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Term 6

We welcomed two ladies who work at NatWest Bank into school this week.  They visited Year 2 and talked to us about money, saving and spending.  We thought about things that we need to have and things that we would like to have.


Some of the things that we decided that we would like to save up for were...


a puppy, a car, some new clothes, a paddling pool, a bike, some books and a pony!



We've been learning about data in Maths this week.  We've had great fun asking our friends what their favourite colours, pets, foods, cars, transport, fruits, vegetables,

computer games, and characters are.


What FANTASTIC discussions we've had this week about healthy foods!

We worked in teams to plan healthy meals, drinks and snack for a day.  Then we voted for our favourites and used our tally and data knowledge to show our results.





We are in our final term in Year two. cheeky

We are really looking forward to an exciting time ahead. To kick start this off we are attending a sing up music festival. Keep your eyes peeled for photos to come.

Today, our very own Lilly helped the RNLI to explain and show Oldmixon how to stay safe in the sun. The children were told to 


Visit from the RNLI


Visit from the RNLI


Unfortunately, the weather was against us and we were unable to attend our Summer Sing up Festival at Windwhistle School. However, this did not stop us performing to our class. We had lots of fun in our groups and even added actions and dancing to them.

Summer Sing Up


Summer Sing


Summer sing up


We all enjoy Brain Break. We know that it calms us down and ensures that we are ready to learn. Thank you for doing our Brain Break today, Josh.


Today we got into small groups and worked together to role play a scene out of our book "Traction Man." The children had some excellent ideas and thought carefully about the characters and their role within the play.

Year 2, planning the scene and setting.

Here we are practicing our productions of Traction Man

Term 5

Yesterday, we all got out our magnifying glasses and went on an exploring adventure. We were Sir David Attenborough and went looking for mini beasts. We found ladybirds, ants, woodlouse to name but a few. towards the end of the session, we poured water on the ground and stamped and to our amazement, worms came up from the ground. 

The inspirational person we have been learning about this week is Sir David Attenborough.

The children have enjoyed researching and finding amazing facts out about this incredible man.


The children are working extremely hard this week on their SAT's papers. We are so proud of each and everyone of them. The children are especially enjoying their cake and juice at the end of the tests and a sneaky extra play for trying their very best. 

We have taken a look at our Sunflower plants today and used collage materials to create a picture of what we could see. They are growing beautifully. 


This week we have enjoyed finding facts on Queen Victoria. This was a good inspirational person to find out about especially as Prince Harry and Megan had their baby boy today. The children enjoyed researching on our new lap tops and hot seating. Joshua was amazing at pretending to be Queen Victoria. He even used a different accent. The children found this very amusing. 

Today we enjoyed dressing up as our favourite Roald Dahl characters. Throughout the day we participated in different activities that were based on roald Dahl books. The children particularly enjoyed making their own "George's marvelous medicine. 

Term 4

This week we have started to learn our Summer Sing songs. The children have tried really hard to sing all the different songs, some in different languages. Alicja helped us to learn the words to our Polish song. The children have each had the words to take home to learn. 


We are amazed by our clever, talented Year 2 children. They have worked together in teams and made fantastic power points using all the facts they have learnt about The Great Fire of London. The children listened carefully to Miss Wilkinson and were able to make slides, change font and colour and add images to their power point. The children are really looking forward to presenting their work to the class.

What an exciting day we've had today! We had a visit from the Avon and Somerset Fire Service. They showed us how to stay safe and let us look at all of their safety equipment. 

Before they left they put on their sirens. It was very loud.


Year 2 should be very proud of themselves. They have a clear understanding of how to keep healthy and which foods are good for you. They worked together in groups to make a healthy food plate. Mrs Palfrey was amazed by how many healthy foods the children chose as their favourite  foods.

This week we have looked at the book " Vlad and the Great Fire of London. We have written diary entries in the life of Bosten the rat. Mr Thomas has been amazed with our interesting words used to describe what Bosten could see,hear, and smell.

In Science this term we are looking at Animals including Humans. Today we have looked at the names of animal's offspring and in groups put them with their correct family. 

