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Year 3

Term 1 


Week one 


Year 3 had a fantastic first week back in school. We learned our routine, how to present our work and got to know our new class team!


We also started our art unit which is all about using charcoal and drawing like a caveman!



Week two


What another fantastic week! 


In maths, we have been learning the values of 3 digit numbers and how many hundreds, tens and ones they had. We have also learned how to partition these to show each digits value. 



In English, we have started our new book, The First Drawing. We have inferred some new information about the Stone Age and have been looking at what characters could have been saying. Look at our wonderful work!   


We have also started our new topics, Rivers, the ancient Egyptians and Rama and Sita. We have learned so many new words such as pharoah, epic and mountain range! 


In maths this week we have been working on 1's 10's and 100's and 1's 10's and 100's more or less.


In English we are looking at our class book, Stone Age Boy. We have punctuated speech, described a character and emotions through drama.

Science has been fun and we have compared different types of stones and rocks and what makes them different and what is the same.


We have been using charcoals in art this term like they would have used in the Stone Age. We drew around our hands and then made art by smudging the charcoal around it. 


In French we learnt how to ask how someone was feeling and reply to it. 


We have also learnt how to compare numbers to a 1000 in maths. 



English- we have been planning and writing our stories of our class book, The First Drawing. 


Maths- we have been adding and subtracting ones, tens and hundreds. 


Geography- we have learned all about the water cycle today and have learnt words such as; condensation, evaporation, water run off and ground water.


PE- we have learnt a song and dance from Matilda. 


We were very lucky on Monday as we had an Egyptologist in to visit us for the day. We learnt all about Howard Carter, who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. We also learnt all about mummification and two of the children even took part in pulling 'bits of our insides out' of a pretend mummy while the other put them in the right canopic jars. These were then sealed in the tomb with the pharaoh. 


The lady even came to our classroom and taught us how to count from 1 to a 1 000 000 in Egyptian numbers.


On Wednesday morning we had some more visitor. These were form Inter-university. We went through a time machine so we could change from being 7 and 8 and came out at 18 years of age. This then gave us the opportunity to start thinking about what job we would like to do when we are older. 


On Wednesday afternoon we learnt to sing a song in French and do the actions to it. 



We did bread making on Monday afternoon with the staff from Aspens. We talked about what flour was and how it was made and then we talked about and looked at different shapes of bread. We were then given dough to make our own shapes out of it. It was really good fun and at the end we were given bread to take home to eat. 


In science we were learning about what permeable and impermeable means. We did an experiment to work this out using different soil samples. If a soil was permeable it allowed water through and if it was impermeable it wouldn't let water through.


In English we started our new book, Cinderella of the Nile. We wrote a wanted poster to find Cinderella as she ha been kidnapped by bandits. 




It was good to have the children back in class this week. We have had a good start to the new term. 


We have started column addition and subtraction in maths this week and we have smashed it! We started by using counters on a place value chart and moving them around. 


We have continued with our class English book, Cinderella of the Nile. We have learnt how to use similes to describe pictures in the book and look at the feelings of the main character. 


Geography has been interesting and we learnt the difference between a mountain and a hill. To be classed as a mountain it needs to be 600m or higher. Ben Nevis is the tallest mountain in the UK. It is in Scotland. 


week 2


In maths we have been learning how to do column subtraction. We have been learning how to exchange across the 10's and 100's columns. 


We have been learning a story in RE about a fish called Matsya who ends up being the god Vishnu. We are learning about the Hindu religion this term.


Our topic in geography is Mountains. We have learnt all about different ones like single mountains and mountain ranges. U shaped valleys which have been carved out by glaciers and how people have adapted the mountains to be able to live there and grow crops such as; rice and vegetables.



  WEEK 3


We had a wonderful time at Forest School making clay faces to put on branches. 


Maths- we learnt our number bonds to 100 using dienes. We know that we have to have 9 10's and that the 1's add up to 10 making 100. 


  WEEK 4


We have enjoyed putting our baubles on the Christmas tree today and learning our Christmas songs for our 'singing around the tree'. 


English- we have been writing our own stories based on our class book, Cinderella of the Nile. They are fantastic and we were able to publish them today on to special paper. 


