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Welcome to Reception Class! 

The adults in the room are:


Mrs Metcalfe, Miss Joles, Mrs Causon-Butler, Miss Bastin, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Brown. 

WB: Monday 3rd June

This week we have been looking at capacity in Maths, we have learnt what capacity means and have been making predictions on how many spoonfuls it will take us to fill the capacity of the pot.

WB: Monday 20th May

This week we have been looking at symmetry, we have been focusing on butterflies and making sure they have the same pattern on each side.

We have shown great interest in building our own structures. We turned the playground into a building site, and the children got to work making their own buildings and structures. Look how fantastic they are!

We have also been busy learning the story 'The little red hen', we have learnt the story and have also learnt some actions to help us. We can not wait to show you are performance.

WB: Monday 13th May 2024

We have been busy making our garden look beautiful, we have been planting lots of different plants. We have also been going on a hunt to find things around the garden. We have been enjoying the sun shine when it makes an appearance. 

We heard a lovely story about a cheeky sunshine that did not want to go to sleep. We then created our own sunshines using out fine motor skills to manipulate the plasticine. We have also been practicing writing the letter S and writing things about the Sun.

We have also been learning all about Seagulls, you may of heard us speak about Sandra and Steven the Seagulls that like to visit us everyday in the playground. This week we have been sculpting our own Seagulls using clay. We have been trying to make lots of curves when sculpting. The word curved is also our word of the week!

Here are a few of the activities we have been doing this week:

WB: Monday 6th May 2024

This week we have been making the most of the beautiful weather. We have been busy buying plants in the garden centre. We have enjoyed playing with the water and painting the fences. We have also been sorting the bean bags and making one more and one less. Check out our hopscotch we made with the tiles, we had to make sure the numbers were in the right order.

In Maths this week we have been looking at addition and using our mathematical language, first, then and now to explain our number sentences. We have been using objects to help us count.

WB: 29/04/2024


We have been very busy making different obstacle courses in our garden area. Have a look at the different ones we have created.

We have also enjoyed making play dough this week. We have had to follow different instructions to make sure we get it right. We also had a go at mixing the mixture.

W.B: 22.04.2024

This week we have been busy exploring. We have been on a nature walk, and collected different resources a long the way. We collected, sticks, leaves, flowers and even found some feathers. After we used our imagination and made different things with the items we found. We had stick men, stick ladies, paintbrushes, unicorns and we even made some letters using the items.

Look at our amazing Maths. We have been busy writing number sentences and we have also been using our eyes to subitise. 

We have also had lots of fun exploring the different areas in our outside space.

WB 15.04.2024

We have had a great start to Term 5, the children have been making relationships with their new teacher Mrs Metcalfe. We have been busy learning all about spring and our new story 'Bloom' by Anne Booth. We have also been planting our own seeds, and can not wait to watch them grow.

We have also been exploring our outside area, and using different resources to play noughts and crosses.

This week we have been exploring new words and what they mean. This week our word is layers. Here are some photos of us creating layers.

WB 25.3.24

We have been making Easter nest cakes! 🪺 We stirred our mixture of rice crispies and discussed how the chocolate melts once it is warm. We then used a spoon to scoop into the cake case. 

Our Easter bonnet hats are coming along beautifully for the Thursday parade!

Our Easter cards are coming along beautifully to send home to our families! 🐥 

We are enjoying our outdoor provision and looking out for signs of spring!

In gymnastics this week, Coach April has been teaching us how to improve our balance. This was made harder holding beanbags and introducing a flamingo move. We then attempted a move called ‘arabesque’ - this is where one leg is bent backwards and the torso is leant forwards. 

Our chicks are growing and Miss Bastin is enjoying taking them home daily to nurture them. 🐤 

WB 18.3.24

We have been discussing Easter and writing with purpose to create an Easter card for our families.

We are beginning to learn number bonds to 10. We investigated the numicon pieces and stacked the pegs on top. 

Our learning objective here is to know doubles to 10. We found the number on the dominoes then made the number again on the other side. 

We are developing our fine motor skills. We used our fork to dip in the yellow paint and create a chick shape. We then added goggly eyes and drew some feet! 🐥 


We woke up to 5 chicks all hatched! We used such gentle hands to have a stroke and cuddle with them. We can’t wait to watch them grow!


We are so excited! The eggs are beginning to hatch. We have one arrival and hope by the morning to have a few more! 🐣 

WB 11.3.24

Our writing is coming along superbly! We are working hard at letter formation. This week we have written a sentence and a nocturnal animal list. 🌚 🌙 

We are learning to use a hole punch and thread wool through.

Here are our winners from the decorate a potato competition! 🥔 


We had a special visit from author, John Dougherty. He came and read some of his poetry to us and he sang a song with his guitar from his hit book, ‘There’s a Pig up my nose!” 🐷 

The children were engrossed in his short poems and stories. 

WB 4.3.23

We are learning the life cycle of an egg, and then created our own images or represent by happens in the life cycle. We are getting closer to our eggs hatching!

