badminton. We practised hitting the shuttlecock into a hoop and after that we had a rally. It was really good fun.


Maths has been all about perimeter this week. We measured the area of the outside of different shapes and calculating the perimeter too.


In English we have written post cards,diary entries and letters, all to do with our class book Journey to the River Sea. All to do with our South American topic.


For art this week we are scoring pictures into polystyrene and, using paint, we are printing those pictures onto paper in the same technique as Beatriz Milhazes. 




What a great start to the new term! Our topic this term is South America and on Tuesday afternoon we had a Brazilian Carnival in our classroom. Some of us played the music and some of us danced. It was fabulous!



We are now doing badminton in PE this term and this week we were practising how to hit the shuttlecock. It is quite difficult. 

We have started to times numbers by 10. 100 and 1000 in maths which was really fun this morning.

Our new English book is called Journey to the Sea and we have done some work on it this week including writing a fact file about the Amazon.




Following on from last week we, we have made good progress with our trenches. We have cut up wood to make walls and painted back drops.





Pictures will be added of the finished trenches next week.


A brilliant and fun day was had by all the class today in their festive Christmas jumpers!




On Tuesday mornings we have the Health Squad in from Forever Sport. This week we spoke about alcohol and cigarettes and the impact that both have on our health and mental well being. We found this very interesting as we didn't know how alcohol effects our liver and we got see what a liver looked like when someone had drunk alcohol a lot through their life. 


In English we are looking at the book Rose Blanche, which is about a girl who befriends children in a concentration camp, in particular a boy called Herman. We hot seated and all had a chance to be Herman and we asked 'Herman' what it was like living in a concentration camp. It was really good fun!




We have been designing our trenches this week for our big design technology lesson where we will be making them out of wood and other material, using saws and glue guns. Pictures to follow when they are made.


On Thursday some the children did a fantastic French poster and presented it to the class.



We had an amazing maths lesson on Tuesday looking at shape,space and measure. We used different mediums to either produce different shapes or to see how many shapes we could find.





We also did a science experiment to see what would be best to put on the floor of a trench. Keeping with our theme of World War 2. We tried out metal, wooden planks, sawdust and gravel.




This afternoon (Friday) we are making Christmas jumpers to hang in our conservatory to display.


Thursday was very exciting for us as we had a Tetrahedron workshop with a lovely lady from Willmott Dixon. We had 6 canes in a pack that we had to make into a tetrahedron and join them  together to make bigger and bigger tetrahedrons.







We were also very lucky to be invited to Broadoak school to see their production of Back to the 80's on Friday. It was amazing and full of fantastic 80's music. The children performing were fantastic and we had an amazing time.

In PE we are now do gymnastics which we really enjoy. We get to try out all sorts of different moves. 


To celebrate Remembrance Day on Sunday we made poppies out of tissue paper and wrote a poem inspired by the Flanders field Poem. 






It is anti-bullying week this week and we have made anti-bullying posters.



In keeping with our World War 2 theme we have made a silhouette of London's sky line during the Blitz. We coloured in the back like flames and cut out black paper for the sky line and layed it over the top.





WOW! What a great start to our new term! Our topic this term is World War 2 and we had our WOW day on Tuesday where we dressed up as WW2 evacuees and made gas mask boxes, honey biscuits and discovered who were our allies and who were the enemy. There was also a map exercise so we new where all the countries we are learning about are. An air raid siren was put on through out the day and we all had to hide under our tables with our gas mask boxes. It was extremely good fun!









On Tuesday we were in groups writing and performing a news report on the Battle of Hastings and how William the Conqueror became King! We had a really exciting time pretending to be news reporters.



Wednesday morning we had an amazing time performing our performance poetry in the hall for our harvest festival celebration and the we had our parents come into class to do some amazing activities.





Today we are looking forward to our trip where we will be ice skating. We are so excited!


We have been making contraction caterpillars in English to help us with our contraction words.



In different groups for our enquiry, we have been finding out different information about King Alfred and presenting these to the class.





For science this week we are investigating birds and their feathers and doing the life cycle of a swan. We are finding out that in Anglo Saxon times, swans represented beauty and power.


What an exciting science lesson we had on Tuesday! We watched a documentary with David Attenborough talking about different animals, then we researched in groups separate animals. Some did an elephants, lions, aardvarks and many others. We made information posters to teach other children in our class about a particular animal.

Maths has been interesting, we have been doing negative numbers. Ordering them and finding the difference between them. In English we have written about the vikings from our class book and adding direct speech and debating about wether warriors should face aggressive monsters.




In English this week, we have enjoyed writing a thank you speech to Beowulf , from the people of Heorot, for getting rid of the horrid Grendel and writing a diary from Loki's point of view, carrying on with our Viking theme. In maths we have been comparing, sequencing and rounding numbers up to a million.    




Some lovely pictures of us enjoying forest school. We did whittling and made wands and bark rubbings.


Another brilliant week in year 5! On Monday, we  had representatives from Nat West bank in to do Money Sense. We had to plan a party and budget for it, including venue, food, entertainment and other things we would need. Tuesday we went to the beach for the morning,and working in our teams, we sculpted Anglo Saxon designs in the sand.  We have also written and presented news paper articles about the slaying of Grendel from our book Beowulf.




What a fantastic week we have had! We did our WOW this week for our topic and cooked up a medieval feast. We made vegetable soup and honey and oat cakes, they were delicious! It was fun in English writing an advert for a warrior to defeat the monster Grendel from our class book Beowulf. Carrying on from last week, we continued with place value in maths.








This week in maths we have been adding 1,10,100 and 1000 to three and four digit numbers. We have also been adding and subtracting using a number line. In English we have written a diary entry to do with our book Window that we our looking at in class and also a set of instructions on how to make a fort. It was Roald Dahl day yesterday (Thursday) and the children celebrated by doing a variety of different activities like painting the BFG, performance poetry and making a giant peach.