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Food Bank

Are you worried where your next meal is going to come from?

Finding it hard to feed the family?

Going without meals so that the children can eat?


Please speak to any member of staff, as we are able to issue food bank vouchers. We will do this without judgement, and do not want you to feel ashamed of asking. 


Worried about having to feed the children over the school holidays? Did you know, that you can be issued a food bank voucher just to cover the meals your children would usually have received at school?


You can speak to any member of staff about food bank vouchers, it doesn't have to be your child's class teacher.


Please note that food bank vouchers are signed and authorised by the Designated Safeguarding Lead, and therefore cannot be handed out immediately, however we will always get this to you as soon as we can.

If you are in need of extra help during this difficult time we are here for you!

We are now able to issue foodbank vouchers via email and over the phone by giving you a code.

Please send us an email for more info or to request vouchers.



Phone: 01934 812879


In the email please add:

  • Your full name and address
  • How many people live in your household and the ages of these people
  • If you have valid ID that you can take to the food bank (recent utility bill is accepted)
  • Brief reason as to why you require vouchers


All of the above are required for us to complete the application online.