We are very happy and proud to have welcomed back all year groups!

Nursery 9:00-1:00 every day

Reception 9:00-2:00 every day

Year 1 8:30-1:30 every day

Year 2 8:00-12:00 every day

Year 3 8:00-11:00 Monday and Tuesday

Year 4 8:45-11:45 Wednesday and Thursday

Year 5 8:45-12:00 every day

Year 6 8:30-1:30 every day

We are also still offering provision for key worker children.

If you have any queries, please email office@oldmixon.extendlearning.org

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Nursery 2's 2019/2020


W/C- 14.10.19

This week the children have been introduced to the concept of Autumn. They have been busy counting leaves, creating colourful collages and practising drawing lines.

We have gone on an Autumn walk and looked at how the environment is beginning to change. 

We will go on regular walks so that the children can see how things change over a period of time.🍃🍂🍁




We have been practicing blowing at nursery. We cut out leaves using tissue paper and the children blew them around the room. 

We introduced the children to new language alongside them as they played such as "Floating, high, low, spinning, twirling, up and down." 

It was amazing to hear the children take on this language and use it themselves. We all counted to five and then ten before we blew the leaves off our hands. So much fun was had. Everyone had the giggles by the end of the activity.


W/C- 07.10.19

The children and staff have really got involved with yoga this term. The children are now able to hold poses and count to five showing us that they are listening, understanding and following instructions. We follow on with chime time. This is where the children sit cross legged, close their eyes and listen quietly to the chime sound the adult creates. The children really are benefitting from this yoga experience as they have a calm aura around them once finished.

If you would like any information on yoga so you could do it together as a family then please don't hesitate to ask a member of staff.





The children have been really focused this week, exploring colour, shape and number for the second week running. They have loved the games we have played and are really beginning understand how to take turns and share with others.



All our children are amazing at sensory painting activities. They were completely covered by the end of it. So much fun was had.





W/C- 30.09.19

We will be focusing on shape, colour and number for the next few weeks at nursery.

The children this week have been really engaged in all the activities whether they are child initiated or adult led. We have been singing lots nursery rhymes with numbers and counting in to develop their mathematical knowledge.

We changed all our books in the book areas to go along with our theme and the children have spontaneously shared them together which was great to see.📚

The colour train sorting game was a huge success and they asked to play this several times in a session. The children really were thinking hard about where to get their next item from and where it goes. We modelled language of more/less/lots as we compared how many items were in each carriage.

Outside the children spent long periods of time fishing for numbers using the nets. Lots of sharing and communicating went on between them. We modelled alongside them how to match numbers, name them and to place a few in order.

We have some really good colour and shape matching/sorting games on our IPads that we occasionally use with the children. If you would like any reccomendations on which educational apps to use at home together with your child then please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.








W/C-  23.09.19





This week the children were able to play with real China cups and teapots to role play.

They were all so careful handling the items that surprisingly we had no breakages.

This activity helped to develop the children's gross motor skills to gain control whilst pouring, it also displayed their knowledge of an everyday experience and gave them opportunity to talk and share ideas through their play.    It also helped the children to share and wait for a turn.


This week we introduced to the children how to use Makaton sign language to name some farm animals.

During circle time we sang 'what's in the box' , the children have to listen for their name in the song to know it's their turn and then choose a card and find the matching animal.   The children are encouraged to name the farm animal and then copy the makaton sign for it.  All the children were really good at trying to use their hands to copy the signs.


Below are pictures of the Makaton signs we used with the children, so you can try them at home.











W/C- 16.09.19

This week we decided to go with the theme of Old MacDonald as the children were showing a real interest in all the farm animals.

We set up a lovely sensory farm tough tray to which we included shredded paper for straw, porridge oats and shredded wheat for hay bails. The children have explored this small world scene all week, demonstrating great small world play and interaction with others. We also introduced the children to all the farm animal names and the sounds they make. Alongside the children as they played we asked the children to place the animals in certain areas to see if they showed an understanding of simple concepts of under/on top, inside/outside and in front/behind.

We have explored lots of materials and equipment whilst creating our farm animal art masterpieces. Some of the children are now becoming really confident in messy painting activities and some are even selecting their own resources they wish to use.

Below you can see some pictures of just a more few activities we did. 😃

Please don't forget to check your child's learning diary to see their latest adventure and investigations that has taken place. You are also very welcome to pop in and have a look around the room at the displays that are up.🐴🐥🐔🙂











Outside the children have taken part in a very energetic game of find the farm animals. We hid pictures of the farm animals around so that the children were encouraged to use positional language and develop their understanding. This activity kept them engaged for a long period of time and they asked to play it agin many times over. 

If you would like any ideas on great games and activities to play with your child at home then please pop in and speak to a member of the team who will be happy to help.😃






We  would like to welcome you all back and say how well all the children have settled back into their routine.

All our new children are now all in full time and are confidently exploring our setting both inside and out. We look forward to working with you all in the next school year.smiley

Don't forget to add any photos or observations of your child's learning with you at home onto their learning diary. We love to see what they get up to when they are not with us. If you would like any support with how to do this then please pop in and speak to a member of the nursery team.


Here are a few photos of the children busy in activities. They all are showing us that they have a strong exploratory impulse and are confident to access their own toys and equipment that they may wish to use.