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Term 6

Term 6 Week 6


Sports Week


Day 1


For our first sporting activity of the week we all took part in a throw archery tournament. 

Day 2


Today we all took part in walking football.

Day 3


Today we all took part in family sports and lots of our parents and carers came into join the fun activities. We had running races, penalty shot out, javelin, shuttle run and lots more.

Day 4


Today we all took part in sports day. There were lots of different races, it was great fun!

Term 6 Week 4


This week we have been really busy working on creating our own habitats. We started off with our empty shoe boxes and then worked on building up our backgrounds and then added the animals that live in the habitat. We used lots of different materials.








We started Science by working in groups to describe a different animals or insects when we knew what it was we had to work out what sort of habitat they live in.  




During Science we explored our outside environment to see what micro habitats we could find. We worked in groups and filled out our information sheets about the different micro habitats and used magnifying glasses so get a good look at the insects. We found some woodlouse living in a log and in the soil. We found a ladybird under the see-saw and ants in the sand pit. 







Term 6 Week 3


This week we have all been to the post office to post our letters that we wrote to Greenpeace. We took the letters to the counter and asked the lady how much it would be to post the letters and then bought the stamps. After that we took the letter out to the postbox and posted them. 

We have completed more work on animals this week we sorted them into different groups. Those that can fly, have hair or fur and have legs. We soon realised some of the animals would go into more than one group. When we had finished this we worked in small groups researching where different animals lived using the computer, books or fact sheets. 





Term 6 Week 2



Here is some of our animal prints that we made using pastel crayons in Art. 


This week we have continued our work on 'The Lion Inside.' We pretended we were one of the characters and thought about what they would say and then wrote our own speech bubbles for that character. Then we wrote a diary entry as the mouse in the story about how he was feeling and what he was doing to help him find his inner roar and be brave.


We have continued to work on numbers to 100 this week. To start with we looked at how many tens and ones are in a number.


34 = 3 tens and 4 ones


Then we moved on to adding them using partitioning into tens and ones.


   2 3  +  3 4 =  

                                                              /  \     /  \

                                                             20  3  30  4  

                                                           2 0  +  3 0 = 50

                                                              3  +    4 =   7

                                                            5 0  +   7 = 5 7


Also we have worked on our own fact files all about Lions. First of all we shared any ideas or facts we already knew about Lions. Then we had a sheet and worked in groups highlighting any fact we thought were important and then put all this information together.







Term 6 Week 1


Welcome back to the last term of this school year we have another busy term ahead of us.


This week we have started to look at our new book the 'The Lion Inside' which is all about a little mouse who is shy and quite but then finds her inner roar and becomes friends with the lion. 



We then went on to write our own descriptions of either the lion or the mouse.


During Maths this week we have worked on counting to 100 in lots of different ways. Then we worked on lots of addition to 100 sums. Also we worked on partitioning numbers to 100 into ten's and ones.


68= 6 tens and 8 ones

23= 2 tens and 3 ones




In the afternoons we have been looking at the different seasons Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn. We sorted different objects into the correct seasons and then wrote a description about the seasons.






In Music we listened to some lions and tigers and then using musical instruments we worked in small groups to recreate the noises that they make.