Maths- we have been learning about equal groups and arrays. This is because we have started to do multiplication. 




Science- we have continued our topic about magnets and forces. We made a path to sit a magnet ball on and used a magnet underneath to move it along.


English- we have started a new topic about 'Sprout Boy' this week. We have watched the BBC1 cartoon about a Sprout at Christmas. He decides to leave his sprout tree and go on a journey. He encounters lots of different things and has lots of different feelings about the things he encounters. All ends well though when he gets invited to Christmas dinner with different television personalities. This is all leading up to us writing letters to Claire in the kitchen asking if we can have sprouts on our Christmas dinner at school. 



Forest school was in the school g4rounds this week. we made mud pictures  out of muddy puddles using a brush we made out of a stick and leaves. Then we made Rudolf the reindeer out of clay and sticks.


It was Christmas dinner day on Wednesday and it was delicious. It even had sprouts on it. 



DT- in DT we tasted dips to dee what they were like, what we liked about them and to see what was in them. This is so we can chose our own ingredients to make our own dip next week.




Week 1

English- we have started a new book called ,The Cloud Tea Monkeys. It is about a young girl who's mother works on a tea plantation but becomes ill and the little girl wants to help by collecting the tea for her. We have learnt, using this book, how to use a and an and how to use prepositions. We have also done tea tasting and become 'Professional Tea Tasters'. 


Maths- We have been learning how to do the 4 times tables. 


RE- we are still learning about the Hindu religion still but more about where they worship and what they use to worship their Gods.


History- We are learning about the Indus Valley.

WEEK 2 &3

Over the last two weeks in art, we have been looking at typography. We have been looking around the school to find different things that look like letters. We have also used onomatopoeia to make words and decorated them. Someone used the word 'ZOOM' and then decorated the letters as if they were roads. 


We have ben doing our mid-term assessments this week in maths, reading and spelling. 


Maths: we have now moved onto statistics and have been looking at pictograms. It is very interesting.


Geography: over the last two sessions we have learnt all about what a hamlet, village and city are. We have have even looked at farmsteads. Did you know that a hamlet only has people and houses?


History: the Indus Valley civilisation had shower rooms where they used decorative pots with water in to pour the water over them. They also had public bath houses and bathrooms with toilets! They had plumbing too! 



Maths- this week we have been learning how to read tally charts so that we can learn how to make and read bar graphs. 


English- we listened to the whole of our English book, Cloud Tea Monkey's, and then in groups we acted out our favourite scene from the book. 



Music- in music we have been learning all about Samba and how many beats each bar had. We had to walk and clap it. It was very good fun!


We also had a mental health workshop with a very nice lady on Monday afternoon. We used balls to show how we were feeling at that moment in time. Then we had to do activities that involved us doing actions to show different emotions. So we would walk around stamping our feet to show anger, for example.





Welcome back to term 4! We have started gymnastics on a Monday morning and cricket on a Wednesday morning as our PE this term. 


Maths-we have learnt how to measure and read measurements of a straight line and different shapes and we have learnt how to recognise horizontal and verticle lines. 


English-we have been writing our last piece f work which is a non-chronological report for our book 'The Cloud Tea Monkey's'.


RE- we have learnt about the festival of Teej today. It is a festival celebrating Parvati  an Hindu god, who wears red. Unmarried women give gifts to their daughters and then visit their own families and have gifts given to them. They also paint themselves with henna, dance in the street and wear red or green.


ENGLISH- We have published our non-chronological reports this week for our book 'Cloud tea Monkey's'. Web start 'Leon and the Place Between' next week which is all about a boy who visits the circus.


MATHS- We have started to learn all about 2D and 3D shape. 


RE- We have started to learn all about the beginnings of the Jewish religion and who the Jews believe the founder of the religion is, Abraham.


HISTORY- We learnt abut Cyrus and Darius. Cyrus owned the Persian Empire. Darius was known as the King of Kings.


GEOGRAPHY- We learnt all about arable farming and the type of land you need, the weather that is best for growing crops and all about the  growing season.



