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Year 5

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Miss Knighton (Class Teacher)                          Mrs Higgins (TA)                                        Mr Thomas (TA)



Term 3

Week 3

Year 5 have been studying life cycles. This week's focus was insects and amphibians. In groups we discussed and compared the similarities and differences and explained the life cycle of a ladybird and a frog.

Some more fantastic Gymnastics and a bonus P.E session with Mr. Molland!

Week 2

Our Year 5 Mini Police were practicing communicating with walkie-talkies!

Year 5 have been using Area Models to to help multiply 2 digit numbers.

In English, we held a news conference with the characters from The Lost Happy Endings. The children were brilliant at getting into character and it really helped with ideas to put in our writing.

In computing, Year 5 were looking at tessellation patterns. We researched 'Escher' and had a go at creating our own.

Week 1

We are doing Gymnastics in P.E this term. Keep an eye out for what our amazing Year 5's can do each week!

To kick off our new story 'The Lost Happy Endings' in English, we took a trip to the woods. We discovered clear signs that someone had been there and we discussed ideas and made predictions about the story.

We were so happy with the results of our Viking rings which we made for our Art topic!

Term 2


Week 7

In Science, Year 5 were investigating chemical and physical changes and experimenting whether these changes were reversible or irreversible.

Following their design, Year 5 made their giant Viking rings using modrock and a pebble for the stone of the ring.

Week 6

In English, we were discussing how body language and facial expression shows somebody's emotions.

Year 5 working on their badminton skills!

Our Play Leaders looked at ways they could develop a game by changing the rules. They had lots of fun and learnt how they can improve a game, make it more fair and allow the players to enjoy it even more!

Week 5

Année 5 parlant Français!

Year 5 were practicing their multiplication using arrays and cubes in Maths this week.

Week 4

In Science, we wanted to find out if melting was a reversible process. We melted some chocolate and the children thought that we needed to make it cold to reverse the change. Each group came up with a new way of making it cold so we could compare them all.

Year 5 had a go at drawing using quills and ink. The results were fantastic!

Week 3

The Year 5 Mini Police working hard.

A Maths starter to warm up our brains!

Week 2

We had a very interesting visitor in Year 5 this week, an actual Viking! He taught us so much about how Vikings lived, punishments and some fascinating stories. What an amazing start to our Viking topic!

We worked on our throwing and catching ball skills in P.E. this week.

Our Year 5 Historians have been studying Viking Artefacts as we begin our Viking Topic.

Week 1

Year 5 loved their first badminton lesson! We were learning the back hand serve. The children can't wait to learn more badminton skills this term!

In Computing, Year 5 have started a new unit about different codes. We began by looking at Semaphore code. The children had a go at sending messages to each other and working out what the message was.

Term 1

Week 7

Soup making! As part of our DT project the children designed and made their own soup. The children needed to peel, chop and even dice their ingredients to prepare their soup and will have the chance to try them tomorrow once they have been cooked.

Year 5 practicing their French speaking by asking their partner their age and giving a response.

Week 6

As part of our Play Leaders scheme, Year 5 wrote instructions and taught a new game to their class mates.

Our new English book is 'The Man Who Walked Between The Towers'. In preparation Year 5 gathered lots of facts about the Twin Towers and arranged the information by theme.

Week 5

Year 5 and 6 had a very special visitor today, author Jay M Joseph. He spoke to the children about what it was like to be an author, what inspired his writing and lots more. The children were able to ask lots of questions and those who had bought a copy of 'Fire Boy' and/or 'Pants on Fire' were lucky enough to get them signed!

Week 4

Some more amazing moves were on show from our Year 5 dancers!

We had a lot of fun designing monsters in English. We span the 'monster generator' to see what our monster would look like and then wrote down descriptive words and phrases to describe them.

Year 5 were set the challenge of creating Anglo Saxon posters. Each team were given a certain topic to focus on and then presented to the class!

Week 3

Year 5 continued with their dance lessons in P.E. This week, we began a new routine with a Romeo and Juliet theme!

The Year 5 class were invited to a great feast to celebrate Beowulf's victory! The class rejoiced with mead (blackcurrant squash) and roasted meats (popcorn)! We then used this opportunity to write a brilliant setting description.