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Term 4

Term 4 Week 6


We have had another busy week in Year one. We have been looking at the book called window. Then we worked on ordering the story and writing about what we could see through the window.   


We have looked at measuring, weighing and capacity this week in Maths. On Monday we worked in small group investigating different ways to measure different objects. We moved on to weighing objects and then capacity seeing how much water went in different containers.






During the afternoons this week we have used the new Atlas looking at different parts of the world and how we would get there. We then went on to plan our journeys from home to school.  



Term 4 Week 5


This week in Year 1 we were very lucky to go on our class trip to Weston Museum  and Grove Park. We all had a brilliant day here are some pictures to show you what we did.

Term 4 Week 4


This week we have been looking at a picture book call 'Rainstorm.' Then we looked at the characters and wrote character descriptions and setting descriptions. 


For our Maths work we have been working on numbers to 20 or to 50. We have wrote the numbers as words we have looked at them as tens and ones. Then we have looked at numbers that are missing on a number line.




In the afternoons we have started to look at Sally Ride who was the first American woman in space. We looked at the differences between her and Christopher Columbus as explorers. 




Also we have been looking at some of the landmarks in Weston and have started to sketch them.

Term 4 Week 3


This week we have had another busy week in year 1. We have continued with our story about Stanley's Stick. We have changed the story so instead of the stick we have had a different object.


In Maths we have been working on more than >, less than < and equal to =. We have been comparing numbers and number sentences and putting in the correct symbol or word.


Also we have all created and made our own sticks just like Stanley.







We have worked in small groups using the laptops to research all about Christopher Columbus.



Term 4 Week 2


Thursday 7th March


Today is World Book Day we have been very lucky and have taken part in lots of different book activities. We worked with some of the Year 6 children and designed our own front covers for our favourite books. Also we looked at the book 'The Monkey and the Panda' and made face masks for the characters and then acted out the story. The final activity was drama based on the story 'George's Marvellous Medicine.'   






This week in year 1 we have carried on our work on the story 'Stanley's Stick.' We have written our own diary entries pretending that we are Stanley. Also we practiced re telling the story first being Stanley and then the stick.


We have continued our work on addition and subtraction facts this week using fact families. We had to write out all of the addition and subtraction fact for a set of numbers.


                           3, 9 and 12                     7, 8 and 15                                        

                            3 + 9 = 12                        7 + 8 = 15                                        

                            9 + 3 = 12                        8 + 7 = 15

                            12 - 3 = 9                        15 - 8 = 7

                            12 - 9 = 3                        15 - 7 = 8


In afternoons we have completed a Science experiment looking at different materials and testing them for strength and what they are made of.




For more of our topic work we have looked at different Beaches, Cliffs, Coastlines, Forests, Hills, Mountains and Oceans and sorted them into these different groups.



Term 4 Week 1


In year 1 this week we have started to look at our new class book called 'Stanley's Stick.' 


"It's about a boy who takes a stick of the tree and then he went to a train station. After the train station he played some games with his stick. Pretending the stick was a banana and then he pretended it was a flame. He went on the bus to the beach and then he thought it was time to give it to someone else. So then he threw it and it went in the sea then the water took it to the ocean. The next day Stanley was looking for his stick and he found a little stick that was wonky. The little stick was his stick." Matuesz   


We went out in the school grounds to see if we could find Stanley's stick.






We found it out by the MUGA. We have all sequenced the story and created our own story maps.


We have continued our work on addition and subtraction this week and have worked on missing numbers in our number sentences. 


5 + _ = 12                               8 - _ = 6 


Some of us moved on to working on the inveres


12 + 5 = 17


17- 12 = 5


Our new topic is 'A voyage through time.' We are looking at different Explores the first one is Christopher Columbus. We all made our own Admiral hats and pretended to go on the voyage that Columbus went on.