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Each school within the Extend Learning Academies Network (ELAN) has a Local Governing Body (LGB) who have defined delegated responsibilities. LGBs perform an essential role in providing local governance as well as providing important accountability information and local knowledge which assists to the trustees in the fulfillment of their duties.


The LGB within each school provides focused governance at a local level, working to represent the needs of their school community and using their varying skills, strengths and expertise from all walks of life to enrich the provision and governance of their school.


LGBs are made up of representatives of the school staff, parents, and the community, who have a special interest in the school and volunteer their time in undertaking the responsibilities delegated to them by the Board of Trustees. These include aspects such as: maintaining an evidenced overview of school standards and performance; assisting in budget setting; ensuring local needs are met in school strategic planning and providing support and challenge to School Leaders.


At the heart of all LGBs are the ethos and values of the MAT. LGBs are committed to ensuring that the interests of pupils are placed first and that MAT values are expressed and evident in all aspects and work of the school.

The Local Governing Body are responsible for seeing that children get the best and safest possible education at Oldmixon Primary School.


What do the Governors do?

The Governing Body is accountable for the performance of the school and :


·        Plans the school's future direction

·        Supports decisions on the school's budget and staffing

·        Makes sure that the National Curriculum is taught

·        Decides how the school can encourage pupils' moral and cultural development

·        Makes sure that the school provides for all its pupils, including those with Special Educational Needs.


The Full Local Governing Body, who meet six times a year, are responsible for teaching and learning, standards and achievement, pupil premium, attendance, governor improvement and leadership, safeguarding, behaviour and safety. 

Governor Information

Any correspondence for the governing body please send to:


Mr David Ray

Oldmixon Primary School,

Monkton Avenue,


North Somerset,

BS24 9DA

Extend Learning Academies Network Governance Information 


For information regarding:


The structure and remit of the members and board of trustees


please click  the below links.


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For Memorandum of Association, Funding Agreement, Accounts and Annual Report for Extend Learning Academies Network please go to ELAN Statutory Documentation


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