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Year 6

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6, our adults in our classroom are.

              Class Teacher – Miss Miller              Teaching Assistant – Miss Coles               



Here you will see all our fun learning for this year! This term our topic is all about John Cabot and the Tudors.


We will need our Trainers/Daps on a Wednesday and Friday for P.E.

Our homework and reading homework is given out on a Friday, to be returned on the following Thursday. 


Our class email is



Welcome to Year 6

Term 4



Week 2





Week 1


Welcome to Year 6 




Term 3


Week 6 

Ancient Greeks






Week 5 


Week 4

Reminder to all children

Please log on to your Seesaw account daily and complete the lessons set by Miss Miller.

If you have any problems then contact the year 6 team through Seesaw or contact the school office.


Week 3

Reminder to all children

Please log on to your Seesaw account daily and complete the lessons set by Miss Miller.

If you have any problems then contact the year 6 team through Seesaw or contact the school office.

History                                                            PE with Joe


Dance Along




Week 2

Reminder to all children

Please log on to your Seesaw account daily and complete the lessons set by Miss Miller.

If you have any problems then contact the year 6 team through Seesaw or contact the school office. 


Take over Tuesday


Today Year 6 took over the Oldmixon Facebook page by showcasing some of the fantastic work produced in school and by our children working from home. 

Please take a look and give us a like! 



Week 1

 We are so proud of our class for their fantastic hard work on Seesaw this week. Keep up the good work and if you have any problems,  please don't hesitate to contact us through Seesaw or an email to the office. 


Look at what we've been doing this week. 







Term 2

Week 7

What a fantastic way to start the last week of term! We had a virtual assembly about Christingle and then every child had the opportunity to make their very own. 




This week has been filled with fantastic , festive activities. We have enjoyed performing for the Christmas showcase, danced our socks off at our Disco, opened presents, played games and completed a Christmas workout with Mr Molland. 


Week 6


Santa Dash



Well Done Year 6 we raised £143.50






Week 5


Don’t forget to log onto Seasaw for this week’s homework. 
We have had fantastic Road Safety posters this week. 
Well done team! 



This week in DT the children have been deciding which Biome they are going to recreate in a box. They will be working in pairs, researching key features and creating their very own biomes. 

This week in Music we used the Glockenspiels to play along to the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. 




In our Jigsaw lesson the children created freeze frames to show power. 


Today we brought in baubles to help decorate the whole school Christmas tree, each child received a chocolate treat for their contributions. 


Well done to Gia who won the Christmas card design competition and has had her design printed and it will be sent out to all our families for Christmas. 





Week 4


Congratulations Year 6 for being so committed to your education and working together to be top class attenders for 2 weeks running. 

We are so proud of you!


Today in Geography the children logged onto their Seesaw online learning programmes, where they learnt more about the biomes within the Grand Canyon. They focussed on the Riparian Biomes located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. 


In English the children have been writing a balanced argument  which include rhetorical questions and thinking carefully about the types of conjunctions to use. The children then generated their own success criteria and have been using this to peer assessing their work. 





Week 3


This week in English the children have been gathering information for a non-chronological report, thinking about how it will be organised, edited and presented. 


On Monday the children took part in ODD SOCK Day for Anti-Bullying week . 

We are United against Bullying. 



The children completed their book in Geography 'What are the biomes of the World?



In English we had a debate around whether we should save the kelp forest. 

Week 2

 On Tuesday, the children used the laptops to research the answers to the questions they generated on Monday about kelp forests. 


Monday's independent Maths lesson, the children followed a task planner to complete a range of activities. All children had a specific amount of time to complete all tasks. Time management was key in this lesson, being organised, managing distractions and using our Maths checklists were also important. 





In English the class watched a video clip on Kelp forests, they took notes, retrieving key information ready to present.   

Week 1


Today we started our new English book 'The Hidden Forest', the children used collage to create their own scene from Jeanie Baker's illustrations. The children have been thinking about how they would describe the underwater kelp forests that grow in the shallow ocean waters. They produced fantastic descriptive pieces of writing along with beautiful collages using a range of mediums. 




The children worked together to create freeze frames from when Ben met the Whale in addition to this they wrote diary entries as if they were Ben. 


In Maths the children have been solving word problems which focus on short division, we then moved onto long division and have many long division experts in class. 


Week 8


Well it is the last week of term 1 and the children have been fantastic!

We have had a busy week publishing our playscripts, rehearsing and performing them in teams to the class. We definitely have some budding actors and actresses amongst us!






Week 7


Year 6 had a visit today from the local PCSO's who gave a great talk about hate crime, making the children aware of what it is. They had some great discussions and the children all really enjoyed speaking to them!


