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Year 3


              Miss Pring (class teacher)                Mrs Parker (TA)                                Miss Marles (TA)   



Welcome to year 3!

Please ensure your children have their PE kits in at all times as we have PE on a Monday and a Wednesday.

Homework and reading books are given out on a Friday and are expected back in the following Thursday.









We are continuing with gymnastics in PE. 




In English we have written thankyou letters to The Cloud Tea Monkeys, for collecting the Cloud Tea for us. We have also researched about different teas and where they come from. We also

did the four sentence types, then made our own from the view of the  plantation owner, the tea taster and the workers at the tea plantation.



In history we read a diary entry of a day in the life of an ancient Sumerian. We also acted it out which was really good fun!


In maths we have been learning our 8x table and how to divide by 8.




For our history lesson this week, we created a chronological time line of the significant events that happened in Ancient Sumer.

Did you know that in 3200BC, the Sumerians began writing using pictures to show information?


We have been dividing by 3 in maths. We also used Bar Models to show the calculations in a different way.


We looked at a picture from our book, Cloud tea mokeys, and discussed the emotions we could see. We also learnt how to use conjunctions to join our sentences and how to then put those conjunctions at the begining of the sentence to change it around.





What a fantastic start to term 4! We have started a new book in English called, Cloud Tea Monkeys. We even got to try some different fruit teas so that we could become professional tea tasters.





We also learnt how to use prepositions to add detail of place and we applied this to build boring sentences into exciting sentences!



In science this term, our topic is light. We looked through a hole in a box to see if we could see what was in side. We learnt that when it's dark it's because there is no light!




PE this term is gymnastics. We did forward rolls, log rolls, backwards rolls and we used the trampet.



We have learnt some very interesting facts about Ancient Sumer today in History. They were the first civilisation in the world. We learned that they settled in Sumer as their soil was fertile due to the two rivers they sat between (Tigris and Euphrates).







Just a reminder that this term we will be going to forest school on a Monday. Children will need a change of clothes, wellies or change of shoes and a COAT!



We celebrated Diwali yesterday (The Festival of Light) by doing a round robin of the ks2 classes. We made lanterns, Rangoli patterns, henna tattoos on paper arms and acted out the Sita and Rama story.





In DT, we tested different dips. We smelt them, looked at them, talked about what ingredients were in them and tasted them with breadsticks.




In English we have been looking at fronted adverbials and putting them into an order of 'where' and 'when'.





This week in science we have been exploring magnets.




We have been learning to add the suffix LY in spelling


We have been on our first trip to Forest School this week! It was amazing! We learnt all about the different layers of the forest. 






For our computing lesson this week, we were fixing a bug on an algorithm!






 This week at Forest school we made mud faces. We did this by digging up some of the earth and stirring water into it and then making it into a ball and throwing it at the tree. We then added leaves and twigs to make the face.




We were using magnets in science and moved from table to table to try different things with them. We made them into shapes, pulled paper clips up from the table that were tapped down with cotton attached, we made a road on a white board and had to move a magnetic ball around and we had to see if they could be used from a distance. It was really good fun!




We have continued with our column addition and subtraction in maths but we are now adding 3 digit numbers and carrying over in the tens and hundreds columns.


We have continued in English with our book, A Walk in London. We have used the facts that we found out about London and added fronted adverbials, adjectives and and conjunctions to them.




In maths we have been estimating and starting to learn what the inverse of a number is. So, if we do an addition we check the answer with a subtraction.


In English we have been doing a non-chronological  report with the facts we have learnt while using our 'Walk in London' class story book and the information we have looked up over the last couple of weeks.


At Forest School on Monday, we found a leaf that we wanted to draw and and copied it. 




In geography, we had a map of the British Isles and we had to find the different countries and then the capital city's for that country.




We enjoyed chopping, grating and pressing our tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and garlic for our DT this week. Our aim is to make our own healthy dip so we practised our skills and enjoyed tasting the fruit and veg.





In maths we started division and used the counters to help us! 





In English we debated whether we should have sprouts on our Christmas dinner or not!




  We continued with our division this week and made arrays to help us.




In PE we are still continuing with badminton and have been learning and practising rallies.




We made den's for us to fit under at Forest School. We used tarpaulin and branches to help create it.





At Forest School this week we stayed in the school grounds. We made picture with the beautiful natural things we found around us and then we displayed them in the gallery.
We also made mythical creatures from clay, sticks and leaves.
We made Christingles this morning ready for our Christingle assembly.
What a fantastic morning we had visiting Rev Webb at the Healthy Living Centre, to listen to the story of the Nativity and join in with some activities. We made sheep, angles, foot prints, built a tower with sticks and dressed up with the nativity outfits.







This week we have been learning about our class expectations and wrote a Class Charter that we all signed.

Our PE this term is dance and we we learning how to run and do dance jumps.

Our topic this term is the Stone Age. In English, we have been looking at pictures, writing a setting description and trying to understand what the Stone Age was like from cave paintings using our book The First Drawing. We have also been lucky enough to have a box of Stone Age artefacts from the museum, which we spent time looking at.



In maths we have been counting to 100 and learning more about 10s and 1s.








This week in science we looked at the properties of different rocks and sorted them into different catagories.





Maths was exciting, we were representing numbers to 100 and 1000. To help us, we used place value charts and dienes. 





In English, we carried on with our book, The First Drawing. It goes with our topic this term, which is about the stone age. We did character descriptions, thesaurus work to do with stone age words and we sequenced the events of the book.



In PE we have moved on with our dance routine and have started to perform them to each other. We are also doing a whole class dance routine. 


In English we have been writing the beginning, middle and end of a narrative of our class book, The First Drawing. 


In maths we have continued to learn about place value and exchanging ones, tens and hundreds. We have also been learning to add 1 more, 10 more and 100 more and and the same with less than.


In science we have been looking at which rock would be best to use on a roof.



We had a Paralympian visit it us called, Aaron Phipps. He plays rugby in his wheelchair and won a gold medal!!!! We were lucky enough to be able to hold the gold medal and it was VERY heavy!







We have been doing some Stone Age pictures this week using charcoal.



For the start of our new class book, House Held up by Trees, we went to the woods to pick some leaves, so that we could use them in our English lesson to describe them.



We have had a fantastic music lesson this week! We are learning a song called, let your spirit fly! We are learning how to sing it and play along on our xylophone.




We have learnt adding and subtracting 1's this week in maths and we have also been crossing over the 10's barrier.




We have been sequencing events of the seed cycle in English. We had fun talking about and looking at the seed cycle, we also acted it out.





In science we looked at how different soils are made.



Year 3 have been chosen to keep our environment clean by liter picking!




In computing we learnt how to do an animation.








These are pictures of us using masking tape and news paper to make a modal of an animal of our choice, which we will we cover in modroc, next week.


In history, we learnt about the Roman invasion of Briton. We acted out the invasion in our groups.



In science we investigated whether soils are permeable or  impermeable. 




We are learning a song in French and we have learnt the actions to go with it!

Ecoutez et regardez!


Song from : Chante en français 1, Track 5, La Jolie Ronde Ltd
© Copyright Colette Hallam 2006


Ecoutez et regardez
Répétez, répétez, répétez
Silence !
Venez ici !




Week 7


We have ended our topic of the Stone Age by finishing our paper animal models with mudroc. We had to cut strips and place them in to water and then put them on our models.



We finished our animations on scratch this week.




 In maths this week we started to use column addition and subtraction.


In History we did double page spreads of all the things we have learnt about our topic, The Stone Age. We also wrote about the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.