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Year 6

Year 6


Welcome to Year 6, the adults in our classroom are:


             Class Teacher – Miss Miller      Learning Mentor - Mrs Hynes   Teaching Assistant – Miss Coles     






Here you will see all our fun learning for this year!  


P.E kits need to be in school all week.

P.E day Wednesday 


Our homework and reading homework is given out on a Friday, to be returned on the following Thursday. 


Our class email is

Year 6










Term 6


Forest School - Mondays


Week 6









Our final week together!


Beach Party 



Left had side of the pier








Water games!






Week 5



Sports week


Year 6 have been bouncing this morning in our ‘how many bounces?’ Challenge!








Forest school



This afternoon, we made hanging mobiles. We looked for natural decorations to hang on our mobiles. We ended our afternoon with a leaf hunt. 







Week 4


After a warm up activity, the children worked in teams to build dens. 








Transition Week

Details have been sent out to families with information about when children need to attend their secondary school. 

Forest school as normal, so please bring your change of clothes, water bottle and waterproof top to school on Monday. 

Swimming as normal on Friday. 

Week 3


Puxton Park


We had a fantastic day out at Puxton Park! We got to meet some exotic animals and learnt some interesting facts about them We then had the opportunity to meet and feed the meercats. 













We had a great afternoon on the inflatable cushions, bumper boats, high ropes and finally inside to try out the death slides. 











Week 2


Year 6  arrived at the University Centre Weston for their Professor Fluffy workshop!



We are learnt about university and talked about our aspirations!




We had a tour of the campus and used clues and riddles to find the next place!





We enjoyed having our lunch in the park in the glorious sunshine



We experimented with special effect make up to create bruises and scratches!











Well done year 6 - you were amazing!



Week 1










Term 5



Week 5


In English, the children worked in teams and used inference to create multi-clause sentences.






In Science, the children investigated shadows. They went outside and explored the shadows thinking about how they can increase the size of a shadow created by the sun and an object. They then recorded their findings using a scientific diagram. Though out the investigation, the children thought carefully about making the test fair. 






Week 4

Jubilee art.


The children created portraits of the Queen using different medium. 






This week Avon and Somerset Police led workshops in Years 3,4,5 and 6 on keeping safe online! This is part of Operation Topaz - workshops are specifically designed for each year group to give our children a real awareness of the dangers online especially around Child Sexual Exploitation. 






Week 3





All year 6 children are invited to have breakfast in school, week beginning 9th May 2022.

Arrive in school at 8:30am Monday - Thursday. 



We did it!


End of SATs celebration


The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the beach to celebrate the end of SATs week. 










Today in art, the children studied an artist and explored sketching and mark making. Today, the children sketched in the style of Henry Moore.  










Tuesday, in our art lesson the children used different mediums to explore mark making. These will be used to create a collage on a self portrait. 






Week 2


This week we have be doing our final preparations for SATs! 








Congratulations to Year 6 for winning the attendance for this week! 





Week 1


This week in PE, the children were focussing on striking and fielding. They took part in a variety of team games. 








We had a session revising the properties of 3D shapes. 




Term 4



Week 2


This week in PE, the children were refreshing their netball skills. We focussed on stopping when in possession with the ball and keeping eye contact with the ball ready to catch it from height. 





IntoUniversity Monday 14th March


Children to meet at the IntoUniversity site at 9:30am with packed lunch, unless provided by school and a drink. 

Children to be collected or walk home at 2:30pm 


Week 3


Into-University Focus Week


This week,  the year 6 children are taking part in a journalism focus week. 


Day 1


After some icebreaker games the children split into groups to start their carousel of activities. One team  looked at headlines and the different writing techniques used in news headlines. Another team looked at using shorthand to write a report. They then decoded a message and created their own message for a friend to decode. The third team looked at the difference between podcasts and radio broadcasts, they then practiced the very important skill of interviewing. 









This afternoon, the children received their secret mission. Their mission was to research their team name and to use the information to write a biography. 









Day 2


Today the children will be investigative journalists!


