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Design and Technology

Design and Technology

At Oldmixon, the teaching of design and technology provides the opportunity for our children to learn to meet a need and create for a purpose.  Children will broaden their designing experiences, learning about materials and how to use different equipment to enhance their making skills. Children will develop their knowledge of subject specific vocabulary, simple mechanisms, structures and existing products.


We aim to provide a practical, questioning approach to meet National Curriculum expectations, building on our children's knowledge, understanding and skill level. 


Children are encouraged to design, make and evaluate during these sessions. 


Within each session children are encouraged to adopt an enquiring mind with a constant “WHY?” mindset. 


We, actively, foster independent thinking, teamwork, perseverance and the ability to reflect, all encompassed with the use and application of prior knowledge to enlighten learning. 


Children also participate in special themed days where their learning can be shared with other classes, parents and carers.