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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Term 1 Week 3


This week at forest school we made our own birds nests. We had to pretend to be birds and work with tweezers as beaks. 

We have started looking at a new book this week 'Little Red Riding Hood.' Also we have drawn our own pictures of the wolf and labeled them.



As the wolf in our story lives in a forest we have thought about what we already know about a forest. 



We received a letter from the wolf as he needs our help. He wrote that he's very hungry and can't stop his tummy rumbling and could we help him. Here are the ideas we came up with.



We have been working on our fabulous number formation and also been working with numicon. Then we used a track game, working with a partner taking it in turns to throw the number dice and take our turn.






Term 1 Week 1 and 2


We have been extremely busy for the last 2 weeks in Year 1 getting to know our new teachers and friends. Also we have been learning all the new routines for Year 1 and have had fun doing this.


We have started learning all about recycling. After talking about recycling and what we already knew we had lots of different rubbish that we needed to sort. We sorted it into plastic, paper and cardboard and glass. When we had finished sorting we decided to reuse some of our rubbish and make our own models.






We have had our first Forest school session with Mrs Parker. We went out on the big play ground and went on a leaf hunt we had to look for different shape and size leaves.




Following on from the work we have been doing all about recycling we wrote letters to Mrs Pettifor to tell her all about it and to ask for more recycling bins.