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Year 6



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Term 6

Sports Week

This week the children have participated in all different types of sports, such as archery, walking football, beach games and sports day. The children enjoyed a trip to the beach on Wednesday where they played a variety of beach games. They have also had inspirational talks from gymnasts and a weight lifter.

Forest School Week


Today we started our week of forest school, the children walked to the woods where Mrs Parker had prepared the area for our morning session. First the children created a bookmark using different leaves found around the woods. Next they went on a mini beast hunt, then the children used natural materials found around the woods to make a creature. Finally we finished with a competition to build the tallest tower using sticks. 







Week 2


On Wednesday we took a trip on the train to Bristol where we walked to Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. While we were there the children looked around the exhibits and found out facts. We also walked to the Cathedral, the children were able to look at the various rooms, stain glass windows and the fantastic architecture of the building. 
















Year 6 had the fantastic opportunity to watch a performance of the Grimblewitch by children from Sidcot school on Tuesday. Following the performance the children took part in a workshop where they worked with children from Year 4 and 5. During the workshop the children focused on the main characters, their movements and  facial expressions. They also learnt about physical theater and how creativity, cooperation and communication were used during the performance. 

The children had a fantastic time and we look forward to working with Sidcot again in the future. 









Week 1

Aspirations week

This week we have had a variety of people in to talk to our children about their jobs, and they have given an aspiring talk all about what they do and how they got there. The children have also been to Weston College, where they took part in Professor Fluffy, which involved different tasks and activities. They also had the opportunity to look at the different courses that are available at Weston College. They have also been to intoUniversity, where they focused on  transitioning to secondary school, and they also had an aspirations workshop in the afternoon. We have also been very lucky to have Mr Hynes come back into school and talk about his time in the RAF, working in schools and now working for Bristol Rugby. We have also been extremely lucky to have the Fire and Rescue team in as well. They have given an amazing talk about what their roles are what they do within their job. Our children have also been very lucky and have had the opportunity to see the fire engine, and all the different equipment on board and what it is used for.  We have also had a visit from Miss Bastin, who used to work at our school but left to become a PCSO. Joining her was PC Gates, who also came in to speak to the children. They bought a lot of equipment they use in certain situations and some of our children got to dress up or hold the equipment. We would like to thank everyone who came into school to speak to our students!


Term 5

Week 5

Charity Football

Today the Year 6 students held a charity football match. All year groups took part and had a round robin of football skills and then followed by a football match. We have been raising money for the charity Sepsis, which was chosen in our PSHCE lessons by the Year 6 children.



Personal Projects

The children have been busy finishing off their personal projects and have started to present them. We have had a range of presentation from animals around the world, gaming, inspirational women, fishing, karate and all about India. We have more to see when we return from half term.



Week 4


 We would like to say well done to all of our Year 6 pupils, for staying calm and trying their very best! 



Unfortunately the weather has stopped us from going to the beach today, however we have postponed the trip to next week. The children have had a great day, they have played with the board games, played bench ball, carried on with their personal projects and have even created their own spelling bee.


Week 3


Homework this week is to complete one of the following:

  • Read a book
  • Watch a film with your family
  • Try some yoga
  • Have a family meal
  • Have a bubble bath
  • Have an early night
  • Enjoy a long lie in
  • Play outside with your friends

We hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend, and enjoy spending time with your family.



This week in trumpets they have learnt a new note which is B. They have also been practicing the notes to the song 'When the saints go marching in'. 



Year 6 have been busy learning different techniques for revision and have been using these in school. They have been looking at previous SAT's papers and revising using previous scores. We have covered the underneath of our tables with paper and the children have been lying down to write things they know about SPAG. They have made SPAG revision booklets for the new year 6 pupils.


Week 2


This term the children will be creating and learning new skills on how to make sculptures with clay. They have started to learn basic skills on how to make pots and bowls, using the pinch effect. They have also learnt how to smooth and make sure the clay holds. 



This week the children have learnt all about Muhammed, they then had to write a story about Muhammed. They have also started their powerpoints on Islam and will present these to their peers.



This week in tennis the children have learnt more new skills in tennis. They have learnt forehand and then used this skill to see how long they could keep a rally going for.



In science the children have been learning all about our blood and the different cells within our blood. They have also taken part in an running experiment where they recorded their pulse before and after running around the MUGA. 



Year 6 pupils have been leading their own revision this week, they have been revising what they find challenging. On the lead up to SAT's we allow the children to lead their own learning, they find this more beneficial as they can research and revise what they feel they need to recap. 


Week 1


Year 6 have had an amazing first week back to school. They have been learning new  phrases in French this week. The children learnt how to buy items and the correct pronunciation of how to ask how much an item is. After they learnt these phrases, they worked with a partner to practice. The children role played, one being the shop keeper and the other being the customer, and they were all able to have a conversation in french, using greeting they have previously learnt, and using new phrases to buy items.


Descriptive writing

This week the children have taken a piece of writing they wrote at the beginning of the year, and have used their new skills to up level and improve the same piece of writing. 



The children, this week in trumpets have worked together to play 'Hot cross buns' nursery rhyme, they took it in turns to play each note. They then worked in teams to complete a quiz, testing their knowledge on notes, rhythm, beats and pitch.


Data Handling

Year 6 have been working in small groups to produce A3 posters all about data handling.



This term the children will be learning Tennis. They have started to learn the techniques required to play tennis. They have started to learn how to catch with one hand and that the ball must bounce. After their lesson they had a group tennis quiz.



This week the children have looked at their investigation and recorded the results of what has happened to their food over the Easter holidays.