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Year 5

            Mr Thomas - Class Teacher                                   Mrs Higgins - Teaching Assistant 



Week 1

Summer term 1 has started, the sun is out (some of the time) and our class has returned with a spring in their step. Year 5 have jumped straight back into their work and we have been thoroughly impressed. Of course, it was not all work and no play. We were lucky enough to get to experience a 'disc golf' session on Wednesday which the children loved even if the summer sun was away that day.  

Term 2

Week 6

We were delighted to receive a huge delivery of chocolate treats from our friends over at Uncle Paul’s Chilli Farm. We have partnered with the charity for some years now to enable them to gift a treat to as many children as possible in the area. We are so grateful to Uncle Pauls for their support over the years. It means so much to our children and staff.  

Founded in 2020, Uncle Paul’s Chilli Charity is set in a unique, rural environment and welcomes young people and adults who may have experienced social disadvantages or barriers to learning and/or employment. 

Week 5

Year 5 have been looking at materials. We have discussed the properties and how different materials are used for different purposes.

Week 4

Year 5 have made some fantastic soups! They have carefully selected and prepared the ingredients  and we have all thoroughly enjoyed tasting them. Lots of people have commented on the delicious smells around the school!

Week 3

In DT, we are creating our own soup. The children have been tasting different soups to see what flavours they like, researching healthy foods and will soon be preparing and making their own soup. 

Week 2

In English, we have been discussing genres. We used a Venn diagram to sort some well known Sci-Fi films in preparation for our new book 'Robot Girl'.

Week 1

We are so proud of Year 5's amazing Ancient Egypt work. Here are a few examples.

The children have been planning their Opening Worlds double-page spreads. They will gather all of their knowledge from the Ancient Egypt topic in Term 1 and present it in a fabulous double-page spread.

Term 1

Week 7

Here are some examples of excellent work produced in our History unit this term.

Here are a few examples of some excellent work produced in our RE unit this term.

Some of our Year 4 and 5's attended a Tag Rugby festival this week. They took part in a number of skill based activities before playing some matches at the end. It was their first time playing rugby and they all thoroughly enjoyed trying a new sport!

Thank you to Aspens for our Bread Making workshop. The children enjoyed learning about how bread is made and having a go at making some shapes with the dough!

Week 6

This week, we were very fortunate to have a visit from an Egyptologist. She taught us so much and the children enjoyed some amazing activities. We ‘mummified’ tomatoes, wrote hieroglyphics, learned Egyptian numbers and even got to embalm a mummy!

Week 5

Year 5 continued their work on Bollywood style dancing. We have put together multiple steps and explored using dance pathways to put together a sequence!

Week 4

As part of PSHE, year 5 had a go at creating their own game with just one random object. We discussed the importance of rules in games, school and society. 

Week 3

In Maths, we were using a Gattegno chart to find powers of 10. 

Look at our beautiful work about the River Indus as part of our Rivers unit in Geography.

Year 5 are enjoying Bollywood style dancing in PE this term!

Week 2

We celebrated our 100% attendance winners at the end of the week!

We have now begun our place value unit in Maths.

The children have been writing their applications in the hope of joining the Mini-Police this year!

In Maths, we have been learning Roman Numerals. To help us, we played a matching game!

Week 1

In English, we became archaeologists. We discovered some Anglo-Saxon artefacts which provoked some excellent discussions.

In Music, we began learning 'What shall we do with the drunken sailor?' as part of our sea shanty unit.