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Year 6



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Year 6 Coverage in English and Maths

The following links provide helpful glossaries for maths and English homework - if you're still unsure, please come and ask us. Thank you.


When on the website, if you click on the highlighted links, the literacy glossary will also give you examples for each term, e.g. examples of determiners and how to use them in sentences. 


If you click on the highlighted links, the numeracy glossary will also give you examples of how to set out formal written calculations such as long division.


The website also has information about Y6 SATs including revision materials which you might find useful.


Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

Year 6 SATS HINTS and TIPS booklet

This is our weekly timetable - we have an action- packed week!

Welcome back to Term 2!


Our curriculum focus for this term is to be able to answer the question 'How do you build an Empire?'

We will do this by exploring the life and reign of Queen Victoria and the Industrial Revolution.

Our end point will be to create a series of diary entries describing the impact and influences of the Victorian Empire.


Key questions:

  • Who was Queen Victoria and why was she was important?
  • What was the industrial revolution?
  • Why was the Victorian era so important for important for inventions?
  • How did medical care improve during the Victorian era?
  • How did Victorians enjoy their leisure time?


Week 2


In Art this week the children have used different media to produce Remembrance Day paintings. They used charcoal to create their silhouette of a hill, then used water colour paint for their poppies, overall focusing on blending. 







Week 1


We have had a fantastic start to the term with workshops and an introduction to this terms Enquiry. 


This week the children had a Road safety workshop run by Mr Smart from Kwik fit.  The children were given tips and information on keeping safe, following the Green Cross Code and being safe on bikes, scooters and roller blades. 

Interestingly they were fascinated by the fines people could get for not following the rules of the road. 

The the knowledge from this workshop was taken back into class and will form part of our Jigsaw for this term. 

Each child made a road safety quiz and we had a discussion on what we now know.  



On Thursday the children took part in a workshop by Chartwells, where they were learning about healthy eating. The children were able to make healthy breakfast bars, giving them a unique shape, name and slogan. 





Next Week

  • Our focus is on remembrance poetry and World War One poems.
  • Fractions
  • How does light travel? How do we see objects?
  • Celebrating differences in Jigsaw. What is normal?
  • Remembrance Day art.


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