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Year 1

Welcome to Year One!


Term One

Week One

We have started to look at the book Hairy Maclary, and are becoming familiar with the characters within the story. We have started to look at describing words, to describe the different types of dogs. We have also be learning to share our ideas of what we already know about dogs.

Here are some of their amazing ideas:

  • We know dogs have fur.
  • We know dogs need to go for walks.
  • Dogs like to chase cats and other animals.
  • Dogs like to wag their tails.



In Maths they have been sorting and counting objects and practicing writing our numbers. The children have been concentrating very hard to make sure their numbers are formed correctly. 


The children have been playing with our role play area (Vets), and have loved using the x-ray table (light table) to look at different x-rays of animals. They have also had lots of fun bandaging the animals and making them feel better. We have also been using our fine motor skills to make dog masks, we decorated them and then cut them out.


The children also went searching for different types of leaves and then we sat quietly and drew the leaves we found.


Week Two


We have been learning to predict what is going to happen next in our story Hairy Maclary. We have also been talking about how the character 'Hairy Maclary' is feeling. Here are some of our great examples:

  • "Hairy Maclary is scared of Scarface Claw".
  • "Hairy Maclary is feeling sleepy".
  • "Hairy Maclary is feeling scared, because Scarface Claw is chasing him".


In Maths this week we have been playing a game 'roll it, count it, write it'. The children have had to roll a dice and then count how many they have and then write the correct number. They have really enjoyed this activity and were amazing at writing the correct number that represents how many they have. They have also been counting objects up to 10.


In P.E we have been doing Dance with Jen, and we are putting together our own routines with moves she has taught us. 


In Geography we have been looking at direction and position. We have been using our positioning words and have been using them when finding objects. We went out on the playground and we were looking at what was behind us, what was next to us and so on.


We have been using the playdough to make shapes and seeing what shapes we are able to recognise. The children have been using their fine motor skills to manipulate the playdough to the correct shape they want. They have also been using the labels to label parts of an animal, they have been practicing their writing skills whilst doing this. We have also had lots of fun making dog pictures using different materials to create a fur effect.


Week Three

We had a very exciting visitor this week Aaron Phipps who is an Paralympic Gold Medalist. He told the children all about how he lost his leg, and how he was able to win a Gold Medal. He was a true inspiration for our children and he showed them that if you try hard and are determined, you can achieve anything!


This week we have been learning to research and ask questions all about cats. The children wrote down their questions in their English books and then they used the computer with Mr Smith to find the answer to their questions. They then used all this useful information to make a fact file all about cats. The children are also learning a role play to help them retell the story of 'Hairy Maclary'.


In Maths the children have been focusing on representing numbers to 10, they have had to find the correct amount of an object to represent the number they have been given. They have also been practicing hard to form our numbers correctly. They have also been busy learning how to count forward, they have been using a number square to help them.


In computing this week the children have been looking at algorithm, where they have to give a set of instructions, The children were going on a treasure hunt, they had to take it in turn to give their partner a set of instructions, so they were able to find the treasure.


In Geography we have been looking at what an aerial view can show us. The children went outside and pretended to take photos from a birds eye view.