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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3. Here you will see all our fun learning for this year! This term our topics are, the environment and the Rainforest.


Our homework and reading homework is given out on a Friday, to be returned on the following Thursday. We will need our P.E. kits on a Monday and Tuesday


We will be starting Times Tables Rockstars this term, which is a program to help your children practise their times tables.

Term One

Week One

We have had an amazing first week back to school. We have been very busy getting to know the rules and expectations of Year 3, and as a class we have created our own classroom rules. The class have been participating in team building skills, and we have completed many tasks on getting to know the adults and the children in the room. We have also been given lots of new books for the children to read, which we are very excited about. Some of our children in our class have also volunteered to become environmental officers, they will make sure our school playground is nice and clean and free of litter. 



Week Two

We have been extremely busy this week, here are some of the exciting things we have been doing in class.



In class we have read 'Wangari's Trees of Peace', the children have then been very busy discussing the book and the main character, Wangari. They have used their fantastic adjectives and amazing writing skills to describe Wangari and create a character description. They have also wrote a letter to Greenpeace, asking for help to save the Rainforest. We have also been very lucky to have an author come into school to open our library, and have been very lucky to complete a workshop with Steve Clifford.



The children have been very busy practising their mathematic skills. We have been working on problem solving this week.



The children have been practising their team work this week. They have played a variety of games which have been building and focusing on how to work as a team, and be a great team player.



In Art the children have been using pencils to create different patterns in squares. They have then cut out their two favourite squares to make a big whole class collage, which looks amazing!


Week Three

We have also had pupil voice this week, where we have been speaking about how we can reduce plastic within our school. All our children had fantastic ideas, which we will be putting in place to try and make a change and help save our environment. 


In English this week we have been focusing on the book 'The Rainforest Grew All Around', the children have been making fantastic descriptions of some of the animals within the story, and have even started to write their own diary entries. We have even been looking at everyday products that are good and bad for the Rainforest. The children have been having amazing discussions on this topic and have been talking about how palm oil is bad and why. They have also been talking about fair trade and how this helps the Rainforest.




The week the children have been very busy learning their number bonds to 100, they have been able to use the number beads to help them. We have also been practising our times tables every day and the children are becoming very confident in answering random times table questions. We have even started to learn some times table songs. 



In P.E the children have been learning lots of new skills such as, hand eye coordination, bat and ball skills and team building skills. The children have played different games during these lessons.


Week Four

Reading Rainbow

We have been working in small groups and have been reading a book and answering questions. We have covered a variety of different books and texts.within our groups. The children have been enjoying reading all the different stories.



This week in maths we have been using our place value counters to help us recognise and understand the value of each digit. The children have found this a very helpful and visual way to understand the concept of place value. We have also been using the part part whole model to break down our number into thousands, hundreds, tens and ones.



The children have created their own science experiment, looking out how water is transported through a plant/tree. They have used celery sticks and coloured water to show this, they have also been observing and recording their results all week. They have also used playdough to create the parts of a flower and have used the correct terminology to describe the different parts of the flower.


Week Five


Our class have been looking at a new book 'The Great Kapok Tree', they have started to looking at adjectives to describe the Kapok tree. The children have also started to rewrite the story in their own words. We have been looking at prepositions and conjunctions to include within our writing.



This week the children have been looking at ordering numbers within the tens, hundreds and thousands. The children have also looked at the following symbols < > =, they were amazing at telling us what these symbols meant and all used the correct terminology to describe them. 



We have been looking at Diwali in R.E and have been talking about what Diwali is and why is it important. They have also looked at diva lamps and have created their own using clay, which look amazing.


Shape, Space and Measure

Last Friday we had a space, shape and measure morning, The children spent all morning creating songs about shapes and measuring right angles.


Week Six

We have had a super exciting week so far! We have been to Bristol Zoo and have also been taught how to skateboard.


Bristol Zoo

Year 3 and Year 2 were very lucky to go to Bristol Zoo, we travelled by coach and Mrs Parker even taught the children a song on the coach. When we arrived we had a fantastic workshop all about the Rainforest. The children learnt lots of new facts all about the Rainforest and the different animals that live there. They even had the opportunity to hold a hissing cockroach, touch a stick insect and a rainbow snake. The children were extremely brave when holding and touching the animals. After our workshop we had a wonder around the zoo where we saw many new animals we may of not seen of known about before. The children were very excited to learn new facts. We stopped for lunch and then after we went to explore more of the zoo, where we learnt all about lemurs and even saw a lion up close. The children were amazed at how big the lions mouth was when he did a big yawn.



Our class have also been very lucky this week, and were taught how to skateboard. They were told how to stand and push away on the skateboard.


Week Seven


We have been writing a recount on our time at Bristol Zoo, we have been looking at time adverbials, noun phrases and adjectives. The children have had to put the photos in order and then create exciting sentences to describe what was happening.



This week we have been looking at additions and subtraction of a three digit number. They have been subtracting and adding 10's and 1's. They have been using the denies to help us understand. The children have found this very useful.


Raise the Roof

We have been very busy practicing the songs for our raise the roof concert. We have also started to look at the actions that go with the different songs. The children's singing is sounding beautiful. 


Week Eight


This week in maths we have been using our skills we have been learning for the past couple of weeks to answer questions on adding a 2 digit and a 3 digit number. We have used our denies to help show our hundreds, tens and ones. We have also learnt how to exchange to help us answer those tricky questions.



This week we have been looking at poems and what makes a good poem. The children have all suggested brilliant ideas, such as, rhyme, alliterations, adjectives and repetition. The have also used all these brilliant ideas to write their own poems on 'The garden of confusion'.


Challenge - Topic

The children had to make the different layers of the Rainforest, they used resources from outside in our playground to create the different layers. They all really enjoyed making the layers using the leaves branches and twigs they found.