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Year 5

                             Mrs. Higgins (TA)                       Mr. Thomas Class Teacher



Term 4

The whole school was treated to a tasting session courtesy of Pappadoms Indian Takeaway. Delicious!

Year 5 have been getting ready for Easter by creating hats and bonnets!

In Forest School this week, the children whittled their own wands. We were also treated to a hot chocolate and marshmallow's from Mrs. Parker!

In Science, Year 5 came up with their own way to test how exercise affects heart rate. We also found out why.

In Forest School, the children were building shelters. They had to try and keep themselves dry and add different features to make theirs unique!

Year 5 continued their work on the circulatory system by making a working model of the path the blood takes around the body.

Year 5 have been busy at Forest school, they have created hats using natural resources. They have also been creating animals using clay and natural items they have found and then they had to create a shelter for their animal to ensure they stay dry. 

Year 5 have been learning all about the circulatory system in Science. They then created posters to show all the things they had learnt. Then they presented these to the class. Take a look at them below:

Term 3

Week 5

This week, the Year 5 Mini Police had the opportunity to visit Weston Fire Station. The children were given some important fire safety information before having a tour of the station. They were shown the fire engines, special equipment and even had the chance to use the hose!

Week 4

Year 5 continued their gymnastics lessons and are making tremendous progress!

Week 3

The children celebrated Chinese New Year with a carousel of activities in all the KS2 classrooms!

Week 2

In Jigsaw, the children were discussing which jobs they thought were the most important and how much money each one makes!

Week 1

Year 5 began their gymnastics unit with a variation of rolls.

Year 5 Team

This week, the Year 5 Mini Police were learning about the Nato Phonetic Alphabet!

Term 2

Week 6

Year 5 had the fantastic opportunity to visit Sidcot school where they had set up an art gallery of the clay pots made by many schools in the ELAN. It was an amazing experience and the children loved seeing their work displayed in such a way!

Week 5

Year 5 were practising their netball skills and putting them into a game situation.

Week 4

Our clay pots are now complete and have been sent away to be fired!

Our Year 5 Mini Police team have been making lanterns for a lantern festival!

Week 3

In computing, we have been learning about Morse Code and we had a go at sending messages to each other!

Week 2

In English, the children have been gathering facts about The Twin Towers. They have arranged the facts into groups so they can write their own information page.

Week 1

Year 5 began their P.E for this term which is netball. In this session, the children were learning to pass the ball using a chest pass or bounce pass.

Here are some pictures of the different things we have been learning about this term in Year 5.

Term 1