Today we have introduced our new exciting topic "The Great Fire of London"

We produced mind maps with questions of what we want to find out.

We sequenced events in small groups and shared our information.

Term 3

We have been working together in teams to make posters about the United Kingdom. Each child chose a country and researched together. 

We have been investigating lines of symmetry this week and looking at properties of shape. We now know what  vertices are.

Climates around the world. 

We have looked at different countries around the world and looked at their different climates. Did you know, in Antarctica it can get as cold as -89 degrees? It is impossible for people to live there.

Now that's cold!


Today in PE, Year 2 played some warm up games. They had so much fun playing Spiderman Tag and Fishermen and Sharks and just when we thought PE couldn't get any more enjoyable... We all sang and danced to Baby Shark. This was because Josh, our sports coach just LOVES dancing to Baby Shark frown.

We also practiced our throwing and catching skills.


We have looked at physical features of our environment and completed a picture matching activity. We then chose two pictures and drew mind maps. We included different adjectives to describe the setting. We tried to include our senses. 

The children have worked so hard this week learning all about plants and what special features they need to grow. They then using what they had learnt, produced beautiful leaflets. Please keep a look out as some are on display in the school hall.

We are all ready for the production of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Year two are so kind and respectful to each other. 

We are very lucky this term as we have an extra PE session. Mr Molland will be teaching us many team games. We had so much fun and used up lots of energy.

In Maths we have worked in pairs to make amounts of money. We were then challenged to see how many ways we could make the same amount using different coins.

Our topic this term is "what makes Britain Great?"

We discovered where to find England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales on a map and as a typically English treat Mr Thomas bought us scones ,cream and jam. YUMMY!!


We are looking at changing shapes of materials in Science. We were asking the questions, Can you squash it? Can you bend it? can you twist it? Can you stretch it.

We enjoyed predicting what we thought might happen to our different materials.

We had a super morning investigating shape. Our class had a carousel so we were able to complete every activity. 

We are loving our morning reading rainbow session. Today we were looking at sounds we might hear and describing the scene.We also used our imagination to think about how the characters in the book were feeling.

Term 2

Week 3

Today we revisited what we know about our brains. We remembered the three different parts and what each part does. We then used our glitter bottles and carried out a fun activity. The bottle when shaken was our Amygdala and we thought of different ways to calm ourselves down. 

With the weather being so cold at the moment, remember you can come into the warm and join in with fun activities in Year 2 at playtime.

In PE we played a game called riverbank to warm up our bodies. We had to listen very carefully to Bex. Keagan won the first round and Joshua won the second.

We then went into our Gymnastic lesson. We practiced our balancing, jumping and back flips with support. Bex and Nicola are so proud of us all.

Term 2

Week 2

What a busy week! We have been scientists, researchers and Authors. 

Today we started our fact file on transport. We used the information we found on the Chrome books and the Non fiction books.

Year 2 have put on our scientist hats and investigated how absorbent different types of tissue are. We know that absorbent means to soak up the water. We found out that our experiment needed to be fairer because we didn't use the same amount of water for each piece of tissue. 


In Maths we are looking at coins and amounts of money. 

Today we have been researchers. We used our school Chrome books to find out information on all different types of transport. 

Eden found out that the first ever car had a lever instead of a steering wheel. Joshua found out that the train was invented in 1804 and carried iron to Wales. 

We had so much fun with Mrs Parker at forest school. We collected as many different leaves from around the school and turned them into book marks. In partners, we carefully did leaf and bark rubbings. We were very lucky and just managed to avoid the terrible weather that came later on.


Term 2

Week 1

"We're going on a material hunt."

Today we went exploring around the school to see how many different types of material we could find. 




3 / 7



Today, year 2 made their own Poppy Wreaths and wrote a special message to remember those who fought in the war. We were amazed by how thoughtful our lovely Year 2 children were.

Today we have sequenced the story of Mrs Armitage on wheels. This also helped us with our new topic "Transport"

This afternoon we put different forms of transport into order of oldest to newest. 

The children were surprised to see what a car, bike and train used to look like. 

