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Nursery 2s 2018-2019

W/C- 15.07.19

The last week of term we have decided to have a party week. The children have enjoyed playing games like nursery rhyme pass the parcel, musical bumps/statues, ring games, lotto games and many more. These games help the children with their listening and attention, understanding, social skills and confidence. So much fun was had by all and they asked to play even more games once finished. 

The children even took on their new knowledge of game playing in their independent initiated play with each other.

We hope you all have a lovely summer break and we will see you in September. 





W/C- 08.07.19

We would like to thank everyone who came to support us in the sponsored obstacle race. We managed to raise a massive £441. We are overwhelmed by this amount and energy that you all brought to the event.

Thank you for you continued support and we look forward to holding more events in the future.





This week our theme is Under the sea. The children have enjoyed many stories linked in with the theme, introducing them to new language and names of sea creatures.

We have immersed ourselves in creative activities where the children are becoming independent at accessing their own resources.

The children have explored lots of fun water play activities where they are now sharing toys and resources with each other.

The games played have proved popular as the children are asking to play them many times over. These include a magnetic fishing game, sea creature bingo and what's in the bag with sea creatures inside. These games are really good for the child's understanding, listening and attention, confidence so they join in with others, turn taking and language development.

If you would like any ideas on what games to play at home with your child then please don't hesitate to ask a member of staff for ideas.








W/C- 01.07.19


This week we are continuing our healthy living theme but this week we are focusing on how we can keep ourselves active and fit. The children have been doing lots of gross and fine motor activities to help strengthen their muscles and core strength. We have been continuing our regular yoga sessions which helps the children take time out and relax peacefully for a short period of time. We will be sending home a yoga book so you can take part in some yoga at home with your child. Please fill in the comments section or upload photos to your child's learning diary to let us know how you got on.

We have also been encouraging the children to be independent in certain tasks like putting on own coat, washing own hands and pouring own drink at snack time. It's great to see the children achieve their goals and how proud they are of themselves. It would be really good if your child could continue this independence at home.







This beanbag activity kept the children engaged for a long period of time. To start off with we balanced them on our different body parts and then practised throwing them. The children were fascinated and excited about how high they could throw the beanbag. Some thought they could throw it as high as the clouds. This activity helped the children with their listening skills, understanding of simple concept of high and low and the use of new language with word endings.





One of our physical activities this week was to see if the children could travel along a variety of lines on the floor. They helped us clear the room and then tape out lines on the floor. We modelled how to travel along the lines, at first walking then changing to tiptoes, jumping or sidesteps. The children did well following our instructions and after a little while one of them said, "Don't fall off. The crocodile will eat you." 

The children found this fun and exciting by giggling and squealing so we placed pictures of crocodiles on the floor and tried really hard not to come off the lines. The children were really good at giving verbal encouragement to their friends and the praise and kindness was lovely to witness.

After we had done lots of travelling I set up a mark making activity where the children coloured in the crocodile and then travelled their fingers along a variety of lines. They showed really focus and energy throughout this activity also. The picture will be coming home with your child. Ask them to show you how to play this game.🐊




W/C- 24.06.19


This week we will be following the theme of healthy eating. The children will be learning all about food that is good for us. They have created a healthy food collage, played a healthy lunch box game and sorted the fruit into different sections according to type or colour.

The children have asked to play the what's in the bag game several times. Inside the bag there is a mixture of healthy and unhealthy foods. When it's their turn they get to choose one from the bag and decide if it should go on their healthy plate to eat. 

If you would like any ideas or advise on healthy foods or meals to eat then please pop in and ask a member of staff.


W/C- 17.06.19

The children were enjoying the transport theme so much we decided to extend it for another week. This week they have explored a wider range of transport vehicles and played many listening and attention games around these.

We have been on many imaginative journeys on buses, rockets, hot air balloons and planes where the children have taken on roles in their play and interacted well with their friends.

The children have been singing many songs around our theme at carpet time and towards the end of the week they have been singing them to themselves whilst they play. This is lovely to hear.πŸ™‚

We have put up a transport display in our room for the children. They have used this display many times to name different vehicles and retell experiences they have taken part in.

Please pop in and take a look at this display. The children are very proud of their work.βœˆοΈπŸš˜πŸš‚πŸš’









Below you can see some pictures of the children counting people onto the bus. The children were really engaged with this activity and it was great to see how much more confident they are at counting and reciting number names in sequence. We then gave the children simple and clear instructions by asking them to put 1,2,3,4 or 5 people on the bus at different times. 

This is a good and simple activity to do at home with your child to help them with their maths skills and listening and attention. 

😊Don't forget to upload any home learning your child does onto their learning diary as we love to see what they do with you at home.



We set the children a challenge this week by freezing some vehicles in some ice. We asked the children questions so that they had to think of different ways to free them and what items they could use?

One child got the tool box so they developed their contol in using one handed tools to chip away at the ice. Lots of perseverance was needed and the children revisited this activity many times throughout the morning to see if they were eventually free.

Lots of new language was introduced to the children alongside them as they investigated the ice using all their senses.

When they were eventually free the children then took them off and played with them in a self chosen small world activity.


The children have been using a doodle app on the iPad this week to be creative. They have been able to change the pen by choosing different icons on the screen to create different marks. 

Some children figured out independently how to erase their marks by using the rubber icon.

Below are some of the pictures the children have created. We are really pleased with how their ICT skills are developing.




