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Nursery 2's 2019/2020

For activities for Term 6 please click on the link below and it will take you to our home learning page.


We now have a nursery home learning section on the website. Please click on the link below and it will take you there to find lots of nice things to do at home with your child whilst you are off. Remember to email us photos that we can share on there for our other families to enjoy.


We have had so much fun in the last couple of weeks. The children have really settled back into nursery life as though they have never been away. The school dinners have been a huge success and the children have developed their independent skills at using a knife, fork and spoon. 

On the last day of term the children enjoyed a party, ice lollies and lots of fun activities.

We would like to say a big thank you for the last year. It truly has been a pleasure getting to know and working with you and your child. We hope you all have a lovely summer break together and we look forward to seeing you in September.




W/c- 22.06.2020

We have been so lucky with the weather this week. Lots of fun activities outside exploring with their friends. The bubbles on the field helped us with our counting and we were looking at the detailed features of all the flowers and leaves.




The children have had a great first week back and have settled in really well. They have been busy in a wide range of activities including mark making, social games, lots of big gross motor challenges and sharing lots of stories and singing.

The children have naturally used their mathematical skills and language as they built with a variety of construction equipment, some even started measuring items from around the room.






Hello Nursery. We hope you are all safe and well.

We have created a table of home challenges for you to work through whilst you are at home with your child. Please pick one each day and have some fun.

Once completed please could you send us some pictures on our nursery email and we will post them on here for our other families to see.

It would be amazing to see what you have achieved together. 

We look forward to hearing from you all.

Kirsty, Lisa and Mrs Robinson.





Welcome back to term 4.


Dear Zoo has been a very successful  story this term. The children are now repeating words and phrases and can now use adjectives that match the correct animal. They have used finger puppets, story picture cards and small world toys to retell the story.

We have used this theme to cover all area of the children's learning. some of these activities are counting bananas to the monkey, draw their own animals using their imagination and looked at detailed features of small world animals and built enclosures for them.

If you haven't got this story at home then you can watch it on YouTube.


Construction week was a success with the children. They were completely engaged and fascinated with all the activities both fine motor and gross motor.

We managed to build with a wide range of materials, discussing our ideas and thoughts along the way.

They especially liked to build enclosures around the small world toys and later in the week themselves. 



We would like to say a massive Thank you to all our families that joined us for our sponsored dance.

We had such a great turn out and the levels of energy was out of this world.

We are super proud and pleased to say that we managed to raise a massive £361.00 This will be going towards an outdoor classroom area. 

Thankyou again for your continued support and we look forward to our next stay and play session with you all.


The Children have been busy mark making in a variety of ways for mark making week.

All our messy activities and finger gym activities help our children strengthen their gross motor muscles and hands, preparing them for later on in school life when they start to write.



We showed the children a balloon to encourage language and engage their interest to create an experiment through the children's predictions. We asked questions to provoke their thought process and was really pleased with how they responded, "Gonna get bigger and bigger, think it will pop, it will go down and bounce, go up in the sky, it's gone little and broken cause the hole."

Some children were beginning to ask their own questions after a little while, "Do you think it will go down? Where is it gong? What will happen now?"

When the balloon finally popped the children were really concerned and thought about different ways they could fix it, "Stick it, squash it together, I know use tape."

After trying many ways to fix the balloon the children realised it was unsalvagable. They then gave me really good advise, "Next time not big ok?"

We were so proud at how the children were thinking of ideas and testing if they worked. 

Ask your child about what happened to the balloon and see if you have time add it to your child's learning diary. 



We have been focusing on story telling and role-play this week. The children have been busy being doctors, chef's, bus drivers and have enjoyed using many props to help tell stories. They have especially liked using the puppets at our finger gym to use their imagination by acting out different scenes and stories with each other.

Staff have modelled play and language alongside the children so that they have been introduced to new Ideas and to extend their knowledge they already have.

We have set up lots of small world scenes so the children can share resources, invite others into their play and keep play going by demonstrating friendly behaviour.

We have had such a busy and fun week. 😃



This week the children have enjoyed the story 'Something Beginning with Blue'

They have done creative activities, listening games, water play, counting and small world toy scenes all along this theme. One of the games the children loved and asked to play several times was the colour hunt using their own telescopes. We also introduced the children to some Makaton signs for colours and it was great to see them using them whilst exploring and in their play.



The children are really starting to make special relationships with each other already. We have witnessed so much interaction and friendly behaviour. We are really proud.😃👍


Welcome back to Term Three.


We are so pleased at how fast all our new children have settled into our nursery routine and made positive attachments to other children and staff. All the children have been completely engaged and focused in lots of activities both self chosen and adult led.

Here are a few photos from our busy week.



We would like to welcome you back to Term Two.


We had an amazing Christmas stay and play with our families this week. Thank you to everyone that came. Everybody had so much fun.🌲🎄

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.😃







This week we have focused on the story 'Dear Santa' The children enjoyed many activities covering all their areas of development, they especially enjoyed the wrapping activity.

