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Year 5

Year 5 Team


Miss Knighton (Class Teacher)                          Mrs Higgins (TA)                                        Mr Thomas (TA)



Term 1

Week 4

Year 5 were set the challenge of creating Anglo Saxon posters. Each team were given a certain topic to focus on and then presented to the class!

Week 3

Year 5 continued with their dance lessons in P.E. This week, we began a new routine with a Romeo and Juliet theme!

The Year 5 class were invited to a great feast to celebrate Beowulf's victory! The class rejoiced with mead (blackcurrant squash) and roasted meats (popcorn)! We then used this opportunity to write a brilliant setting description.

Week 2

Year 5 are working on their dance sequence. This week, the children had the opportunity to add their own steps to the dance!

Year 5 had a visitor this week to talk to us about self esteem. The children loved how interactive it was and look forward to trying out the techniques to raise their self esteem.

Week 1

Year 5 loved their first trumpet lesson!

Year 5 worked on their throwing and catching skills and applied them in a mini game of volleyball.

To build their vocabulary in English, the children described different characters and objects without using the name of the object or person itself.

In History this week, our children becameĀ archaeologists. They carefully uncovered artifacts and predicted who may have owned them.