W/C- 10.06.19

The children have shown a real interest in cars and trains so we decided to plan a week of activities around transport. Each day we set up fun and engaging activities that helped the children focus for longer periods of time,  challenge themselves and interact with each other such as mark making ocean pictures, small world vehicle wash station, role-play bus journey and a colour train sorting activity.πŸš’πŸš˜πŸš‚

We changed the books in the book area so they represented our theme and the children have chosen to look at them independently many times throughout the week. πŸ™‚πŸ“š

We have especially enjoyed lots of singing and our favourite song to sing together is 'The wheels on the bus' and '5 little cars.' 

If you would like to borrow any of our books to read to your children at home then pleases ask a member of staff.







In the 2 year old room we have a WOW board display. This is where you can add your child's home learning and achievements. All you need to do is get a star from a member of staff and write on it what your child has achieved with you at home. This can be anything from brushing their own teeth to staying in their own bed all night. It will then be added to our display for everyone to see. It is great for us to hear about what amazing things your child does at home with their family. 

You can also add your own observations with photos and video clips onto your child's ILD. If you need any support in doing this then we are happy to show you how to do this.

W/C- 03.06.19

Welcome back to term 6. We hope you all had a lovely time off together.


The children this week have been working on their perseverance in many activities both inside and out.

One of the activities that the children took part in was a creative necklace activity. With an adult working alongside the child they showed a lot of determination and perseverance as they threaded the pasta onto the lace. Once they had threaded a number of pasta tubes onto the string they then painted them to give them some colour. The children were really good at noticing and commenting when the colour changed as they mixed the paint together.

We decided to send the necklace home as a present for a family member.

The children did an enthusiastic mark making activity to create some colourful wrapping paper to wrap their gift up in. 

We hope you enjoy your gift. A lot of love, perseverance, determination and creativity went into your necklace.😊❀️




WC- 20.05.19

We have taken advantage of all the lovely sunshine this week and spent a lot of time outside. The children have been developing many of their areas of development including their gross motor skills.

We have been so impressed with all the imaginative play that has taken place between all the children and how they are listening to each other and offering clues to each other to join in or extend play with other ideas.


Please remember to apply sun cream to your child before they come to nursery so that they can get exploring as soon as they arrive.

We hope you have a lovely week off together with your family and we will see you back for our last term of the school year.







We were reading a story that had a plane in it. The children were asking lots of questions and listening really well for the answers. Following on from their interest and fascination we created a game with some paper planes. The children had to listen for our instructions as to when to throw their planes. There was lots of giggles and great listening that took place. The children did really well practicing their over arm throw as they launched their plane across the room towards the taped out section on the floor.

When a child did get a plane In the section all the other children clapped and showed kindness to each other by praising each other. This was lovely to witness.


WC- 13.05.19

This week the children have enjoyed the story Brown bear, Brown bear, what do you see?

They have loved playing the animal lotto game, showing good concentration and focus. The children even asked to play the game again many times. They are improving their turn taking all the time and some of the children are helping others to wait by telling them who is next.

We created frog hats so the children could practise their jumping skills outside and used some binoculars to play an adapted version of I spy.

If you would like to borrow this story to read to your child at home then please do not hesitate to ask.






The children came in and were completely interested in the small world cars. We moved all the tables back so that they had plenty of room to play. We set up a road and the children gave us directions as to which way they wanted them to go, some using positional language. 

Lots of what, where and who questions were asked by the staff to extend their play, understanding and to begin to use other items around the room as props in their play. The children talked about and acted out their own real life  experiences as they played and explored.

We modelled how to make traffic lights once and discussed why we have them. The children then decided they needed more so then they went off and built their own. This then gave the children the idea to set all the cars up along the road as there was a huge traffic jam.

This activity lasted around 40 minutes where the children were completely engaged and interacting with each other. They were giving each other clues to join in with their play and listening to each other as they took on different roles.

So much fun was had by all and I'm sure this won't be the last time we do this.πŸš—πŸšπŸ‘πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬






W/C- 06.05.19

This week the children have been engrossed in activities from the story of the blue chameleon. This story has followed on nicely from Elmers colours and the children are now showing more confidence when naming some colours. 

The story looks at how the chameleon changes to look like the object or animals he comes across.

The children have done lots of activities exploring colour and how it changes and we have also been practising drawing lines and circles like the spotty and stripy objects in the book.

We have also played hide and seek with the chameleon where we have hid him around the room that will help the children understand and use positional language. 

The children were completely fascinated by the videos of real life chameleons. They laughed at how fast their tongues came out to catch their food.






WC- 29.04.19

This week the children have been completed engrossed in our Elmer week. We have had lots of simple Elmer stories that introduced the children to the different colours, sizes and language of quantities.

We have done lots of activities alongside this theme where the children have been able to explore colour and how it changes, match colours and objects, count elephants, sort them according to size, what's in the bag and play memory games.

We ended the week with an Elmer party day where the children made Elmer hats, played games, danced and enjoyed some party food.

If you would like to borrow our Elmer stories then please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.














WC- 22.04.19

We would like to welcome you back to Term 5. We hope you had an enjoyable Easter break.

Welcome to all our new families that have joined us. We look forward to working with you and getting to know your children, helping them progress with their exploring, learning and development. They have settled in really well and are so pleased with how confident they are becoming already.


This week we have been so busy with lots of fun and interesting activities. 

All the children have come back with a great amount of energy and focus.