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Our Environment

We care about our Environtment.


At Oldmixon we are constantly thinking about how we can be more environmentally friendly and protect our planet. Through our Pupil Voice meetings we asked the children how we as a school can do that little bit extra to be environmentally friendly. The children came up with some fantastic ideas, which we put in place straight away. One of which was to have a recycling squad who collect plastic from lunchboxes, wash it and then it is reused in Nursery and Reception, any that isn't suitable is recycled in the school recycling bins.


During the lunch break, the children have regular conversations with the staff about how they can have an environmentally friendly lunchbox. Certificates are given out to children who are helping to protect our planet.





Environment litter picking club


Each year group in Key Stage 2 is also able to support the school environment.  Children from these year groups volunteer to spend time during their lunch break with Mrs Parker to pick up litter, look out for any issues and remind other children how to take care of their school.  

Children are very proud to be part of the club and are keen to keep their school neat and tidy.  The children are interviewed by Year 6 to ensure they are the right candidates for this important role.  Each volunteer wears a special uniform consisting of a yellow jacket, gloves and each have their own litter pickers to ensure they gather litter safely.





Environment committee


Following on from Pupil Voice meetings with the children the environment has been raised as being very important to them and how they can do more to be environmentally friendly. 

The Environment Committee is made up of 2 or 3 children who volunteered to join from each year group from years 2-6.

At our first meeting we discussed the events that had been planned for the coming terms. It had been arranged for a visitor from Greenpeace to come into school to do a whole school assembly and then a workshop all about the environment with each class. The committee members decided at this meeting who would show the visitor around school and to each class.

It had also been arranged for another visitor to come in and make a whole school soap where each class would make a different layer of soap. When the soap had set each child would then get a piece of the soap. All the ingredients used in the soap are environmentally friendly.

Unfortunately both these events had to be cancelled due to the current situation. We are hoping that both of these events will be rescheduled for another time.