The children will be learning how to be investigative journalists and practicing their analytical skills. 

There has been a break in at the IntoUniversity site and it is the children's job to find out who was the culprit! 




The children read suspect profiles and generated questions as they will be interviewing the suspects later.  Next, it was time to inspect the crime scene ensuring careful notes were taken. 



Interviewing the suspects!




The children analysed their evidence and made a prediction. 


In the afternoon the children created posters about the journalist they have been learning about. 




Day 3



Today we are off to We The Curious in Bristol!









Day 4


Prospectus Race- the children were challenged to find a university course which starts with each letter of the alphabet. The race was on!




The IntoUniversity team are amazed once again by how independent our Year 6 children are being this week but particularly this morning when writing their aspirations for the future. 



Day 5


Bath University


We arrived at Bath University and our first stop was to explore the sports village!




Next we explored the campus, where we visited the library, student union and places to eat. 




As it was such a beautiful day we had lunch by the lake!



We are preparing for our graduation!




Before we graduated, we meet some of the university students who talked about their experiences at Bath University. 



We are so proud of our year 6 children! They have been an absolute credit and have blown us away this week with their confidence, teamwork and knowledge! Thank you Into-University for the most amazing week!


Week 4


This week in PE, we have been focussing on our passing skills as well as remembering the other skills needed in the game of Netball. 






The children investigated how light travels in our Science lesson this week. 






Week 5


This week in English, the children wrote to the WWF about endangered animals. We are hoping for a response soon. 








Week 6


We had a surprise Easter Egg Hunt for winning the Times Table Rockstars Tournament!








Term 3





Week 7


OFSTED Celebration Day


PE session with Mr Molland




The children added colour to their still life cubism work this week. 














Week 6


The children took part in a variety of activities this week which were linked to Children's Mental Health Week. 




In art, the children drew still life in a cubist style. 




Week 5


We had a wonderful day celebrating Chinese New Year with fortune cookies, prawn crackers and noodles and a special talk from Mrs Hunt, one of our parents! 







Week 4


Today, a group of year 6 children had an extra treat for completing their reading and homework for a whole term. 





Year 6 spent the afternoon at the Lifeskills center in Bristol.  They took part in activities in the realistic scenarios, which include houses, a road, shop, dark alleyway, a river and a railway line. It is an opportunity to actually experience difficult or dangerous situations in a safe environment and learn how to deal with them.











Week 3


We have had Sanchez out this afternoon and even decorated his home!




Physical Activities with Mr Molland


The children took part in a session with Mr Molland. During this session, the children learnt about what happens to their bodies before and after physical activity. 

At the end of the session the children said they felt more energetic, calm, happy and that they felt good. 









In Science the children investigated which conditions yeast grows best in. They made predictions and observed their bags to see if their predictions were correct. 





Week 2


Year 6 had an exciting workshop with a World War 2 warden!




The children were checked by the warden and they were looking smart!





They sang and marched to 'Long way to Tipperary'



In art the children used still life and their observational skills to explore drawing and mark making.







The children drafted, edited and published their double page spreads on Biomes and climate zones to complete our humanities topic.  






In English this term, we will be looking at Philip Pullman's 'Grimm Tales'. We are working towards writing our own traditional tales. 



Some of our children had the opportunity to read to Fred the therapy dog this week. 










Term 2





Week 7


In Science, the children investigated whether wire length affects how a component in a circuit works. 




Christmas lunch 







Week 6


Year 5 and 6 had a workshop today from Kooth-mental health online counselling service! It was excellent. 


Kooth is the online service for supporting children and young people with mental wellbeing. The South West Kooth Team will be running a session on the 8th December for any parents and carers who would like to know more about Kooth.  



Christmas production of the The Magic Christmas Pot





Week 5






The children performed their playscripts of The Tempest. 






Week 4


This week in English, the children have been planning and writing their own playscripts based on Shakespeare's The Tempest. 



In Science, the children investigated circuits using one cell and then added another cell to see what happened. They were able to measure the brightness using a light sensor and record their findings.  



