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Nursery 3/4 2019-2020


Week Eight


Autumn is our topic for the next two weeks. Thank you very much for all the wonderful Autumn ' treasure' collected in the children's bags.  We have enjoyed exploring the colours, textures and smells of the items. 






Week Seven


We have been focusing on counting and numbers this week. We have practised counting to ten and above and the children have enjoyed lots of interactive number songs using props, a favourite song is 5 little speckled frogs. 

We have been using every opportunity to count things including; children, pasta, sorting bears, milk cartons and fruit at snack time. We have included number problems into our daily routine such as; if we have 10 children here today how many milk cartons do we need from the fridge? And how many children have chosen bananas at snack time?

we have also learnt that anything can be counted not just objects. We have been counting claps, hops, jumps and taps. 












Week Six

Colour has been our theme this week and we have explored all of the colours of the rainbow. 

We have played games with coloured scarves, hoops and beanbags, the children have been very good at following instructions and taking turns. 

The children found colour mixing very exciting and enjoyed guessing which colour would be made by mixing two colours together. One of the children wanted to make pink and asked if she could have some white paint as there was none available, we added white and all of the children then joined in to make different shades of their favourite colours. 

We have made lots of beautiful rainbows that have really brightened up the room on the rainy days. 

















Week Five

This week was all about shapes. We have looked at and matched shapes, we have looked in our rooms and the outside area to see what shapes we can see. Have a look at home and see what shapes you can find. We have focused on circle, triangle, square and rectangle and some of the children can use the names of the shapes when we find them. If the children find any shapes with you at home please upload photos to the ILD app. 

Our favourite story this week has been " The old lady who swallowed a fly" the children found it very funny that someone would swallow a spider. 😁 

We had a visit Friday afternoon and we were very proud of how welcoming and friendly our children were. They are very excited to make a new friend.













Week Four

We have continued our all about me theme this week. We have been learning about parts of our body. We love singing the song ' head, shoulders, knees and toes" The children love to sing it super fast. We have dressed up as doctors and nurses and fixed different parts of our bodies. 

We have made a lovely height chart and the children have been using lots of mathematical language, tall, short, tallest, shortest, taller and shorter. Some of the children practised measuring each other in their play. 

We have painted pictures using our favourite colours and recorded how old we are by drawing candles on a birthday cake. 

One child has shown a particular fascination with space this week so we created a space themed small world activity. 




















Week Three

This week we started our theme "All about me" We have been practicing recognising our names and tracing over the letters. We all looked in the mirror and described our features. How many eyes do we have? What colour are they? What colour is our hair? We created fabulous self portraits. 

We have talked about our likes and dislikes and the things that make us happy and sad. We ended the week by looking at photographs of our family's and creating lovely drawings. The children are really enjoying talking about themselves and are using wonderful language. 
















Week two


We are still settling back at Pre-school, making new friends and getting used to the routines.

This week we have been building tall towers. The children were set a challenge to see which building materials would make the tallest, strongest tower. The children certainly rose to the challenge using as many building resources as they could find. As a group they decided that the large blocks and poles built the best tower. 

We have been mark making using paintbrushes, cotton reels, pens, pencils and chalk. The children have really enjoyed colouring Toy Story characters inside a large box. 

We explored the different sounds that musical instruments make. The children played and sang beautifully to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.













Autumn Term 



A very warm welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely Summer break. This week we have been getting to know our new children, settling in and exploring lots of fun activities and new toys.