Welcome back to Term 2. This term our topic is Transport. We will also be looking forward to a very busy time practicing for our school nativity. 

Term 1

Week 8

We have been practicing counting on and back in 10's from any given number.

Term 1

Week 7

Year 2 have said they can deliver our brain breaks in class as well as the grown ups. Well, we have to agree! 

In RE this week we have looked at the stories " The good Samaritan and when Jesus healed the sick" The children wrote a class kindness charter that we worked on together. 

We had two very friendly PCSO's come to talk to us about staying safe on Halloween and Bonfire night. We talked about taking care, staying safe and having fun.

Term 1

Week 6

And here he is.... Our very first Handwriting King. Take a bow King Jai

Rosie A is our very first Handwriting Queen of the day. She will wear our very special class tiara all day. Well done Rosie. Beautiful handwriting. We are looking out for our first Handwriting King.

This week we are looking at the different features of Non fiction. The children were given a selection of books and shared their ideas with their teams. 

5 / 6



Hugo is in the building! Year 2 have had fun looking after Hugo and taking him out at break times. Lillie-Mai is an expert at carefully holding and playing with Hugo 

The children at lunchtime made an obstacle course for Hugo. He had so much fun going through the blocks. We timed him to see how fast (or slowfrown) he went.

Term 1

Week 5

Just look at the amazing quality of our homework that is being returned. More photos to follow.

1 / 12



We are really enjoying our brain breaks in Year 2

We are recapping our number bonds to 10 and 20. 

We are learning what features you need to write a letter. We have practiced writing letters to the sky asking it to rain to help the villagers in Lila and the secret of rain.

In Science this week we investigated different things and decided if they were alive, not living or never lived. We thought really hard about the items that once lived but are no longer living now.

Term 1 

Week 4

Today Year 2 had fun hot seating. Each child who was in the hot seat had to choose a character from Lila and the secret of rain. The audience had to ask them questions. 

We were amazed at the quality of the questioning from all groups. 

Term 1

Week 3

We feel so calm and relaxed in Year 2 today. Mrs Torrington took a fantastic Yoga session. Joshua said " it calms you down" Eva said "you have to get into a comfortable position for mindfulness. 

We have become artists in Year 2. We are creating a sunset background for our African pictures.

In PE, we are using different skills to play corner ball. 

We used defending, throwing, catching and teamwork skills.

We have really enjoyed sharing the story " Lila and the secret of rain". We sequenced the story and today in our writing we worked to improve the beginning of the story by including adjectives.


We have used different resources to partition 2 digit numbers. Some children like using the bead strings and others like to use the dienes. Mrs Palfrey's table enjoyed the numicon.

Term 1

Week 2

Today is Roald Dahl day.We have chosen George's Marvelous medicine as our class book.Mr Thomas set us a challenge to make our own marvellous medicine. We had to think of a name, choose exciting ingredients and explain how to make it. There were some amazing ideas and the class really used their imaginations. Who would of thought that rainbows, mud,chocolate,love and magic would be used cheeky

Term 1

Week 1

Today we worked in teams to invent and create an object that can float using a variety of materials. What fun we had!

Today we used the dienes in our Maths lesson to help us with our partitioning. 

We have been scratching our heads this morning trying to work out a challenge set by Mr Thomas. We had questions on cards and had to order the juice cups in the correct order. Mrs Palfrey found this really tricky which made us chuckle. Luckily, Mr Thomas helped her to work it out. smiley

We are so excited in year Two as we have received an official letter from the Queen to thank us all for her lovely birthday messages that we sent.

We had so much fun playing snakes and ladders with a partner. 

The children were refreshing their clever brains finding numbers 1-100 after our long summer rest.

Our lovely new Year 2 class had lots of fun this morning finding out what their friends had been up to over the summer holidays. 

Jayden tried different foods, Lilly- Mai went to a party, Ellie went on a trampoline, Megan went on a plane, Mr Thomas rode on a bike, Mrs Torrington went on a long walk and Mrs Palfrey slept in a tent.

What a busy summer holidays!