Look at our chick masks! We cut to size, focusing on our scissor control skills. We made eye slots and measured them over our head with the help of the adult.

We are exploring a ten frame! After discussion, we found items from our maths area and used them to fill the squares in our ten frame, counting in the process. 


Liz from FarmLink came back to check on our eggs to see if they were fertilised! She used a deep shining light to check, and the good news is, they all were!
Not all will potentially hatch to become a chick, but we have our fingers crossed for some new arrivals very soon! 🐥 🐥 🐥 

WB 26.2.23

After finding out what a map is used for, this week we are learning to draw our own maps. We thought of areas in and around our school and proceeded to draw them.  

We were introduced to marbling! We used the fine tooth comb to mix the colours up, and after cutting our egg oval shape out, dipped the special cartridge paper into the gel and water mixture.

Look at our beautiful tissue paper spring display! We scrunched up the tissue in a variety of colours to stick onto the grass. 🌸 

WB 19.2.24

Welcome back after half term. Our new story is ‘The Odd Egg’, by Emily Gravett.

We have had a special delivery! FarmLink have delivered some eggs ready for us to look after and keep in the incubator! After 5 days, they will return to see if they have been fertilised.

Some of them will hopefully hatch into chicks after 21 days. 🐣 

We are drawing from observation. Look at our attempts at sketching the tulips! 🌷 

We are discussing maps! We established maps help us find where we need to go and we can locate buildings on them.

We looked at a map of the area and found our school and Tesco express!

Orion commented, “I can see 6 bus stops!”

We continue to form short sentences using our phonetic skills to help us. We try hard to remember a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop in our writing.

We are learning to give one more than a given number. We used our number fans to assist with our number recognition. 

We were so lucky to receive some delicious snacks off Pappadoms for their community Ramadan celebrations! We tried chicken tikka and samosas! 

WB 5.2.24

We are continuing to use our phonetic skills to form short sentences.

We had a discussion about floating and sinking and then used a variety of items in the bowl of water to see which theories were correct! 

We are understanding the concept of 5. We found different items around the classroom to count and represent 5.


NUMBER DAY for NSPCC was a success! We had incredible costumes and had some number activities, such as colour by number. 

WB 29.1.24

Our new story is ‘Sylvia and Bird’, by Catherine Rayner.

We are continuing with our weekly short sentences, with focus on writing in linear and using our phoneme fist to sound out letters in the word. 

Here we are reading numerals off our number fans! We recapped our numbers on our special formation sheet then challenged each other in the group to find the correct number we called out! 

Our magnificent dragon scales were made with tissue paper and crepe paper. We had a discussion about what scales are and then created our collage. 🟦🟩

Wow! Look at our watercolour dragons! 🐉 

We drew with black pen to make Sylvia’s outline and then remembered to dip our fine brushes in the water prior to finding the colour we wanted. 


Look how creative our feather parrots are! We looked at the detail of the parrot and then added feathers for a realistic effect. 🦜 


We are learning to recognise numerals by joining up numbers in dot-to-dot! 

We have been busy outside making a boat 🚤 with the resources. 

We have been making a map of our classroom! We thought carefully about the areas in the classroom and then attempted to label our map with our phoneme fingers, eg r - u - g = rug.


Wow what a frosty morning! It was -4°! We went on an observational walk with Miss Joles around the school vicinity. Look at us writing our names in the frost, making snow angels and looking at the footprints we made in the grass! 🥶 ❄️ 

Charlie was very intrigued about our orange juicer and requested freshly made orange juice! Mrs Rogers kindly put in an Asda order of lots of juicy oranges! 🍊

The juice was squeezed and each child had an opportunity to test and give their verdict! 

WB 15.1.24

We are practising our number formation. We enjoyed our games of number bingo! This can be played at home with your families!

We are challenging ourselves in the continuous provision indoors to write numbers in the correct order and really focus on our formation. How high can you write up to?

The children have mixed blue and green food colouring to make a sea image. 🌊💙💚

We are learning to use scissors correctly. ✂️ First, we looked at the stormy image in the book and had a discussion about what we know about storms. We used half a paper plate and added blue wool. We then cut out our raindrops with the blue paper and stuck them together to make our rain cloud! 🌧️ 

We have been matching the numicon pieces to the correct numeral on the dice.

Our letter formation is a key focus in Reception Class. We say, clap and model the sounds in a word with our phoneme fist, then proceed to write in our new writing books. ✏️ 

We have been making parrots to make a display. Parrots and other birds feature in our book, ‘Puffin Peter’. 🦜 

We loved our first experience of M & M productions! We watched ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

WB 8.1.24

Happy New Year! 🎊 

The children are settling back in nicely and adapting to our routines again after the Xmas break. Our new book is ‘Puffin Peter’, by Petr Horacek.

Wow, this cold snap in weather has left us with lots of ice on our playground and garden! 🧊 🥶 The children explored the textures and enjoy smashing it up with forks and hammers, as well as initiating play with the small world Antarctica animals. 🐧 🐻‍❄️