Week 6


Year 6 independence and resilience day

This term, we have been focussing on following instructions, managing our time, using a computer effectively, note taking, working independently and managing our distractions.

On Friday the 9th of October, we had our independence and resilience day, where we followed a set of instructions for a whole day of learning!

Here’s how it went:

Ollie: The tasks were really fun and learning to be more independent has helped with my Maths and English.

Connor: It’s been quite an experience especially for getting us ready for secondary school. Note taking has been really helpful and I feel more prepared to do home learning.

Oscar: I hope we continue to do this as it helps me to keep focussed.

Gia: It’s helping us with our learning as before we were relying on teachers too much. It is a priority for us to be resilient as we won’t get as much help at secondary school.

Alisha: I like it because if we get stuck we have strategies to help us. I’m also more aware of the time when completing a task.

George: I enjoy working independently usually so I am really enjoying it.

In year 6, we are independent because we:

  • Use ‘what to do if I’m stuck’ checklists
  • Have generated our own English and Maths checklists to help us understand what to do next
  • Know what we are learning
  • Use computers for various activities
  • Use our grapheme checklist to support our spelling
  • Have a class charter and tips for staying focused in the classroom
  • Use our working walls (vocabulary, English, Maths, History)











This week we have been continuing our work on building independence and resilience in all areas of our learning. In Art the children selected their own resources to enable them to produce a self portrait while following step by step instructions. 




In RE this week the children followed written instructions to locate a video clip on line, they took notes while watching the video and answered questions. Fantastic independent learning! 



Week 5

This week we have been focussing on some key skills to enable our children to be resilient and independent learners.  


Science - Today the children's independent task was to log onto the computer and access a Science lesson on Oak National Academy, they followed a lesson 'How do we see light?' took notes and completed a quiz at the end. 



English - Following written instructions to perform a playscript inspired by Shakespeare. The children worked in pairs to create an additional scene from our class book 'The Tempest'. They then rehearsed and performed it to the class. 


Computing - The children needed to watch a video and take notes. 


In our Jigsaw lesson this week the children thought about how they could promote our Class Charter, they came up with some great ideas including a rap, web page, Power point and posters. 




Don't forget 


Grab a Bag 

Thursday 1st October 2020

Week 4


Wow, week 4 already! The children have settled back into school well, learning new routines and adapting to a new way of learning. 



This week we have been thinking about our safety while online, taking part in a whole school e-safety poster design competition. The winning class poster will be displayed in class and the overall winning poster will be displayed around school. 




In English the children have been writing character descriptions on characters from our class book 'The Tempest'. Along the way we have been learning more about the language used in the era when William Shakespeare wrote this play. 





Week 3

This week during our computing session the children recapped their basic skills. They opened a Word document inserted a picture and saved it. 



We have worked together to create an Eagle for our whole school display on 'After the Fall'  To make the Eagle we used feathers and paint for the wings, layered gold paper for the body and with pastel used our mark making skills for the legs. 




Today (Thursday) our children were very lucky to be presented with a beautiful Dictionary by Norma Johnston  President of The Rotary Club Weston and David Ray our Chair of Governors. The children will use their Dictionaries in class during the year and then take them on to secondary school. 




Week 2

Friday afternoon and it's our second PE session of the week. The children took part in a warm up session, then onto an activity where they had to focus and react as quickly as possible. A great game of throw tennis completed the session. 





This week the children have had their first P.E session with Bex. Over the next term the children will be looking at their personal fitness and conditioning, focussing on their personal best. 





Today we designed and tested paper planes, thinking about fair testing, remembering to only change one variable.   This is linked to our class focus 'After The Fall'



Which paper plane flew the furthest?

In English this week the children have been creating poems inspired by 'After The Fall' 


Week 1

We have had a wonderful first day back to school, the children have been enthusiastic and ready to embrace Year 6. 

As a class we thought carefully about our learning charter, discussing our rights, responsibilities, rewards and possible consequences as a team. We then generated our learning charter which is displayed in our class. 

How will this charter help us to achieve our goals?


This afternoon the children took part in team games outside, we focused on moving in different ways while communicating efficiently to work as a team. 




The children came into an activity based on building self esteem and self worth. 

You are eggcellent! 








Today the children have been following written instructions in Maths to play dice games. These games focused on our place value, times table and addition and subtraction knowledge. 






Real PE

The children took part in their first 'real PE' session, this is a new PE scheme that we are following as a school. In today's session the children's focus was ball skills. 

  • How to keep the ball moving.
  • Keeping our heads up and looking forward.
  • Concentrating on how to perform the movements smoothly to begin with and then increase our speed.


We were also trying to use different tactics and strategies to see what worked well, tried thinking ahead to see where space was and thought about how we know when we are successful. 




What a fantastic start to Year 6 !