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Term 6

Please see the wellbeing area for all our learning this term.

Term 5

Please see the home learning area for all our learning this term.

Reception Home Learning Challenge

Everyday we will be posting a daily challenge. We would like you to send photos to and we will post some on our class page.


DAILY CHALLENGE 27/03/2020:  Create and make a poster to thank our NHS for all their hard work. Join in our #weappreciateyou project at 12.00pm tomorrow. Send your poster to our class email address and we will post them! This can be done as a photo if you have drawn it.

Well done Harry! A fantastic poster supporting our wonderful NHS. 
Below are a list of challenges you could complete:

- Bake a cake

- Read a book in a strange place

- Exercise in the garden

- Make playdough

- Design your own Rainbow for your front window

- Design a thank you poster for the NHS

- Draw a picture of your family

- Record a video of you watching the tricky word video from youtube

- Practice your phonic sounds

- Write a sentence about your favourite place to visit

- Help with cleaning jobs around your house.

- Take a photo of any work you have completed from your home learning pack

Number Day

Today Reception dressed up for number day. We enjoyed dressing up with a number on our tops. Throughout the morning we tried different activities and enjoyed visiting different teachers in different classes. In the afternoon we used coins which children had brought in and made a trail! Let's hope it was the longest trail in the school.


Nicholas thought number Day was fun. Jakob enjoyed playing with the skittles in Year Two.

Term 2

This term we have been looking at The Gruffalo as a story for us to enjoy. We have an exciting Gruffalo cave for us to re-enact the story. We have coloured in some pictures as well practicing our fine motor skills by decorating the owl from the story. We have also tried to create our own Gruffalo footprints! It I see all so very exciting.


We also spent a circle time creating a story map of the Gruffalo! We are funny immersed in this wonderful story.

Term 1

This week we have been looking at the story of the Three Little Pigs. We have been building houses using different materials and also we have been painting the houses.

We have also enjoyed retelling the story. 'Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin.'


Reception have had another really exciting week in class. We have been making ramps for our cars and enjoying the story of The Gingerbread Man. But one moment really stood out this week, where some children  really persevered with a alphabet puzzle. They spent 30 minutes never giving up and trying their best to complete the puzzle. When they finally finished they gave a massive cheer and all the class gave them a big round of applause.


Reception really enjoyed our Shape, Space and Measure morning. We went around the school and looked for different shapes. We have also coloured in shapes, made shape patterns and drew our very own shapes. We are settling really well into our new class environment and all our teachers are really proud of how much we enjoying school. We also made our own troll bridges to go across the river. We had to really preservere as it was quite tricky but we never gave up. We always enjoy using the lego.


This has been our first full week in Reception. We have been enjoying staying into the afternoon and having lots more fun with our new friends. This week we have been doing lots of outdoor learning where we're have been making ramps for the cars. We have also been looking through books which gets us a picture on our, 'Look who got caught reading' display. We have also been making repeating patterns using the peg boards and making shapes from lollipop sticks.


This week in Reception class we have been getting to know each other and our environment. We have started our phonic sounds; ask your child if they can remember the sounds we have learnt this week. 


We have enjoyed ending our day with yummy lunches and look forward to full days next week.