Mr Molland took the children out for P.E, where they enjoyed playing team games, and focused on personal best. 






Week 3


The children have been learning how to sew two pieces of material together ready for making their sustainable sandwich bags. 






The children made an anti-bullying poster in our Jigsaw lesson today following a group discussion on how to deal with bullying. 




Children wore odd socks to school today 


Week 2

A few children got the opportunity to meet Fred and read to him. 





In Science the children learnt about circuit diagrams, symbols used and how to draw a diagram with accurate symbols.







The children produced presentations on the biomes of the world.




Week 1


The children recapped what they have read so far of The Tempest then used drama to portray scenes from the play. 




We completed our amazing double page spreads on The Great Wars. 




The children took part in a variety of activities to celebrate and learn about the festival of light. 




Week 7


Today in Art,  the children used their puppets and set designs to perform to the class. 







Week 6


In Art the children made their puppets to go with their sets. 




In Music this term we have been learning the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. They have to sing the song and to play a glockenspiel along side. 


We have started our new book in English this week and today we explored the characters relationships and attributes. 





Week 5



In Art, the children added colour to their set designs. 





In computing this week, the children created a mind map of everyday problems that they could design an app for. They then used google to research apps for everyday problems. 






Today we had an inspiring visit from American author Jay Joseph. Joseph is a teacher in Bristol, who always wanted to write, and has recently released two books: Fire Boy and Pants on Fire. 

We found out that Joseph's passion for books started with comic books, when he was a child, and he has always loved superhero stories!

At the end of the talk, we were able to purchase his books and were lucky enough to have then signed. 






In English we had a debate around whether we should save the kelp forest. 





Week 4



In Art this week, the children have been using large scale materials to develop their set designs. 






The Year 6 reading champions received their first reed to read, review and share!



In computing,  the children explored location data, using google earth. 




In English, we have been writing letters outlining how we will save the kelp forests. 




Week 3



The children were very lucky to be presented with their very own dictionaries by George Horsfield and David Ray from Weston Rotary Club. 





In Art, the children have been studying an artist and sketching a set design. 





Year 5 and 6 girls took part in an inter school football tournament on Monday, they showed fantastic determination, sportsmanship and resilience. 




The children looked at some conflicts in British history, then researched the key events in the Battle of Hastings. 






Week 2



Olympic Legacy


Mr Molland visited key stage 2 to talk about the Olympics. During our session the children thought about and discussed the power of sport, the emotion, resilience and emotion involved. 

The children were reminded about being the best that they can be! 






This afternoon, we were lucky to have a guest appearance from Mr Hynes and Esme Bird from Bristol Bears. They took the children out for an exciting, fun filled rugby session! 


Thank you so much!






In English, the children created freeze frames in role as Ben and the whale from our class book 'The Hidden Forest'. They thought about what their character might have said. 






This week the children took part in a workshop where they learnt about self esteem and the power of words. Through this workshop the children learnt how to protect their self esteem, about being resilient and how words can affect people. 




In English,  the children were introduced to our book for this term 'The Hidden Forest'. They thought carefully about how they would describe the kelp forest using a range of devices.




Week 1


What a fantastic start to Year 6!



We have been discussing the Year 6 expectations along with familiarising ourselves with the grapheme charts, using dictionaries and our class charter.






Sanchez met the children!




Look out! You may be receiving one of these in the future.




We have had a fantastic morning in school, learning about Kandinsky and recreating one of his famous pieces of art. 




Cooking with Colsey!


The children created their own Frittata recipe on Wednesday ready to follow and cook on Thursday. They are looking delicious! yes How will they taste?












Designing and creating clay coil bowls. 










Kilve Court 



Year 6 arrived at camp ready for an exciting three days!





Off to the beach to hunt for fossils and crabs. 









Enjoying an ice cream before they head back. 



The campers having their first cooked meal before their evening activity!



The children had a great time orienteering tonight.




We have amazing climbers in Year 6!






Grass sledging this afternoon!





Mountain biking this afternoon was a challenge!





The children conquered the maze...eventually!