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PE - Physical Education

Physical Education


Here at Oldmixon Primary School we endeavour to make P.E. an enjoyable experience for all children.  We encourage all children to participate in a range of different ways and inspire children to be the best they can be. Our teaching is focused on skills through sequences of lessons directed towards a specific aspect of physical activity. We teach them to appreciate different skills and also new and obscure sports, such as skateboarding, archery and walking football. As children progress through Oldmixon Primary School, they take an increased amount of responsibility for their own physical activity. They are able to help lead warm ups and understand the importance of warming up. However, here at Oldmixon, we don’t just focus on the physical activity, we also show a huge importance to the why of physical activity, including healthy eating and leading healthy lifestyles.


Every year, we have sports week, with a healthy lifestyles link which has provided the children with talks from all different walks of the sporting world such as the tallest British basketball player and a football freestyler and skateboarding workshops! It finishes with a whole school sports day which celebrates both sporting success and sportsmanship with one child from each class winning the sportsmanship award.     



Within Physical Education, comes the aspect of competitive sport and participation. We strive for every child to have the opportunity to participate in sport outside of the curriculum. We offer many different opportunities from Tag Rugby to Boccia to Gymnastics. You can see these events on our events page on the website! We were extremely proud of our 2022/2023 year 4 class who came 5th out of 36 teams in the Bristol Sport Jailbreak Cup, also winning the sportsmanship award! 




In September 2020, we be introduced realPE. This allows us to develop not only their physical and sporting skills but also the whole child. We build on social, mental and personal skills with every child looking for their personal best. Through our Sports Premium allocation 2020-2021, we purchased 15 iPads, just for the delivery of P.E. Due to the online nature of real PE, the iPads allow the children to explore this platform themselves. As well as building independence and resilience, the children have built the ability to move their own learning on once they are secure on that particular skill, allowing teachers to focus on misconceptions or children finding a skill particularly challenging. These iPads have also been invaluable to the provision of gymnastics and dance. Allowing children to watch their own performances and therefore give themselves and others constructive feedback. Recent feedback from both pupils and staff has shown an increase in the attitudes towards real PE, with an increased amount of children engaging and enjoying PE. 




Every year, Year 6 have the opportunity to attend the residential, partially funded by Sports Premium. This allows the children to experience outdoor and adventurous activities. These include archery, climbing, mountain biking and more! 



Year 3 Real PE

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