Week 2

DT- we have started to learn to sew this week as we will be making a pouch to use. We have learned how to do back stitch, running stitch, over stitch and blanket stitch.


World Book Day- we were lucky enough to have an opportunity to make a character from a book using a potato. It was really good fun.


English- We have started our new book, Leon and the Place Between. We were given tickets to a circus show and we were given popcorn and sweets. We then watched a bit of a circus show. There was acrobats, clowns, animals and a juggler. 


Maths- we have been learning to do one digit times two digits. 


DT- we  are learning to sew so we can make our own project.



Science- we have been looking at different materials and seeing which ones are best for sun glasses and why.

We decided that tinted plastic was the best. We got to design our own.


We have designed our own case for DT. We have chosen to either do a pencil case, glasses case, purse or wallet. We will be using coloured felt and coloured cotton.


Maths- we have continued with one digit times two digit this week and we have done very well with it. We will be starting division on Monday.


Gymnastics- we were learning how to do handstands and practising activities to strengthen their arms and hands.






MATHS- we have been learning division with remainders. 




We have been really lucky enough to have a go at Discgolf. It was such good fun!


JIGSAW- our topic this term is about friendships. We have been learning how to resolve our own issues in the playground by using strategies and how to keep ourselves safe online. 






Maths- we have ben learning about fractions and we have been identifying equivalent fractions today. 


English- we have been writing a plan for our stories, for the book 'Leon and The Place Between' and we have been starting tom write them up.


PE- we were using large and small balls and dropping them from shoulder height to see if our reactions were quick enough to catch them. We worked with a partner to do this and we had to stand on one leg then turn around. It was good fun.


Maths- we have been learning about fractions of amounts and equivalent fractions.




English- we have been editing our stories and publishing them.


History- we have learnt a lot about the democratic society of Ancient Athens. 500 free men were allowed to come up with the laws but if all of the other free male citizens didn't vote for it it didn't pass. You couldn't vote if you were a free woman, a slave or if you weren't born in Athens.


Computing- we were making templates in computing.





French- learning days of the week. We sang a song to help us.


Jigsaw- We have ben learning how to be good citizens. Part of this was to learn about the rights the United Nations have said that children should be entitled too. Each group had a right and then wrote about why that right was good and then drew pictures, all as a poster.


English- we have started a new book called the BFG. We have done a character description of the giant from the book just from reading it. 


Maths- continued with fractions of amounts.


PE- we are learning rounders this term. 


Science- this week we have learned about POLLINATION. Miss Pring was a bee pretending to collected all the pollen from the flowers. 




I more week to go to half term and what a lot we have managed to fit in this term!


Maths- We have been learning how to tell the time on an analogue and now a digital clock. 


English- We have been learning how to use commas properly. With fronted adverbials, when a sentence starts with a subordinating conjunction (when, before, because, if, as and after are just a few). and in a list. 


Art- we have been looking at and drawing fruit as intricately as possible and then we used a view finder to concentrate on just one part of the fruit and etch it into clay. Next week we will be painting these and there will be some pictures to look at.


Geography- volcanoes! What an exciting unit. There are so many things we didn't know about volcanoes. There are different types, such as; composite which has a viscous lava which explodes out of the volcano and is very sticky and shield which has runny lava and it just slides down the volcano in stead of erupting. There are active, dormant and extinct volcanoes. Extinct volcanoes will never erupt again and there is one of these in Scotland that Edinburgh castle sits on. Dormant just means it is asleep for now but could erupt and active means it is still erupting.



ART- we made clay squares and copied a section of our painted fruit. We then painted them. 


MATHS- we started to learn how to measure today. It was fun. 


ENGLISH- we have been planning and have started the beginning of our story for the BFG. We have created ou own characters for it. 

HISTORY- we have learnt about Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. They were philosophers. Plato was Socrates' student and Aristotle was Plato's student. Plato and Aristotle both opened their own school and Aristotle's favourite subjects were science and maths.



English- we have been finishing our stories and editing them ready for them to be published.


Art- we have learnt how o do continuous line drawings and from that made a flower from wire and tissue paper.


Geography- we made volcanoes out of clay to finish our volcano topic.


Maths- we have been learning how to measure using m, cm and mm.