They folded the paper around an item that they chose from the room and then stuck it down using some tape. This helped their fine motor skills, listening, understanding and perseverance. 

Once the children had all wrapped a present we placed them all in the Tap tap box and sat down to play the game.

We all sang the song together and each took it in turns to chose a present from the box. The children unwrapped it and then named what they had. We asked the children questions to get them thinking about what the object looks like, feels like or used for?

This activity kept everyone focused and interested to a really high level. If you would like to learn how to play Tap tap box then please pop in and speak to a member of the nursery team. It really is an amazing game to play with your child that can be used to help them in any area of their development.





We took full advantage of being in the sports hall this week and did an extra long PE session. The children had so much fun. We jumped from one hoop to another, travelled across the benches in different ways, jumped down from higher levels and crawled around objects.

Once the hall was cleared back we played some listening games with the children where they had to listen for their name and travel in a certain way around the room. This was a great way for us to see how their gross motor skills are developing. The children found it hilarious when the adults joined in. 😃



This week we have been doing lots of activities around shape and number.

The children have been exploring Numicon by sorting and counting each shape together in adult led activities using the tap tap box and playdough.

The children the next day initiated the same activities themselves and invited others to join in with them.

Lots of singing with currant buns and ducks has kept the children engaged on the new stage area. It's great to hear them use mathematical language when taking each item away and work out how many are left.



Using the magnetic shapes some children started to use their imagination and build space rockets. We built alongside them and modelled how to count down from ten and fly the rockets around the room. 🚀

Extending this interest further we watched video clips of rockets taking off and going into space. We then finished off with a shape collage picture to create a space rocket to go up on a display in our room for all to see.🚀







This week we have focused on the story 'Walking through the jungle.' The children have loved this story and are beginning to join in with some words and phrases. 

We have done many creative and listening activities to do with this story and have incorporated lots of fun physical things to do. Animal yoga and hide and seek was very poplar, engaging the children fully with lots of energy.

This was a great story to get up and move to. Not only did we sit together and read it in the book area but we also cleared our room back and went walking through the jungle together to develop our listening and gross motor skills. Using magnifying glasses we then took our story outside and went on an animal hunt. We took this opportunity to use positional language when finding the animals to show us the children's understanding. We get super proud when they start to use it themselves.😃👬👍

If you would like to borrow the book and read it to your family at home then please pop in and ask a member of the nursery team.🙂📚🐊🐅🐘🐍



We have been super busy this week. Our focus has been on finger gym activities and the children have had so much fun.

We focus on gross motor and fine motor skills doing fun activities as this will help the children later on with writing in their school life.

We have a finger gym station in our room at all times where we set up daily activities and challenges.

Some of the activities are shown below. If you would like any tips or ideas on how to help your child's fine motor skills then please do not hesitate to ask a member of the nursery team. We have many ideas to share and show you.


This week we are going on a bear hunt! 🐻 With the children we created props and trays for each scene of the story using items from inside and outside. We then used some small world characters to retell the story with the children. They were completely involved with high levels of energy and excitement. 
After a little while the adults took a step back to see if the children would continue this story telling independently? We were so proud of how well they did. They were repeating words and phrases from the story. The interaction was friendly between them and worked together to get through the whole bear hunt trail. The children went back to this activity many times throughout their session.😀



We took our theme outside and with the magnifying glasses the children went off around the school to find the bear. They noticed paw prints on the floor and followed them. Some children used positional language and language of size as they found the bear.

They were really excited to tell members of staff when we saw them about what they were doing. The children were able to answer lots of what, where and who questions showing good understanding.

When we were coming to the end of the activity the children were still asking to find the bear so we extended the time longer as they were still really engaged and had high levels of energy and involvement. The children then found some chalk and started to draw their own bears and pawprints.

This activity was so much fun and can easily be adapted to any theme.



    Thank you to all our families that attended our Halloween stay and play and made it a huge success. It was lovely to see everyone engaged and having fun. The children had a story read to them from our special visitor Winnie the Witch.

We can't wait till we have our Christmas Stay and play! We will inform you of the dates nearer the time.



This week our focus has been a story by Eric Carle, 'From head to toe'

We have done lots of activities and read the story with the children many times and they are now confident at joining in with some of the words, phrases and actions. This is lovely to see as they are now brimming with pride as they do this. 

We have incorporated animal yoga sessions both inside and outside each day and the children are really holding the poses well. Ask your child to show you some of the poses. The frog pose and the crocodile pose is their favourite.

We have been counting to five each time we hold a pose and the children are really improving with remembering the sequence of these numbers. So if you could encourage this at home when they show you the poses this would be really helpful.


One of the activities was to develop the children's understanding of prepositions so we set up and modelled a game where we hid a character from the story and the children had to use their torches to explore the environment and find it. We asked simple questions along the way and gave clues using positional language to extend the children's knowledge and thinking. 

