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Expressive arts and design.

Expressive arts and Design focuses on developing a child's imagination, creativity and their ability to use media and materials. Children do this in a range of ways including singing songs and making music, dancing, playing with colours, textures and design.





Within our daily routine we have circle time. this is an opportunity for the children to listen to stories but also sing songs and dance along with actions. We have lots of favourite songs and rhymes and we often use a song bag to help us to choose a song whilst also developing communication skills. 


Here are some links to some of our favourite songs:


   The Animal Boogie

   The shape song     

   Wiggly Woo            



We listen to many different types of music including Classical, rock and roll, Chinese drums, African safari, Irish jig and pop music. We listen to and talk about the music, What can you hear? How does it make you feel? How can we move to this music? The music and dance is a great way for the children to express themselves.





We have a wide range of musical instruments and the children are encouraged to explore the sounds that they make and how the sounds change. We practice tapping out simple rhythms to traditional songs and also to songs the children have made up.






In our large conservatory we have a variety of construction resources including:


  * Wooden building blocks   * Duplo   * Mega blocks   * Magnetic shapes   *Stickle bricks   *Sensory blocks

  * Natural logs, sticks, coconut shells   *Train track   * Wooden bridges   *Sticks and string


The children have access to these resources and are encouraged to explore and use them independently. we model how to stack blocks horizontally, vertically and to create enclosures and spaces. 





We have an inviting messy play area offering sand and water play, painting and lots opportunities to explore textures and colours. Some of our favourites are:


  * Shaving foam   * Cooked pasta  * Gloop (cornflour and water)   * Colour mixing   * Playdough

  * Coloured rice   * Porridge oats   * Cereals   * Jelly




You might like to try using some of these with your children at home.


If you would like any help or guidance with your child's development then please ask a member of staff smiley