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Year 4 8:45-11:45 Wednesday and Thursday

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Year 6 8:30-1:30 every day

We are also still offering provision for key worker children.

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Year 6

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6, our adults in our classroom are, Mrs Simpson, Mrs Hynes,

Mrs Higgins, Miss Coles. Here you will see all our fun learning for this year! This term our topic is all about What is so grand about the Grand Canyon?.


Our homework and reading homework is given out on a Friday, to be returned on the following Thursday. We will need our P.E. kits on a Monday and Wednesday


We will be starting Times Tables Rockstars this term, which is a program to help your children practise their times tables.

Home Learning - Let's get connected!

We now have a class email address: year6@oldmixonschool.com

We would love to hear from you! 

Send us a photo, a short update, a comment or even better think of challenge for our class to complete!


Term 6

Please see the wellbeing area for all our learning this term.

Term 5

Please see the home learning area for all our learning this term.

Mindfulness Ideas 


Keep up your Brain breaks at home - why not do them together with the whole family!


Take time to pause, listen and breathe together

Try to take a Brain Break together 3 times a day.

Click here for the Brain Break practice.


Home Learning Helpful Websites

If you are looking for more ideas to support your learning at home try some of these: 

Term 4 


In science this term the children have been thinking about making healthy choices. We have looked at having a healthy, varied diet, being physically heathy and how we can stay mentally healthy.

In P.E the children have been perfecting their tennis, focussing on the key skills needed to enable them to keep a rally going. 

A group of year 5 and 6 children have taken part in a couple of cookery sessions so far, making bread and vegetable soup. The bread was liked by all but the vegetable soup wasn't to everyone's liking. 





This week the Year 6 children are at the IntoUniversity site for an exciting week with a focus on Travel and Tourism. 


Today the children worked in groups and took part in a carousel of activities. In the groups the children learnt some Spanish,  using actions to help them remember. They made a tourist information video, planned and packed for a holiday and used timetables to plan a trip around New York. 

Year 6 Coverage in English and Maths

The following links provide helpful glossaries for maths and English homework - if you're still unsure, please come and ask us. Thank you.




When on the website, if you click on the highlighted links, the literacy glossary will also give you examples for each term, e.g. examples of determiners and how to use them in sentences.




If you click on the highlighted links, the numeracy glossary will also give you examples of how to set out formal written calculations such as long division.


The website also has information about Y6 SATs including revision materials which you might find useful.




Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

Year 6 SATS HINTS and TIPS booklet

Term 3


We have had a very busy time in school and out of school this week.  

In our Enquiry work we have been researching Biomes, finding out what they are and where they are located in the word. 

In Science the children have been designing their own poster on how to preserve food. 




On Wednesday we had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Lifeskills Center in Bristol.  Lifeskills offers an exciting and memorable environment in which to learn. By taking part in the realistic scenarios, which include houses, a road, shop, dark alleyway, a river and a railway line, the children can actually experience difficult or dangerous situations in a safe environment and learn how to deal with them.







Today the children had the opportunity to watch the production of Peter Pan, presented by M and M Productions. The show was filled with singing, dancing, funny jokes and audience participation. The children thoroughly enjoyed the show which is linked to our whole school focus on Traditional Tales. 







Welcome back


This week the children have been straight back into routine and our new Enquiry ' What's so grand about the Grand Canyon?'


In science the children have been learning about Micro organisms, decay and the importance of Micro organisms in a woodland habitat. 


In Art the children have been sketching Wolves as this is linked to our class book Wolf Brother. The children showed great perseverance, focussing on proportion and shading. 



This term in P.E the children will be taking part in Badminton sessions, they will be building on skills previously learnt while working hard to gain the TREDS award. 


This week the year 6 children were very lucky to attend an assembly with Jayne from Kooth.com. Kooth is an organisation that provides online councelling and emotional well-being support for children and young adults. 

Caitlin said " I believe Kooth is a trust worthy website for children to express their feelings, worries and problems"

Ashley said " Kooth sounds like a trustworthy website and would be good for people who are sad or lonely" 


Next Week 

  • Life Skills on Wednesday.
  • M and M Productions, presenting Peter Pan.
  • In Science the children will be looking at how to prevent decaying and the preservation of food.
  • In Art we will be making Lotus lanterns which is linked to our R.E on the Buddhist faith. 
  • In Maths we are recapping decimals and percentages.