Their ICT skills of operating the torches were independent and they were confident in using them correctly.

This hide and seek game with toys is an easy game to play at home with your child. if you would like to ask any questions regarding this then please pop in and speak to a member of the nursery team who are always happy to help.



W/C- 14.10.19

This week the children have been introduced to the concept of Autumn. They have been busy counting leaves, creating colourful collages and practising drawing lines.

We have gone on an Autumn walk and looked at how the environment is beginning to change. 

We will go on regular walks so that the children can see how things change over a period of time.🍃🍂🍁




We have been practicing blowing at nursery. We cut out leaves using tissue paper and the children blew them around the room. 

We introduced the children to new language alongside them as they played such as "Floating, high, low, spinning, twirling, up and down." 

It was amazing to hear the children take on this language and use it themselves. We all counted to five and then ten before we blew the leaves off our hands. So much fun was had. Everyone had the giggles by the end of the activity.


W/C- 07.10.19

The children and staff have really got involved with yoga this term. The children are now able to hold poses and count to five showing us that they are listening, understanding and following instructions. We follow on with chime time. This is where the children sit cross legged, close their eyes and listen quietly to the chime sound the adult creates. The children really are benefitting from this yoga experience as they have a calm aura around them once finished.

If you would like any information on yoga so you could do it together as a family then please don't hesitate to ask a member of staff.





The children have been really focused this week, exploring colour, shape and number for the second week running. They have loved the games we have played and are really beginning understand how to take turns and share with others.



All our children are amazing at sensory painting activities. They were completely covered by the end of it. So much fun was had.





W/C- 30.09.19

We will be focusing on shape, colour and number for the next few weeks at nursery.

The children this week have been really engaged in all the activities whether they are child initiated or adult led. We have been singing lots nursery rhymes with numbers and counting in to develop their mathematical knowledge.

We changed all our books in the book areas to go along with our theme and the children have spontaneously shared them together which was great to see.📚

The colour train sorting game was a huge success and they asked to play this several times in a session. The children really were thinking hard about where to get their next item from and where it goes. We modelled language of more/less/lots as we compared how many items were in each carriage.

Outside the children spent long periods of time fishing for numbers using the nets. Lots of sharing and communicating went on between them. We modelled alongside them how to match numbers, name them and to place a few in order.

We have some really good colour and shape matching/sorting games on our IPads that we occasionally use with the children. If you would like any reccomendations on which educational apps to use at home together with your child then please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.








W/C-  23.09.19





This week the children were able to play with real China cups and teapots to role play.

They were all so careful handling the items that surprisingly we had no breakages.

This activity helped to develop the children's gross motor skills to gain control whilst pouring, it also displayed their knowledge of an everyday experience and gave them opportunity to talk and share ideas through their play.    It also helped the children to share and wait for a turn.


This week we introduced to the children how to use Makaton sign language to name some farm animals.

During circle time we sang 'what's in the box' , the children have to listen for their name in the song to know it's their turn and then choose a card and find the matching animal.   The children are encouraged to name the farm animal and then copy the makaton sign for it.  All the children were really good at trying to use their hands to copy the signs.


Below are pictures of the Makaton signs we used with the children, so you can try them at home.











W/C- 16.09.19

This week we decided to go with the theme of Old MacDonald as the children were showing a real interest in all the farm animals.

We set up a lovely sensory farm tough tray to which we included shredded paper for straw, porridge oats and shredded wheat for hay bails. The children have explored this small world scene all week, demonstrating great small world play and interaction with others. We also introduced the children to all the farm animal names and the sounds they make. Alongside the children as they played we asked the children to place the animals in certain areas to see if they showed an understanding of simple concepts of under/on top, inside/outside and in front/behind.

We have explored lots of materials and equipment whilst creating our farm animal art masterpieces. Some of the children are now becoming really confident in messy painting activities and some are even selecting their own resources they wish to use.

Below you can see some pictures of just a more few activities we did. 😃

Please don't forget to check your child's learning diary to see their latest adventure and investigations that has taken place. You are also very welcome to pop in and have a look around the room at the displays that are up.🐴🐥🐔🙂











Outside the children have taken part in a very energetic game of find the farm animals. We hid pictures of the farm animals around so that the children were encouraged to use positional language and develop their understanding. This activity kept them engaged for a long period of time and they asked to play it agin many times over. 

If you would like any ideas on great games and activities to play with your child at home then please pop in and speak to a member of the team who will be happy to help.😃






We  would like to welcome you all back and say how well all the children have settled back into their routine.

All our new children are now all in full time and are confidently exploring our setting both inside and out. We look forward to working with you all in the next school year.smiley

Don't forget to add any photos or observations of your child's learning with you at home onto their learning diary. We love to see what they get up to when they are not with us. If you would like any support with how to do this then please pop in and speak to a member of the nursery team.


Here are a few photos of the children busy in activities. They all are showing us that they have a strong exploratory impulse and are confident to access their own toys and equipment that they may wish to use.